Last week, the Top 10 took on Top 10 hits and it was finally Barry Southgate's turn to say goodbye when facing JTR in the B2. Tonight, the Top 9 perform the biggest songs of right now. Pink, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix. Who'll step up to the challenge? ... It's time to face the music!

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Ellie Lovegrove

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"Wings" - 6/10 - Foo thinks Ellie is a funky goddess. Her family comes to see her perform every week, she does the wiggle wiggle with her older relatives. He says everybody loves this song. "It's soulful, it's blues, this is how I see Ellie" Foo says. Nat thinks Foo should find a direction for her and stick with it. Well, he got one thing right. Everybody loves this song but that doesn't mean everybody loves Ellie singing it. I don't for one. Her voice just isn't strong enough for this song. It had some nice moments and she did sound better than in previous weeks but I'm not sure this worked. Nat is right, Foo needs to find a direction for her asap. The dancers were also really distracting since their outfits popped while Ellie's just kind blended with the staging. "You look amazing tonight. Vocally, I didn't think it was your best vocal, I really loved last week. But you know, I was worried what kind of artist you might be and I think the facts are you could probably be any artist that you want to be cause you can do any genre" (Nat)


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"Want U Back" - 6,5/10 - When they found out they were safe last week it was such a relief. They don't want to be there again. Their mom is so proud of them. Nat wants more eye connection from them. Robin loves this song. Eh, this is very pedestrian. Better than last week's mess but I still can't stand their act. The beginning was decent enough, the blond is a strong singer. Robin probably did the best he could, his annoying voice actually worked with this song. Plus his rap was the one stand out of the performance. But then you've the third brother, the unwanted. He brings no energy, his vocals suck and he acts as if he doesn't care. On top of that, he forgets his lyrics. "You don't even have to remember all the words, you just have to remember your part" Ronan tells him. If their weren't brothers, they would've kicked him. "This is what we want to see from you. Having seen every performance of Cher Lloyd in the UK, what you did with that song was, you made it your own, I wasn't even thinking of her, and it takes a lot of attitude" (Dannii)

Taylor Henderson

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"Let Her Go" - 7,5/10 - Last week was incredible for Taylor, it made Ronan believe he could take him all the way down to the final. Taylor says he can feel his dad tension when he's performing, he believes his dad is more nervous than he is. Ronan continues to be totally predictable with his song choices. On top on that, he gives him his guitar back. Ronan wants Taylor to believe the lyrics. A really good performance but not as stellar as it should've been. This is a tricky song and if not done with the right amount of emotion it'll go nowhere, which is exactly what happened with Taylor's cover. The fact that he kept his eyes closed for most of the song didn't help either. The vocal aspect was great as usual but very similar to the original. He needs to start taking some risks, because he's starting to bore me. "This performance was really interesting to me because I think it showed the true fighting spirit that you've cause in the beginning something went off and you got desperate and you sang the second half of that song, it was like the best you've ever sang in this whole competition" (Redfoo) According to Ronan, he forgot the lyrics at some point. That explains why the ending was a lot better.


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"True Love" - 7,5/10 - She agrees with Ronan that what she did last week wasn't really her. She thinks it doesn't matter if she's giving a hundred percent when she's not being herself because it's still not going to feel real.  Her mom, dad and three sisters come to watch her perform every week. Having them there make the experience easier for her. "It's like having home backstage" she says. Foo chose this song because Joelle has a similar vibe to Pink. I heard this song before and honestly, I started to get worried. It just didn't go nowhere. Poor Joelle won't be able to do much with it. Fortunately, it's a lot better than I expected. Her tone sounds lovely and she seems to be bringing a lot more energy into her performance tonight. There wasn't much space for her voice to shine but she took advantage of the little space available. That scat was breathtaking. "I want to say great things, I do but I'm really struggling. And every single week on the same situation. This isn't you, this isn't the right song. That just coasted all the time, it didn't climb, no dynamic. I love the tone in your voice but I just don't understand" (Ronan) Who would've thought I'll agree with Ronan on every word he said?

Jai Waetford

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"It Will Rain" - 6,5/10 - He agrees with Nat in that he needs to be more modern. He loves having his mom seeing him every week. She's the one that's took him this far. Ronan wants him to enjoy it. Jai shows his age when he starts crying during rehearsals. See? Too damn young. Lovely tone, perfect for this song. His vocals, not as great. It was seriously lacking. He did sound better than half the other contestants but it wasn't a strong performance. To be honest, it was quite boring, being that the reason I've so few things to say. Ronan runs on stage to hug his boy. "Jai, that was your best performance on the live stage. You are 14 but you've every right to be here, it was awesome" (Dannii)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Burn" - 7/10 - Last week's set was supposed to rotate but it stopped spinning. Her grandma came to watch her last week and that was when she understood people got eliminated. Good song choice, bad arrangement. There was no arrangement at all actually. Had they slowed it down, it would've been perfect for Jiordan. I guess they wanted to show a more upbeat side, since she's basically been doing the same performance three weeks in a row now. This could have worked yet Jiordan's vocals were a major letdown. Her falsetto was completely off and her pronunciation of "fire" was unnatural. It had some nice moments here and there but overall, I was disappointed. "Wow. This is a transformation. I think every week we were going to see that similar kind of Jiordan and I love what Foo and you have done this week. You tried something very different, very fresh, this is really surprising. Watch the high notes but amazing" (Ronan)


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"Love the Way You Lie" - 8/10 - Their families have grown together throughout the competition. "It's like we're all one big family" Jacinta says. Nat thinks this is a perfect song for them because it shows a softer side. Kelebek tells us she feels a lot of hurt when singing this song. She went through a bad relationship in the past and the song reminded her of it. Nat believes Kelebek will use her emotions to make the performance incredible. The vocals were kinda off at times but the amount of emotion they brought to the performance was amazing. Kelebek seemed to be on the brink of tears for her entire rap solo and that made it all the more powerful. Jacinta and Jordan didn't shine as bright but the way they played with their voices added a lot to the song. Jacinta's vocal showdown at the end was spectacular. "I didn't love the song choice for you guys. I don't know if that was the best song because you guys have so much energy. I like the old side with the dancing and the high energy and stuff. I love the passion that you guys have so I'm gonna have to say it's the song choice" (Redfoo)

Omar Dean

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"Skyscraper" - 6/10 - He couldn't believe he got a standing ovation last week. His one goal coming to this was having one moment and he thinks he did that last week. Omar misses his younger brother a lot. This isn't the best he's sounded. His voice cracked a few times, many notes were off, it was pitchy and his falsetto was a complete mess. Yet I liked what he did here. Had he sang it the way I know he can, this would have been a terrific performance. Ronan picked such a good song to showcase his voice but unfortunately, Omar wasted that chance. Ronan giving him a standing ovation, then saying his vocals were flawless, is hilarious. "I think technically there were moments that weren't great and technically and emotionally there were moments that were just beautiful" (Nat)

Dami Im

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"Roar" - 9,5/10 -  She was quite excited about her performance last week but then she was coming on stage and she almost bit the ground. She's been married only for a year so it's really hard to be away from her husband. It's their first anniversary tonight, so she wants to dedicate it to him. I love the Asian styling for this performance, it looks fierce. And so does Dami in that outfit. She's seriously never looked better. So Dami does pop this week. While I still have no idea what she's going to do once the competition ends, this was yet another triumphant performance for her. Her vocals were truly phenomenal tonight, by far the best of the night. Fourth standing ovation in a row! "This is ridiculous! I want to say thank you for coming to perform on our show, it's a real treat to have you, an international star like you. Well done" (Ronan)

  1. Dami Im
  3. Joelle
  4. Taylor Henderson
  5. Jiordan Tolli
  6. Jai Waetford
  7. JTR
  8. Omar Dean
  9. Ellie Lovegrove
B2 Prediction:

Ellie Lovegrove


Bottom 2:

Ellie Lovegrove

Ellie Lovegrove - "I Feel Good" - My God Ellie! You were supposed to pick a song that showed who you wanted to be as an artist, not the most dated song available. Vocally, it was the best she's sounded and her attitude was quite impressive but the awful song choice really confused me. What was her point? That said, I really hope she gets to stay over JTR.

JTR - "Waiting on the World to Change" - Perfect song for the guys. While I want to see them gone, this was actually not that atrocious. The song worked with their voices, Robin's specially, and their harmonies were surprisingly tight. I hate to say this, but I liked what I heard. Good on them!

"JTR, you gave a good performance. It was what I expect from you guys. Ellie, I think that by far this was your best performance. You gave it your all and you had your passion, you felt good up there. You showed so much heart. So the act I'm sending home is JTR"  (Redfoo)
"Two great pop acts standing before me. For the girl who couldn't walk four steps in high heels, you just ended up running around there. That was so nice to see. Guys, I agree with Foo in a way, it was expected but damn those vocals were good and what you've added was swag. The act I'm sending home tonight is Ellie" (Dannii)
"Ellie, you are a fighter. You just came with a big smile on your face and you went 'yeah, watch this'. That was great to see. Boys, that was my favourite performance that you've done and I think the reason is because it's a song you are familiar with. The act that I'm sending home is Ellie" (Nat)
"It was predictable JTR but the vocals were brilliant, the best vocals we've heard from you. Ellie there weren't your best vocals but you're incredible, your energy was brilliant. I wasn't expecting this B2 tonight. I'm gonna have to go to deadlock" (Ronan)

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Ellie Lovegrove

Poor Ellie. Foo just had no idea what to do with her and she should have helped him guide her in the right direction. The early rounds proved she's a great singer but she didn't show it since the liveshows began. I kinda wanted to see JTR leave but I won't really miss Ellie. After all, it should have been Vendulka in the first place.
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