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The unthinkable happened when the wonderfully talented Astrid Smeplass was eliminated after finding herself in the bottom 2 with another insanely talented lady, Astrid Sugaren. 4 remain now and tonight they'll sing two songs each, one being their favourite past Idol performance and the other a duet with a former finalist. Who'll leave us tonight?

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Eirik Søfteland

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"Say Say Say" (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) with Gaute Ormåsen - 5/10 -Not the best performance, not the most interesting either but Eirik looked so ridiculous in that outfit that I felt obliged to include this. Not bad singing by either of them but the performance was hilariously bad for some reason. The guy singing with him was the runner up to Kurt Nielsen during the first season. He's not done much since, releasing a few albums and then competing in MGP back in 2010.  - VIDEO

Siri Vølstad Jensen

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"This Year's Love" (David Gray) - 10/10 - This is quite different from what she's given us before. She's playing the piano, taking on a very slow song. It's a really intimate performance, perfectly delivered. Her tone is incredible here, I'm a bit speechless actually. - VIDEO

"I'm On Fire" (Bruce Springsteen) with Alejandro Fuentes - 9,5/10 - An excellent duet. Their voices compliment each other and it's never over the top like Eirik's was. Very simple, sweet performance. Her voice sounds sound relaxing here, she's improving every week. His voice is amazing as well, that tone is something special, I wonder why he only placed 3rd when he competed in Idol's S3, he certainly sounds as a winner to me.   - VIDEO


Astrid Sugaren

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"Everybody Hurts" (REM) - 7/10 - This is a clear case of bad song choice ruining the contestant's chances. On paper, it sounds like the perfect match for her peculiar voice but when she starts singing, it's obvious something isn't working. She's probably got the best voice this year but she's not been able to take it the route she should have. It's a shame she was eliminated, because I feel there was a lot more to be explored with her. Hopefully, we'll get to see her again in the future. - VIDEO

"Ho Hey" (The Lumineers) with Aleksander With - 8/10 -  She's been handled yet another weird song choice. She sounded good on it but her vibrato felt unnecessary here, which made it look as if she was shaky. Aleksander, S4's winner, sounded incredible here though, specially on his initial verse. It made me want to listen to his full version of the song, unfortunately, without Astrid. I'm not saying she sounded bad but she just wasn't at her best here. - VIDEO

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Siri Vølstad Jensen
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