We've seen the second half of the contestants perform and tonight, two artists from each team will advance to the next stage of the competition. Unfortunately, that means we'll be saying goodbye to 8 more contestants, will we have our first shock of the season tonight? Plus, The Wanted performs!  ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

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Here's how the results will work. The artist with the highest amount of votes goes straight through to the finals and the artist with the least votes is immediately eliminated. The two remaining artists will perform an encore of their blind auditions and then the coach will decide who advances. 

My predictions:

Team Seal: Mitchell Anderson (public) and Jac Stone
Team Ricky: Luke Kennedy (public) and Emma Pask
Team Delta: Celia Pavey (public) and Ben Goldstein
Team Joel: Michael Stangel (public) and Lyric McFarland

We start with Team Joel. The first act going through is Michael Stangel. Damn it. That means either Danny or Lyric will be going home. Advancing to the sing offs, Lyric McFarland and Danny Ross. Kathy Hinch is eliminated.

Lyric McFarland - "Shy Guy" - That's the song that showed all of her potential. It just makes her sound cool and current. I love how this sounds on her, much better than what she did last night. Joel should take some notes on this.

Danny Ross - "When the Levee Breaks" - This sounds great but it's not nearly as exciting as what he did last night. It's actually quite anti-climatic. I really like Danny's originality but based on this performances, I'd unfortunately pick Lyric. Damn Michael, this two deserved to advance.

"I'm not good at this. This is really hard. We all love you both. On one hand you have Lyric, who I've said is one of the best voices that's ever been on this show, you just have something special, you've got everything it takes to have a career in this business. On the other hand, there's Danny, who's got this kind of mysterious thing about him that we all want to get know, we want to know more. It's really tough for me. Tonight, going forward on this show, I'm gonna just go with my gut, Danny, I want to know more" (Joel) Wow! Lyric McFarland is eliminated. Danny Ross is safe. Didn't see that one coming. It's bittersweet, I'm excited for Danny but sad for Lyric, she deserved to go through.

Next is Team Delta. The act who goes into the finals is Celia Pavey, as predicted. Ben Goldstein and Tim Morrison make it through to the sing off. Nathan Allgood is eliminated. Tim makes it through? Unexpected. Nathan's performance was a bit forgettable after all.

Ben Goldstein - "Bedouin Song" - The best quality about Ben is his tone. His got the most perfect soothing tone to ever grace the stage. He may be a little bit boring but his tone is so precious that it's easy to overlook the fact that his performance was a bit sleepy. Delta should go with him.

Tim Morrison - "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - I didn't recall Tim's audition being this good but his performance tonight was quite great. He commands the stage, something Ben lacks, but his voice, despite strong, isn't as original as his opponent's is.

"Ben, I love your energy, your spirit, the way you have the ability to stay so calm, it's really a gift that you have. Tim, I have loved getting to know you and I feel like you've been a real surprise to me. You are a fighter and you work harder than anybody. I'm really proud of both of you, think you are amazing, the person I've like to take through is somebody that I think has many more layers and so much more fight as an artist, I think they haven't even showed what they can do yet and that's Tim" (Delta) Ben Goldstein is eliminatedTim Morrison is safe. Well, didn't see that one coming either. What's wrong with me tonight? Haha.

The Wanted perform their new single "Walks Like Rihanna". Ok single. Nothing special, probably their worst to be honest.

Up next is Team Seal. The first artist going to the finals is Mitchell Anderson. Advancing to the sing off are Jac Stone and Shawne Kirke. Nicholas Roy is eliminated, as expected.

Jac Stone - "Watch Over Me" - Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. She's got everything Seal looks in an act, an amazing tone and an incredible facility to connect with the songs. Her audition was gorgeous and I'm glad we get to hear her again. Plus, Seal needs a girl in his team, right?

Shawne Kirke - "You Give Me Something" - I like Shawne but his singing isn't strong enough. He's pitchy way too often and lacks the breath support to hit some of the bigger notes. He's a decent singer but needs a lot of work to be great and I just don't think he can get there soon enough. This performance showed all his limits.

"It's so difficult because I thought I knew coming into tonight who I was gonna chose but you just made it really difficult for me. It's got to see why I got really excited about coaching both of you to begin with. To the one that goes home, having a career isn't a destination, it's a journey and right now you are making it. I feel when you talk about The Voice isn't about singing in tune or singing perfectly, it's about uniqueness. You are both great but Jac there is something solely unique about you and I can't help but follow you and work with you, so I've to go with you tonight" (Seal) Shawne Kirke is eliminatedJac Stone is safe. Thank God!

The results we've all been dreading, Team Ricky is up. The artist with the most amount of votes is Luke Kennedy. The artists who are facing against each other are Emma Pask and Caterina Torres. James Walker is eliminated.

Emma Pask - "Blue Skies" - She better gets saved. Her performance was a demonstration of perfection, Emma not making it through after such a great performance will put this show credibility into question. That tone, that scat, gosh, just gorgeous.

Caterina Torres - "Hot Right Now" - I wouldn't be pissed if Caterina made it through cause she's an amazing singer but her style isn't as interesting as Emma's. She's could be a pop star. There were some off notes on that song but it's understandable given it's such a big song. Either way, Emma was better.

"It is really intense because I'm so proud of you both. You guys are amazing. You guys represent so much in your own different way. Jazz, you took it to another level. Caterina what you do on that stage is so powerful as well. I must say that Emma's self funded jazz album has just became #1 on iTunes. I need someone that covers all bases, I will see you Emma in the studio, I need to work with Caterina more" (Ricky) Emma Pask is eliminated. Caterina Torres is safe. Fuck you Ricky. Big mistake.

Through to the Top 16

Mitchell Anderson
Luke Kennedy
Celia Pavey
Michael Stangel
Danny Ross
Tim Morrison
Jac Stone
Caterina Torres


Nicholas Roy
James Walker
Nathan Allgood
Kathy Hinch
Lyric McFarland
Ben Goldstein
Shawne Kirke
Emma Pask

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