Idol rises from the ashes. After being replaced by The X Factor Sweden last year, which was not only a ratings flop but an overall disappointment, the show that brought us Loreen, Darin, Danny Saucedo, Agnes, Linnea Henriksson, Amanda Fondell, Robin Stjernberg and multiple others is back for another round. Will we find a new star this time?

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You can watch the full episode HERE

The auditions continue in Stockholm. The judges have high hopes for this city. Will it deliver?

Tova Strandell (17) - "Ave Maria" - There're some signs of a nice voice there but I think she picked a song too big for her voice. Despite that, the way she tackled it kinda worked, being both sweet and heartfelt at the same time. She's got potential.

Calle Nilsson (22) - "House of the rising sun" - He's a big voiced dude yet I don't see much originality in him. His raspy tone is pleasant though and he certainly can sing. It got shouty towards the end but with more original songs, he could be a great contestant.

Max Gylling (17) - "Something Wrong" - He doesn't look 17, I'd have said 25. That aside, I really enjoyed what he did here. He's like a male Maria Mohn. An awesome first audition, I loved that original. I wonder how he'll sound with a familiar song though cause he kinda looks like a one trick pony to me. Surprisingly, Laila says no this time, with Alexander being the one convincing Anders.

Ludvig Lagerwall (21) - "Heart-shaped box" - He trips when entering the room. This is the second time this happened, that's a dangerous platform. His Nirvana cover is better than I expected it to be. Not the greatest voice but he knows how to use it to convey emotion. The second part, when he finally got confident, was a lot stronger than the first. He could open his eyes more the next time though, it would have been a lot more powerful that way.

Nadia Block - "Heart-shaped box" - Kakan recruits her for the show. I'd like to know how old she actually is, cause her style makes her looks older. I like it though, it's not something usually seen. She sings the same song Ludvig sang before her and it sounded a lot different. I like her version a lot more. The arrangement is a lot better and her voice works perfectly with it, that certain angst it has was phenomenal. Loved that, one of my faves.

Ida Forsberg (16) - "Lean on Me" - The judges are acting cray cray when Ida enters the room. Despite the cheesy song, this girl's got the most lovely voice I've heard so far. It's like cotton candy. I didn't like the song though, she needs to be more original than that. Her look doesn't work with her voice either but I guess that's her charm, maybe with a bit more confidence. Laila gives her a no, the guys put her through. - Video
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