We've seen half the contestants perform and tonight, two artists from each team will advance to the next stage of the competition. Unfortunately, that means we'll be saying goodbye to 8 contestants, will we have our first shock of the season tonight? Plus,, The Voice UK coach, performs!  ... This is The Voice!

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Here's how the results will work. The artist with the highest amount of votes goes straight through to the finals and the artist with the least votes is immediately eliminated. The two remaining artists will perform an encore of their blind auditions and then the coach will decide who advances. 

My predictions:

Team Seal: Harrison Craig (public) and Alex Gibson
Team Ricky: Miss Murphy (public) and Imogen Brough
Team Delta: Steve Clisby (public) and Jackie Sannia
Team Joel: Michael Paynter (public) and Kiyomi Vella

We get straight to the results, first up, is Team Seal. Darren announces that the act who goes straight through to the finals is Harrison Craig, predictably. He then proceeds to name two more contestants, who'll perform an encore of their blind auditions, the remaining contestant will be eliminated. First artist in the sing off is Alex Gibson. The two ladies are left and finally, Michelle Martinez earns the second spot. Unfortunately, Hannah Darling is eliminated.

Alex Gibson - "Blackbird" - That tone is a killer thing. Seal should pick him just for it and considering his not so secret love for unique tones, I bet he does. Alex's delivery is quite similar to the first time he performed it but he looks way happier, as if he was enjoying it.

Michelle Martinez - "Lady Marmalade" - She makes up for the little power her voice lacks with an incredible sex appeal. She's such a hot performer! She's pure sass and Seal also loves that. Vocally, this was miles better than her audition, she was giving it her all and I was actually surprised by how good the performance turned out to be on the second half.

"It's so tough because both of you have done everything I asked as your coach. At the beginning of the competition I said 'if you don't leave this show with at least one thing more than what you came with then I failed you as a coach'. Michelle, your performance in the showdowns was nothing short of spectacular in fact I think it was the best of the night. Alex, with each performance there was this kind of new found confidence but it's a confidence that is still quite fragile and one that I think needs to be nurtured and therefore I think that you probably need my help a little bit more and for that reason I'd say that I have to take you through to the lives with me" (Seal) Michelle Martinez is eliminated. Alex Gibson is safe. Ouch, Michelle's face said it all. She's clearly disappointed and after the performance she just gave us, it's understandable.

Time for Team Ricky. The act who goes into the finals is Miss Murphy, as we all expected. Put some emotion on that face girl! Simon Meli and Nick Kingswell advance to the sing off. That means that the talented Imogen Brough is eliminated. It's a shame but her performance was a disaster.

Simon Meli - "Ramble On" - Great singer and great performer. Ricky can't let him be eliminated. He's entertaining, maybe not the most commercial when faced against Nick, but he's certainly fun to watch. I just love his performances.

Nick Kingswell - "I Need a Dollar" - Nick got better as the weeks went by but his blind audition is still his weakest moment as shown here. He lacks the soulful feeling needed to nail this song, this is very karaoke. Then again, he could be more commercial than Simon.

"You both are amazing artists. One good thing about this is that you guys are artists and whatever happens tonight you guys have a career. I wanna be on stage with you guys, this is only the beginning of our relationship. But if I've to make a decision, I'm gonna have to go with Simon tonight" (Ricky) Nick Kingswell is eliminated. Simon Meli is safe.

Next it's Team Delta. The first artist going to the finals is Steve Clisby. Singing off tonight are Jackie Sannia and Rob Edwards! Josh Kyle is eliminated. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. Rob not only performed first but he was also a disaster on stage. Poor Josh never got to connect with the audience, he certainly didn't with me.

Jackie Sannia - "People Help the People" - She's got a confidence boost since the show started so this is obviously better than the first time around. It's still a very pretty performance nothing has changed about that. It's clear Delta will pick her.

Rob Edwards - "Seven Nation Army" - A perfect song for his voice. I expected him to be as bad as he was yesterday but he's a great performer, so I don't know why I thought that. His soulful voice shone here. Delta has it hard.

"I wanna say to both of you that there is a lot of love for the two of you. When I watched that performance of you Rob it reminds me why I kicked my buzzer in the blinds and how incredible you are. At this moment, Jackie you are a Top 10 in iTunes in this moment right now and that's no small thing. I believe in you as an artist Rob but there is something to be said of the connection you are sharing with  the country Jackie so I'm gonna have to go with you" (Delta) Rob Edwards is eliminated. Jackie Sannia is safe. performs his new single "#thatpower". 6 guys dressed exactly like him join him on stage while we see Bieber "singing" on the screen behind him. It's as bad as you picture it. There's no redeeming aspect of this performance. Couldn't they find a better guest?

Last but not least, we've got Team Joel. The artist with the most amount of votes is Michael Paynter. He actually looks surprised. Nice bloke. The artists in the last sing off are Adam Garrett and Kiyomi Vella. That means Danni Hodson is eliminated. Poor girl, she really delivered last night, more than Adam at least.

Adam Garrett - "Skinny Love" - I didn't like this performance the first time around and I don't do now. He's just a bland singer, he may be a nice guy but her voice isn't strong enough. Don't get me wrong, his singing is very good but he has no depth if you ask me.

Kiyomi Vella - "1, 2, 3, 4" - Joel proclaimed that she was the one he wanted to see perform again so I don't see him picking the generic Adam over such an unique lady. She's such an entertainer and her style is one of a kind. We deserve to see her again!

"I'm really proud of you. Adam, you've come so far dude. The more I get to know you the more I like you. I love your work ethic, you have the best attitude of everyone on this show. Kiyomi, you have completely surprised me, from your audition to now you've blossomed into an artist and the more with you the more I want to do with you. I love you both so much. Tonight, I'm gonna take Kiyomi through " (Joel) Adam Garrett is eliminated. Kiyomi Vella is safe. Thank god! Joel would've made a terrible mistake if he had let her go.

Through to the Top 16

Steve Clisby
Jackie Sannia
Michael Paynter
Kiyomi Vella
Miss Murphy
Simon Meli
Alex Gibson
Harrison Craig


Rob Edwards
Josh Kyle
Danni Hodson
Adam Garrett
Imogen Brough
Nick Kingswell
Michelle Martinez
Hannah Darling

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