If one season of The Voice per year wasn't already enough, the people behind the dutch version of the show decided that the public wanted more and what a better way of giving them what they wanted than by launching a kids edition of the show? First mistake. Kids editions aren't good, cause let's face it, kids can hardly sing. Second mistake, the season was so short the audience couldn't relate with the kids. However, Fabiënne, who was always the frontrunner, developed a strong connection with the audience and ultimately was crowned the winner. But can we really consider her a kid? Fabiënne was 14 y/o when she won the show, her voice was already developed and she knew her musicality. Heck, she could have auditioned for the XF USA. During her run on the show, many have dubbed her the dutch Bird and that's probably the best comparisson one could make. They've got the same vocal type and their style's practically the same. Fabiënne's debut single, "Feelings", was released on July 20 and it's slowly climbing the charts. Lyrically, it reminds me of Birdy's "Without a Word" but it's got a bigger build up musically, making it a much more exciting and hunting piece. So what do you think? Will Fabiënne be able to break the child singer stigma? I think she already has.

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