Idol rises from the ashes. After being replaced by The X Factor Sweden last year, which was not only a ratings flop but an overall disappointment, the show that brought us Loreen, Darin, Danny Saucedo, Agnes, Linnea Henriksson, Amanda Fondell, Robin Stjernberg and multiple others is back for another round. Will we find a new star this time?

Recap after the JUMP ...

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You can watch the full episode HERE

Albin Gummesson (18) - "När Jag Blir Stor" - He's wearing some ridiculous red shoes. When those are out of the frame, his auditions is actually quite great. He's the kind of artist I like to hear. He's also easy on the eyes, something that will probably take him far in the competition. Always appropriate Alexander proceeds to touch Albin's chest. Then Albin touches Alexander's and Ander's beards. I'd like to know the context of that, if there's even one. Three yeses for him.

Gabriel Alares (29) - "As long as you love me" - He seems pretty arrogant. I liked his audition though, much better than the original (every cover of this song is). He's a good singer but I feel like he needs to breath a bit more, that felt very rushed and I'm pretty sure he ran out of air at the end, since he had to laugh instead of finishing the note. Still, the judges loved it.

Sanna Johnsson - Bagge on Tour - "Stay" - The previous contestant Bagge scouted also sang this song. Good singing, not overly original yet interesting. She was very nervous, I wonder how it would have gone had she performed in front of the other judges.

Juliette Holmqvist - "If I ain't got you" - Juliette previously made it to the Judges Houses stage on X Factor Sverige's first series. Back then, I felt her voice was rather forced. She sounds better here, I still love her tone. Too much hands though, she needs to learn how to control them.

Felicia Larsson -"Who you are" - I'm not really sold on her. Her voice doesn't sound strong and she seems to lack confidence. I also think this was a terrible pick for her. It's too big of a song. Maybe with a smaller song? I'll have to see her perform again. I'm not convinced she can go far though. Alexander gives her a no, the Bagges say yes.

Chris Hagberg - "Sunday Morning" - Despite the audition sounding pretty great, the judges ask him to sing a different song. He stands up and sings the Maroon 5 classic. It's smooth, yet I preferred the guitar cover he did before. He's a very likable guy, I can see him going far.

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