Tulisa's Little Muffins have finally unveiled their debut music video! Well, it actually happened a weeks ago but you all know I've been a little busy. "Wings" will hit the stores on August 26 in an attempt to promote it when the XF Season 8 premieres. The song is full of sass and I bet it surprised some people who were expecting a typical girlband tune. Many XF winners have failed to find the right post-XF launching single, with the last two winners, Matt Cardle and Joe McElderry, being oversahdowed by their runner-ups. However, Little Mix seems to be the opposite case. With almost 3 million views, their funky debut single is on course for success, while runner-up Marcus Collins seems to be flopping already. The question now is if the album will be as good as "Wings" and if so, they'll be following One Direction footsteps very soon. 

Video after the JUMP ...

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