Last week, the top 11 took on the greatest legends of all time. With Jiordan and Dami stealing the show, it was Cat Vas the latest act eliminated from the competition when she had to face Joelle in the B2. 10 remain and tonight, they'll be taking on, wait for it, Top 10 hits. Will they flop? ... It's time to face the music!

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"Wild" - 7,5/10 - One of Nat Groups is opening the show for the third week in a row. And it's the second time for THIRD D3GREE. Nat says it's because they are amazing. I think it's because they are the most likely not to be kicked off if they open the night. Jacinta has an ear fetish, which everyone considers weird. She thinks Jai has the best ears because they are big and lobe-y. Nat warns them that there's nowhere to hide with this song. Jordan was on fire here, he just looked so confident. The winks got a little out of control though. Jacinta finally took center stage and her purpose on this song was more than a mere backing singer. Her vocals were the best in this performance, those final notes were awesome. And Kelebek? Well, she was her usual rap queen. Their harmonies weren't as good but this was definitely their best performance to date. Keep the good job going Nat! "Watch your harmonies. Great opening of the show but watch your harmonies. Jacinta, your vocals were incredible. You every week just get better and better. Kelebek, we know you are great. Jordan, just stick there with the girls, you don't need to fight against them but work with them" (Ronan)

Jai Waetford

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"The Way You Make Me Feel" - 6/10 -He was really nervous during the result show. When Luke announced Jiordan was safe, Jai thought it was his name Luke had said and started celebrating. Jai loves playing pranks on people. Ronan wants Jai to make the performance his own. He also wants him to dance, something Jai isn't so sure about. "I can't dance" he says. This feels really dated. Jai sounds a lot better than he did during his Beatles cover last week but I'm not really sold on this performance. His vocals aren't stellar and it's not current. The dancing kids were a nice touch though. Jai's dancing wasn't bad at all either, I think he was just lying when he said he couldn't dance. "You've got some moves, you can dance. I just want to see something more modern, something now, I want to see something fresh" (Nat)

Barry Southgate

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"California Gurls" - 4,5/10 -  Performing "Freedom" broke something in him, in the best way. He says it broken a dam of emotions. Barry has a catch phrase, "where you at?", which doesn't mean anything. "People that know me can feel the meaning" he says. Dannii wants Barry to rap, something he's never done before. I've no idea what crossed Dannii's mind when she picked this song. It's obviously not working. Barry's voice is a head-on train collision at first, then just a trainwreck. The rap was such an insignificant part of the performance that I don't get why they even mentioned it. He's very charming on stage but his voice isn't translating with this song and his pitch, all over the place. "I'm sorry but vocally that was not strong. Barry, you're one of the best singers in the contest but vocally it was pitchy all the way through.Great performance from you Barry, that's the sort of energy we want to see but vocally, it should be a lot better than that" (Ronan) Redfoo can't believe what Ronan is saying. Maybe because he doesn't know what good singing sounds like.

Ellie Lovegrove

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"I'm Like A Bird" - 6,5/10 - She says she broke through her shy barrier last week. Her favourite part of the XF experience is hanging out with the other contestants. Everyone loves Ellie. Foo considers this one of the toughest most technical songs anybody is going to sing this week. I was unsure about this song but it actually worked pretty great with Ellie's voice. The performance wasn't transcendent, nor perfect, yet her tone worked so well with it. It's by far, one of the prettiest covers Ellie has given us. It may have gotten a bit boring towards the end but at least her vocals stood up to the challenge. "Ellie, if you knew how beautiful this looked from down here. Suited you down to the ground, more of this, more of this. That's a really hard song to sing" (Dannii)

Omar Dean

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"Cry Me a River" - 8/10 - Omar is obsessive with his hair. There can never be a hair out of it's place. "Anything that has a glare on it" Jai says. Ronan wants to show Omar's falsetto. Great performance, even better than "Roxanne" last week. Omar is really coming into his own this past few weeks and his vocal delivery was outstanding tonight. The falsetto was phenomenal, I wish he had used it more. This is the type of songs Omar is supposed to be singing but not the ones that Ronan should be giving him. I don't feel he's taking a risk here since this is so close to his style. But we are talking about Ronan here, he'll never take a risk. Standing ovation for him. "This was a great song choice for you. It just shows how confident you've become. Because, to take on this song and to do it live, you know how many new girl Twitter followers you just got with that performance? I'm upset" (Redfoo)


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"Everybody Talks" - 6/10 - They were disappointed with the judges comments from last week. Robin is always cracking jokes and making people laugh. Dami is scared of dogs, so Robin will sneak in and bark at her. Yet another JTR mess. Nat is either throwing them under the bus or she has no idea what she's doing. Robin was the one redeemable aspect of this performance. Tom has no confidence, plus it looks like he doesn't want to be here. The other guy is such a cheesy performer, his voice isn't bad, but the way he acts on stage is incredibly annoying. The best they've sounded, which is still not good enough. "Now that it's what I'm talking about. That's the JTR that we know, that we love. You guys are back, you look great, you sounded great, best performance you've done" (Dannii)


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"Locked Out of Heaven" - 6,5/10 -  She thinks she deserved to be in the B2 because she didn't commit to the performance. Foo wants her to sing as she sang when she was in the B2 every week. Joelle wears beanies all the time. "I'm pretty sure she'll wear a beanie on her wedding day" Jiordan says. Foo tells her he'll give her an emotional song but not probably in the way she was expecting. I'm not sure this was a good pick for her. The slowed down arrangement worked at first but then they forgot about it and the performance started to suffer. Joelle's voice isn't made for this type of songs, which made her sound really flat, plus I didn't feel she was committed to it either. That wasn't Joelle at her 100%, I know it. I adore her voice but something is off with her, she needs to figure it out asap.  "Joelle, I've got to ask. Do you feel that was 100%? I know how good you are, it's just like it's that 95% and we're not seeing Joelle take it home. What is that? Because I'm almost frustrated, I don't get it. I don't know what it is. I love your voice" (Ronan) He also suggests she should do a really simple song, like Adele, if she's still here next week. That could work.

Taylor Henderson

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"I Will Wait" - 7/10 - Taylor doesn't have good fashion sense. "Do you see the stuff that you're wearing?" Kelebek tells him. Ronan picked an awfully dated song for Taylor. Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger", which wasn't working. He asks Taylor what's his favourite band right now, Mumford and Sons. He feels a lot more comfortable with this one. I don't get this staging. It's like Sammi's light dress but covering the whole stage so we can only see a blurry Taylor. He might have felt a lot more comfortable with this song but I don't believe it was the right pick for him. His voice doesn't seem to be working with it, I mean, his tone is great for most of it but some notes felt really weak and the constant hooting was distracting. He can deliver more than this. "You were insane tonight. You have to take this, go with this and be that every time. The song choice was so great for you. Do that, just be you" (Nat)

Dami Im

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"Don't Leave Me This Way" - 8,5/10 - She was overwhelmed to get a second standing ovation. The other contestants think Dami is the cutest. She gets embarassed when people say nice things about her. Dannii has chosen a disco track for Dami. She's never been to a proper disco in her life. Dannii is pushing her to do something out of her comfort song. Why not try something current for a change Miss Minogue? Three out of three for her. Dami's managed to nail all her performances so far and I think now it's just a matter of time until she makes it to the final. She's got perfect vocals and while I don't believe she's a distinctive style, with some good mentoring she could get there. Dannii needs to step up her song picking. The amount of hype the judges are giving Dami could be off putting but she's such a likeable person that it doesn't bother me at all. And she gets another standing ovation! "Come on! Where did you come from? This is incredible, you just take any song and you just do the Dami think with it. Let me just say, people wanna talk about wardrobe, she wore something that looked like a bumblebee and she did it a 100%. You did it better than I've ever seen it done before" (Redfoo)

Jiordan Tolli

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"With or Without You" - 8/10 - The judges standing ovation shocked her. Jiordan is cat crazy. Omar thinks she thinks she's a cat. Foo thinks she could take the lead in this competition if she's able to nail this song. While I don't think Jiordan will ever be able to top "Thriller", this was a beautiful performance. Not the song I would've given her but her delivery was extremely pretty, even though her voice felt shrill a few times. Foo should give her a Daughter song next time, I belive Jiordan could kill that. Apparently the platform she was standing on was supposed to spin around. "It's really easy, you're one of the stars of the show. Love you, love your voice. Whatever went wrong, who cares? That was fantastic" (Dannii)

  1. Dami Im
  2. Jiordan Tolli
  3. Omar Dean
  5.  Taylor Henderson
  6.  Joelle
  7. Ellie Lovegrove
  8. Jai Waetford
  9. JTR
  10. Barry Southgate
B2 Prediction:

Barry Southgate
Ellie Lovegrove


Bottom 2:

Barry Southgate

JTR - "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" - Just when I started thinking they actually sounded ok, they started singing together and ruined it. They are good singers on their own but when put together, they are just a mess. Their voices don't work together, even if they are brothers. Robin's annoying voice was so horrendous here. They deserve to be booted after that atrocity.

Barry Southgate - "Mirrors" - Poor Barry. You can see his trying to give it his all, yet his performances are soulless. His voice doesn't make me feel anything. Nothing. It's like background noise, the type you don't even notice. His "I've got so much more to give" line at the end was just desperate. Stronger than JTR though, I'll keep Barry.

"Barry, the great thing about your performance then is that you fought harder than you've ever fought before which is great to see. JTR, I don't understand, you guys did one of the best performances of the night last night. Obviously, you guys should be staying so the act that I'm sending home tonight is Barry"  (Nat)
"I really love both acts. I think Barry is one of the best performers in the sense he gives it his all and what I love about JTR, I really like your voice, they're really smooth and I almost wish I could take a little bit of the voices from JTR, give it to Barry and take some of the confidence from Barry, give it to JTR. I think in this competition is about growth, I think you can really teach attitude and confidence and so the act I'm sending home is Barry" (Redfoo)
"Barry, it's just been so cool to work with and growing every week. JTR, great performance, then a bad one, then one of my favourites last night. It's simple, Barry is my man, so the act I'm sending home is JTR" (Dannii)
"Barry, I cannot believe you're here. You sang with so much heart and soul. It wasn't great though, it was really, really pitchy. You've gotta learn to control it. I know you've so much more to give. JTR, you brought so much fun to the competition. I've gotta go with my gut and who I feel could still make it all the way to the final. The act that I'm sending home is Barry" (Ronan)


Barry Southgate

About time Australia! I wanted JTR gone tonight but seeing Barry leaving isn't a loss. He's a decent karaoke singer but his voice has zero personality. He's not an interesting artist and he should be glad he made it this far. He needs to do a lot of soul searching if he still wants a career in music.
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