After impressing the judges last night in the room auditions, the successful auditionees have a second hurdle to overcome before they can make it to bootcamp. Everyone who made it through the room auditions now performs in front of an audience in Wembley Arena as well as facing the judges once more. Only those who overcome their nerves and give a strong performance in front of the crowd will be able to make it through to bootcamp. So, will Hannah, Luke, Sam and more impress for a second time.

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First up in front of the audience is Sam Bailey who blew the judges away last night in the room auditions with her cover of 'Listen' by Beyoncé. She has her two young children, her husband and several members of her family with her today, all of them are wearing t-shirts saying 'My Mother/Wife/Aunty/Daughter has The X Factor'. She's singing 'Who's Loving You' by Michael Jackson, this is probably better than her first audition, I really enjoyed the performance. She emotes very well and she really brings across the emotion of the song when she sings. I have a feeling that she is going to be a frontrunner, the judges are once again blown away and give her a full standing ovation, the audience also seems very impressed. Sam is a dead cert to go to Judge's Houses and most likely to make the live shows also. Four yesses and Sam is through to bootcamp.

Up next is Hannah Barrett, another of last night's stand-out auditionees. She impressed the judges by singing 'Read All About It Part III' and her story prompted Sharon to confess that her singing broke her heart. However, they were concerned that her nerves would overtake her in the arena auditions and advised her to work on her performance skills. As she takes on Jennifer Hudson's 'One Night Only', will she be able to impress them again? This is really strong, the thing I like most about Hannah is that despite having an old-school soul voice, she isn't really a belter, yes she hits the high notes but she has a lot more restraint than the likes of Sam and Tamera who are more traditional soul divas. I have a feeling she is another one we can expect to see a lot more of in the competition. A really strong audition, she sails through to bootcamp with four yesses.

Also feeling nervous ahead of his audition is Luke Britnell who received rave reviews from the judges last night with his original song 'Think Positive'. With the positive feedback he received at his first feedback, the pressure is on for Luke as he takes on Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'. He starts off pretty well, his tone is nice and he sings it well but it quickly goes downhill and he sings the whole chorus out of tune. The judges are concerned, Gary says that he has a limited range but Nicole thinks he didn't use his range enough. Gary kicks things off by giving him a 'No' telling him to work on his voice and come back next year. Louis and Nicole are more forgiving and both give him a 'Yes', based on what they heard in his first audition. Sharon calls him her darling but decides that he needs another year and tells him it's a 'No'. So Luke is heading home.

After the shock of one of last night's stand-outs getting eliminated, it's not looking good for Alejandro Fernandez-Hoult who divided the judges, well Gary and the other three in his first audition with Gary calling him theatre school. He's singing 'Hero' by Enrique Inglesias, vocally he's not bad, nothing outstanding to be honest although on the plus side, he doesn't sound as theatrical this time around. The performance really picks up when he incorporates Spanish into the performance, we know how much the ladies love a bit of Spanish so incorporating another language into the song was an absolutely genius move on his part. What he lacks in vocal ability, he more than makes up for in charisma. No surprises here, Alejandro is put through with 4 Yesses.

Up next is Fil Henley who the judges offered a second chance to last night after he failed to impress them with his less than rocking version of 'Let Me Entertain You' by Robbie Williams'. They made him show off his rockstar moves and told him to work on being more of a rocker. And it appears that he has made a change for the worse unfortunately as he's coming across a bit obnoxious prior to his audition. He's singing his own song 'That's Metal (To My Ears)' this time and plays the guitar. Before beginning to sing he briefly walks off stage and takes his shirt off, yes that will certainly improve his vocals! Anyway, he's basically running around the arena like he's on drugs, the song is bizarre and has about 3 lines which are repeated over and over again and after the performance, he gets on the judges' desk and throws their glasses across the stage, smashing them on the floor of the stage. Gary then takes his glass of water and throws it over Fil to rapturous applause from the audience. What the hell is going on? Gary Barlow is about as rock & roll as a jam sandwich, to the surprise of approximately no-one, the judges all give him a 'No' telling him that he's too nice a guy to be a proper rockstar, or as Sharon puts it, 'it was sh*t'.

The penultimate performance of the day comes courtesy of Jerrie Dila, a 22-year-old who originally auditioned as part of girl duo Silver Rock who the judges split up last night in the room auditions, telling her and Tamera Foster that they were both good as soloists and didn't work together in a group. Her friend Tamera is waiting on her moment to perform but it's Jerrie who will be setting the standard. She sings 'We Found Love' by Rihanna and immediately it's obvious that nerves have gotten the better of the beautician as she is sounding pretty pitchy, she regains the song at points where she sounds good but the performance is far too inconsistent and definitely not as good as her solo performance last night. The judges are really disappointed, Nicole and Louis both give her a 'Yes' based on the fact that they believe that she has the potential to be really great if she can conquer her nerves but Gary tells her that she isn't ready and gives her a 'No' with Sharon agreeing with the Take That frontman and asking her to work on her voice and come back whenever she's ready.

16-year-old Tamera Foster's nerves are surely not going to be calmed by seeing her former bandmate crumble under pressure and as she takes to the stage, she's feeling very anxious about the performance. The judges tell her to keep calm and begin whenever she's ready and she launches into a rendition of Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' but crumbles after the first line, forgetting her lyrics and not being able to continue the performance. The judges tell her to take a moment to compose herself and try again but she asks if she can go backstage to see her family. Conveniently, this is placed at an ad break, what a natural and not at all conveniently placed in the edit moment of the show. As her mother goes over the lyrics of the song with her, Dermot tells her not to let nerves overtake her and Tamera steps back on stage, feeling slightly more confident. Well the performance is far from perfect, she still forgets parts of the song and sings the wrong words at the wrong time before correcting herself but when she hits her stride, she has a pretty brilliant voice. Vocally, she's no different to most of the divas the show has had but she's probably one of the most technically impressive vocalists the show has had in a long time. I'll be honest, much as I like someone with strong vocal ability, I would much rather have someone vocally less impressive but more interesting as I'm beginning to tire of the stereotypical diva contestant leaving in the first half of the series because they're pigeon-holed into performing the same types of songs. Louis says that Tamera could be, with a bit of work, better than Leona as the potential with her is fantastic, the other judges all say that she's great and put her through but tell her not to forget her lyrics again. I'm a bit sceptical, don't get me wrong, she's vocally very good but unless she seriously works on controlling her nerves, she'll fall apart in the live shows.

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