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UPDATE: I've decided to start covering the show! Since this is it's first season, I won't be recapping either the auditions, bootcamp or Judges Houses, just the liveshows. Let's just treat it as an experiment! The first performance show airs May 19!

Almost 3 years since first announced,the X Factor NZ is finally seeing the light of day. Judged by Daniel Bedingfield, Melanie Blatt, Ruby Frost and Australian Idol S7 winner Stan Walker, the show, which premiered today, is NZ's first attempt at the franchise. XF Australia has been quite great the last couple of years and The Voice Australia is a monumental success. Could NZ achieve the same amount of talent? Can the production values be as high as their Aussie counterpart? Most importantly, can it produce a star? As you can see, I'm in a dilemma and I need your help to solve it. You'll find a poll after the jump and hopefully, it'll make me decide if it'll be worth recapping! 

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