Over the next two weeks, each team of 8 will be singing off for only 4 coveted spots for a team in the finals. The artist we the most votes immediately goes through, then it's coach will have the chance to save one of the remaining three artists. "The showdown is designed to ensure that the strongest possible team makes it through to the final" Seal says. Tonight, it's the second half of Team Seal and the other half of Team Ricky. "The showdown is the moment of truth" Joel adds. Who's ready for some singing? ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...

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Team Seal

Mitchell Anderson

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"The Letter" (Joe Cocker) - 7,5/10 - Seal wonders why Mitchell hasn't broken through yet. "I've chosen this song because I feel that there's a sexiness to it that I need to bring out in Mitchell" he says. I'm not sure how I feel about this song for him. It certainly seems suitable for his gritty voice but to me, the arrangement wasn't entirely working. He did perform it greatly though, the amount of energy he brought to it was admirable. I don't know, it didn't feel like a hit. "You are sexy man. I love the hair. You are just a natural, I loved seeing you sing with all the singers and the band, it was great seeing you working the band" (Joel) "You've got such a beautiful soul, it really beams out of you. I grew up on Joe Cocker, I've been wanting somebody to do that song like for ages. It's a song I grew up with, my parents only let us hear Joe Cocker, John Farnham and the Jive Bunny (not sure she said this last one). I was named after Joe Cocker's song, when I think of him it takes me back to my childhood, it was really as if I fell like that spirit was coming through you tonight, it was really something I got to enjoy" (Delta) "That's what I mean when I talk about control on stage. You were in charge, you were having a really good time, you were on top of it men" (Ricky)

Nicholas Roy

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"Last Goodbye" (Jeff Buckley) - 6,5/10 - "Technically I think that Nicholas has a voice that could win this competition. His performance during the blind auditions turned all four chairs and rightly so. Nicholas really frustrates me because I've seen glimpses of that brilliance but I still feel there's something that he's holding back. I think what Nick has to do, he needs to let go, he needs to focus on being big" Seal says. He asked him to watch Freddie Mercury live at Wembley and U2 on Boston Garden. He tells Nick Freddie was smaller than he is. "Being big isn't about size, it's about projection, it's about attitude". Bad song choice, really bad, it's way too hard for him, I don't think the public will like this. I can't say if he's singing it atrociously or if he's nailing every note, what I know is that his falsetto was painful, when he went back to his chest voice it sounded quite great though. Another weird performance from a Seal act. "That song is really hard to sing. Seal is giving you an opportunity to really show all the different aspects of your voice. He's giving you a voice that gives you a lot to do in there and I think you did a really good job with that" (Delta) "I believe that being on stage is purifying and that's the ultimate goal, to find that place where you can let go and I felt you went there." (Ricky) "I commend you for taking on a Jeff Buckley song. I never got comfortable, the whole performance, I just have a lot of respect for you, by any means you didn't fall down, it was just a big task and you did a good job" (Joel)

Jac Stone

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"Luka" (Suzanne Vega) - 8/10 - "There is a fragility about Jac that makes her so mesmerizing but the irony is that it's this exact same fragility which is been holding her back. I got to get her not to be afraid of success. Jac is just a great story with a natural intensity but I think on this song she needs to pull that back a little and let the lyric speak for itself" Seal says. Jac says she's struggled to connect with the song. Seal tells her she should imagine singing the song to an afraid child. Seal hasn't picked a single good song tonight. I love "Luka" but does it fit Jac? Not really. She did the best she could with it but it was obvious the poor thing was struggling with it. I loved the beginning, her voice sounded so incredible honest there, I really felt she was singing to a child, which I guess is good. She should move on, her voice is stunning and Seal needs a girl in his team. "What a beautiful way to tell  a story. Very special. You took me there, your raspiness, you were smiling but still this was this sadness behind it all and it was very powerful" (Ricky) "I think your voice is very captivating, I felt that was perfect for you. You sounded great, it sounded like your song" (Joel) "I think it was a great song choice by Seal, I don't fell that I can completely engage, I felt like I was in and out. I just don't think it went anywhere and it felt a little bit too introverted. I think you are a beautiful artist, I don't think that was a fantastic performance" (Delta)

Shawne Kirke

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"Last Request" (Paolo Nutini) - 6/10 - "Shawne is a fighter but I still feel that he's holding on to something and he needs to let go. With him it's all about empowerment so he's in control for the two and a half minutes that he's on the stage" Seal says "To really connect well with the lyrics you need to find your own inspiration and I feel that Shawne has found his. If he can take control and show that emotion he's got a fighting chance".  Finally a good pick. Not great but getting there. Just as Shawne's performance. His singing was nice but honestly, it was nothing special. He was off a few times and his tone was a bit annoying when he went for the big notes as well. I don't feel his voice is interesting enough for him to make it through. I know he's probably the one the show wants to advance further but I don't see that happening after that. "I think it was awesome. I think you are a special singer, when I hear you sing I just wanna know your story. Every time you sing I can't get enough of it" (Joel) "I love that song and I think it will really resonate with many people. I really enjoyed the place you went to in your heart which was a little bit more desperate and it really worked for you" (Delta) "I believe you could control a little bit more your vocals, you were off tune for moments. But overall, you were having such a good time then it doesn't matter the technical thing. I wish you the best"(Ricky)

Team Ricky

Caterina Torres

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"If I Were a Boy" (Beyoncé) - 7/10 - "We all wanted Caterina on our teams, it was one of the biggest fights of my life. It is incredible how vulnerable you feel at that moment fighting for something you want so much. The Voice is her second chance and I want to help her. She's shown as that she can move and that she has a very powerful voice but this song requires a stillness and a control that I really hope that she can work with" Ricky says. Excellent pick for her strong voice. She nailed pretty much everything, notwithstanding some minor issues here and there. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling the connection with the lyrics. Her face wasn't selling it and while she commanded the stage, the performance wasn't as strong as I hoped it had been. Ricky went insane! He must love this girl. "That was a fantastic song choice. You nailed it. You fulfill the promise, it was every bit as brilliant as I hoped for" (Seal) "I'm glad you are not a boy and I'm glad I'm not a girl. It's really fun being a boy thanks to people like you. To be serious, that was fierce. I can tell how bad you want it. Really great, you got it all" (Joel) "You look like a superstar. There's a lot of people that come on the stage but then I was standing here even before you sang and I was just looking at you and I was going 'yeah, she needs to be a star in this country'" (Delta)

James Walker

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"Mr. Brightside" (The Killers) - 7/10 - "James is a storyteller. It feel like he's talking to you when he sings. He takes direction very well but he's still a bit rough around the edges. He needs to believe in himself" (Ricky) A perfect song for James quirky voice. While he looked like Bambi on headlights up there, his voice was pretty fantastic. His tone is very special, if only he brought a little more energy to his performance he could be a great artist. He needs a few years to get more confidence, he's not ready yet, still, much better than some experienced artists we've seen before. "There is this really strange thing about you that I really like. You've this kind of way of moving, I just see you with a band, like you are really cool, in a really cool strange way" (Joel) "When you first opened your mouth and your deeper register starts I'm like 'wow, he's really intriguing', I'm sure a lot of girls at home would be loving you, you are real cutie" (Delta) "Your tone is fantastic, you've got this great tone. I think the reason why despite the fact that you kinda look slightly awkward why it works for you is because you can be big, you just stand big and you look confident" (Seal)

Emma Pask

 photo EmmaPask_zps4b5a158d.png

"Mas que Nada" (Sérgio Mendes)  - 10/10 - "Just as Joel did in the blinds, I needed to press that button to save Emma because she has to stay. The song is a Brazilian classic and when she starts singing in Portuguese the lyrics are saying 'get out of the way cause all I wanna do is samba'. So now she has to samba" Ricky says. "He seems to think that I've it in me, to samba, I'm not so sure" she says "It's definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is the reason why I came to The Voice".  I wasn't sure about this pick when I first saw it but damn did she sell that performance! Could she be any more phenomenal?! That was probably the sexiest performance so far. Perfect singing and an awesome unique tone. Plus she was feeling that song! There was like this  warmth coming out of it. I love this girl, she's my fave. Ricky really knows what he's doing. "That was so sexy! All of a sudden I was on holiday and I wanna put my feet up and have a Margarita. That was a true pro's performance. You looked so beautiful, so hot, it was just awesome" (Delta) "Right now I'm thinking 'Thank God Ricky saved you'! That was every bit as professional, I've to congratulate Ricky on such a perfect song, you just nailed it" (Seal) "I believe the word is 'fuego'. I just wanna say, Ricky, muchas gracias. I think that all of Australia, we can all agree, thank god I turned around for you. Your voice is perfect, I'm going home tonight and I'm voting for you until my finger breaks" (Joel) Ricky announces he's recording a Brazilian album and that he would like Emma to be part of it. He better save her tomorrow!

Luke Kennedy

 photo LukeKennedy_zps3ff9a78a.png
"Time to Say Goodbye" (Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman) - 10/10 - "When I first heard Luke's voice I was immediately in awe. His battle song was incredibly emotional but it's time for Luke to close the door to the past and start on the next chapter. I chose this song because at this point I still want him to be in his comfort zone to kill it. I don't care where Luke moves on stage as long as he is focused for that final note" (Ricky) Luke says that getting into the emotion of the music is what's gonna drive his performance. Another consummate performer. Emma and Luke are two of the most professional artists on this show and it shows. The way he delivered this classic song was phenomenal. Class. The difference between Luke and Harrison is that Luke can really take on this huge songs effortlessly while Harrison will probably sink with them. Perfect singing, not a single off note, that final note was impressive. "Masterful. That was the best I've heard. I want you to win in life, I want you to be around because of what you represent, that was just class. It was pure class" (Seal) "That was really good. It was heavenly. I just saw you on a white horse with wings and a sword. That's what it makes me think of. It's epic. In other words it was really good" (Joel) "I was fortunate to watch him sing that every single night. I would be so happy to be able to forward on this clip to him to show him how incredible we can do it in Australia. What I really love is that it's still accessible in reach even if you're not into opera. I think anyone in this room can just be lost in your voice because there's a particular openness and there's a connection in the way you sing the words. Ricky, I've no idea what you are gonna do with your team" (Delta)


Based on the iTunes rankings (each song bought counts as two votes), the acts advancing by public vote should be Luke from Team Ricky and Mitchell from Team Seal. Tonight's stats are interesting. Currently (May 13, 10:25 AM Canberra time), Luke Kennedy's "Time To Say Goodbye" stands at #1. Emma Pask's "Mas que Nada" follows at #4, with Caterina Torres at #6. That's 3 Team Ricky artists on the Top 10! Way below, at #22, we find Mitchell Anderson from Team Seal, followed by Jac Stone at #25. Shawne Kirke and James Walker place #47 and #48 respectively. Lastly, Nicholas Roy's "Last Goodbye" charts at #115. Based on this charts, we can also try to predict the lowest vote getters. From Team Rick, I'd say it's James Walker and from Team Seal, Nicholas Roy.

Ricky really has a tough job ahead of him. The artist who deserves to make it through is Emma, though Ricky is so high on Caterina that she could also get a spot on next week's liveshows. He'll get diversity with any of the girls but Caterina's performance was weaker than Emma's masterclass. That's why he should go with our jazz singer. Seal on the other hand, has it pretty easy. His pick should be Jac. He has no girls in his team and being Jac the only remaining female act on his team, his decision is a no brainier. However, Shawne has been so hyped that he could also be picked by Seal, though a bit more unlikely.

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