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Martine Rygvold was our latest casualty leaving after an outstanding Nirvana cover. It's country week tonight with the song list including Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and First Aid Kit. Can you guess who sang what? And yes, only 4 performances this week!

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Astrid Smeplass

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"Mama's broken heart" (Miranda Lambert) - 7,5/10 - Not sure this was the right song for her. Miranda  definitely has better songs than this one. Either way, her cover was sufficiently pretty for her to make it through another week. I was surprised at her country sound, it seemed almost too easy and she did sound great on it, even though I wasn't a fan of the melody, not her fault however. - VIDEO

Astrid Sugaren

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"The Lion's Roar" (First Aid Kit) - 8,5/10 -  She may have cheated with the song choice, I'm not sure I'll say First Aid Kit is a country group (folk maybe, indie definitely) but she did such a fantastic interpretation of it that it didn't matter. To me, Astrid's performance was the least country of the bunch. It was a beautiful performance, her vibrato was stunning, but was it country? Not really. - VIDEO

Siri Vølstad Jensen

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"You'll never leave Harlan alive" (Brad Paisley)  - 9/10 - Despite her beautiful tone sounded more goaty than usual, this was definitely Siri's week. She picked the perfect song for her voice and gave it a wonderful arrangement. She sounded like a professional country artist, which is probably the route she should take when the competition ends. Great cover, apparently she can do no wrong. This is the best she's sounded as well. - VIDEO


Georg Lipai

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"Days Go By" (Keith Urban) - 5/10 - The little potential I saw last week completely vanished tonight. If he's got one thing in his advantage is that he's cute, but that didn't seem to help him either. He was pure karaoke and while his voice was ok, there was nothing original about it. I'm glad Norway got rid of him. - VIDEO

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