Nat was the first mentor to lose an act with Adira-Belle ending in the B2 against soulman Barry Southgate. The judges ultimately decided to keep Barry, despite the girls had delivered a better performance if you ask me. The remaining 11 acts take on music legends. The Beatles, Kylie Minouge, Michael Jackson. Who'll impress tonight? ... It's time to face the music!

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"Can't Get You Out of My Head" - 4,5/10 - It was nerve wrecking for them to almost be in the B2. "No pressure for Dannii" Nat tells them. She's excited they are gonna show a different side. They believe Dannii will pay extra attention to the song because it's her sister's song. Decent performance, I thought it sounded a lot like their first audition. Their singing was weak though, their harmonies still a mess. I also didn't like the fact that they were so far away from one another, they didn't look like a group. The falsetto was also pretty terrible, I don't know if it was Robin's annoying voice or the other dude's (I really don't which one he is) but it was awful. Hopefully they'll be packing their bags this week. "Well, there were some good bits in that. I love that you took the tempo up but the falsetto bits were all over the shop. I don't know what it was, whether you needed more backing vocal parts there just to glue it together and the first part of the performance looked a bit awkward, like you weren't comfortable. I just thought you guys doing a Kylie song should have ignited the audience a bit more" (Dannii)


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"Rude Boy" - 7,5/10 - She says her first liveshow was her craziest experience. She's literally having the time of her life. Apparently Redfoo thinks Rihanna is a legend. "She's legendary, she's had so many hits" he says. The song scared the living daylights out of her. She trusts Foo but she doesn't want to embarrass herself. I've mixed reactions towards this performance. On the one hand, I thought Joelle's breathy tone worked perfectly with this hip tune. On the other hand, there weren't strong vocals in that performance. The fact she didn't even attempt to go for that high note was off putting. Also, while the production was cool, the dancers looked silly in those outfits. That said, I think Joelle is a star and she's still one of my faves. I just wish Foo picked better songs for her. "Rihanna, legends week? I'm not sure about that. Joelle, you are a superstar. Great song choice, you look amazing, you've got great stage presence and that voice is unbelievable" (Ronan)

Cat Vas

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"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - 7/10 - Her nieces and nephews are talking to the other kids at school like Cat's a superstar. She thinks it's very cool. Dannii is stripping it back this week. "It's all about her voice". She has absolutely nothing to hid behind, well, but the guitar. I hate this song. Cat sounded good on it but the problem is that it's way too predictable and thus, forgettable. There was nothing ground breaking about her performance. It was more Cat than last week but "Addicted to Love" was much more entertaining. She did sound lovely but will that make people vote for her? I'm not so sure about it. "I really loved this performance because we couldn't keep our eyes off you. It just took me on a journey" (Redfoo)

Omar Dean

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"Roxanne" - 7/10 -  He was feeling really anxious last week. He thinks the falsetto issues happened because he was thinking about it too much. Ronan says his throwing him a real curve ball. Omar isn't happy with the song. "Belief equals attitude ant that's exactly what Omar needs" Nat says. Much better than "Numb". Omar's really stepped it up this week. He sounded a lot more confident than he did before, I guess the fact that he didn't use his falsetto really helped. Strong vocals, not perfect yet, but he's getting there. Ronan is turning to be a really good mentor for Omar, I can already see his confidence growing. "What are you shacking your head for? It was so good! Do you know what it felt like? You started the song and you were in control and you just ate it up. This is the Omar that we want to see" (Nat)

Jiordan Tolli

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"Thriller" - 9,5/10 - She was in shock when she got through to this week. Foo had the pleasure of meeting Michael. "What am I singing?" a surprised Jiordan asks his mentor. "Oh no. I'm not gonna be able to pull this off" she says. Foo wants her to get angry. Jiordan isn't an angry person, she has to think of starving cats or something to get really angry. "Channel him, he's available" he says. This is Imogen Heap's version of the song and I'm glad Jiordan is doing it cause it's an awesome cover. This is the artist I envisioned her being, not the girl who sang "Smile" last week. If Foo picked this all by his own, I've got to give him some props, I didn't thought he had it in him. Phenomenal rendition, even better than Imogen's, it gave me chills how ethereal she sounded on this. Her attitude was also impressing, she looked fully committed to delivering the song's message and she succeeded, I was captivated. The judges give her a deserved standing ovation. "Jiordan, to take a song from one of the greatest of all time and absolutely switch it up like it's a brand new song like that, magnificent, it was unrecognizable as a Michael Jackson track. It was absolutely mesmerizing. I listened to every single lyric, it was a trip, it was amazing, I loved it" (Ronan)

Jai Waetford

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"I Want to Hold Your Hand" - 5/10 - He felt really good with last week's performance. Ronan is pretty sure Jai never heard this song before. The only thing he knows about The Beatles is that they were four people in the band. Ronan doesn't want Jai to become complacent. He also says that he spoke to Paul, who wishes Jai the best. I'm not sure Jai knows who Paul is. This is bad decision making Ronan. You don't give this song to a 14 y/o boy. Jai's obviously trying to be adorable and he's pretty darn good at it. His vocals however, were really weak tonight. I like that sweet tone of his, what I don't like is the direction Ronan is taking him. He should focus on making Jai a bit edgier or at least give him a song he'd be able to pull off cause certainly he didn't pull this one off, his vocals were a proper mess. "That was cool. I don't wanna see the same performance from you every single show and I kinda missed the dynamics of having a few voices, I would've thrown a few background vocalists but dude, you got it" (Dannii)

Barry Southgate

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"Freedom! '90" - 5,5/10 -  He was gutted and embarrassed when he found out he was in the B2. He never wants to be in the B2 again. Dannii thinks it's lyrically perfect for him. He wants to prove Dannii she made the right choice of having him in her Top 3. What a cheesy song choice Dannii, one would've thought she was going to do a better job with Barry, specially when she tried so hard for him not to be cheesy during the Home Visits. I enjoyed this performance a bit more than last week soulless cover but the truth is that I just view Barry as a great karaoke singer. He's not original enough, I feel like I've already seen his performances before. He might have given it his all but I'm not feeling it. "That's night and day. The people love you man. You definitely got way more confidence and you're just doing your thing. You look like straight from the 80s but a modern day. I loved it, it was energetic" (Redfoo)

Taylor Henderson

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"Run to You" - 7,5/10 - Gosh. Ronan introductions get more annoying each time, is it too much to ask him to tone it down? Taylor thinks he made Ronan nervous because he's not believing in himself. "This is a raunchy song" he says. Ronan wants him to play an electric guitar, he's never played it before. This productions is very Ronan. Predictable, cheesy and unoriginal. Taylor running in the background was so unnecessary, if you're gonna do that, actually run, that was a very slow jogging. Vocally, it was great, I loved that growly sound, and while it felt like he lost his voice at times, like during his falsetto, it really wasn't such a big issue. "So much more attack this week. You went for it so much more. And the running, that was a little bit funny" (Nat)

Ellie Lovegrove

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"(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - 6/10 - She thinks singing is a really intimate thing, she gets really vulnerable when performing. She wasn't expecting to be safe last week. Foo wants her to let go. "Mick Jagger invented swagger" he says "I want to see raw Ellie". Compared to all the previous performances, this is such a dated production. Ellie sounds better than the week before but I wasn't sold on this version of herself. I'd have given her an RnB track, maybe Beyoncé, in which she could've shone. Her confidence was there though, that's good. "You make all the girls wanna go 'ooooo'. Vocally, this suited you, it shouldn't have, but it really suited you. I just want to see you let go even more" (Dannii)


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"Till the World Ends" - 8/10 - The elimination of Adira-Belle was a reality check for them. Nat wants them to show that they keep getting better. I don't know what it is but since the Home Visits, there's been something missing. They look well together, they sound good together but I feel that they can give so much more. Kelebek is definitely the star of the group, she gets most of the focus, and rightfully so, she looked and sounded more awesome than usual tonight. I think the problem is Jacinta. She's not the weak link but I think they're underusing her talent, her dancing tonight was remarkable though. All that into account, this was an entertaining, dynamic performance, better than their previous. I just know they can be better than this. "That's just spectacular. It's so dynamic. The energy is so high level, it's so hard to be a group and really cut through and I think you guys are just cutting through and kicking some major boot" (Ronan)

Dami Im

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"Purple Rain" - 9/10 - Last week's performance was one of the happiest moments of her life. She does know this song! During rehearsals, Dami starts losing her voice. Thankfully, there's nothing wrong with her voice tonight. I never expected Dami to be such a threat but this performance is even better than her previous one. I really enjoyed the way her voice worked with this song and the way she delivered the big notes was remarkable. My only issue with her, well, with her mentoring actually, is that this songs she's singing are all too predictable, exactly the type of material I'd expect a karaoke singer to sing. Who's Dami as an artist? I've no idea. Dannii's job is to find some obscure songs, unknown songs, songs that Dami could make her own. She's a monster though. Standing ovation for her, Ronan stands on the table. "So, so special Dami. We are so incredibly lucky to have you on the XF this year. And for anyone who totally missed out on the last 10 minutes of the show, have missed out on the world. That was so amazing" (Nat)

  1. Jiordan Tolli
  2. Dami Im
  4. Joelle
  5. Taylor Henderson
  6. Omar Dean
  7. Cat Vas
  8. Ellie Lovegrove
  9.  Barry Southgate
  10. Jai Waetford
  11. JTR
B2 Prediction:

Barry Southgate
Cat Vas


Bottom 2:

Cat Vas

Cat Vas - "High and Dry" - Given her forgettable performance, it was obvious she'll be here tonight. This is exactly what she should have done yesterday. A heartfelt cover, with that gorgeous honeyed vocals of hers. This song shows off her voice beautifully. If she wasn't singing against Joelle, I'd be rooting for her cause that was a lovely delivery.

Joelle - "Give Me Love" - I honestly didn't expect her to be here tonight. Her performance wasn't amazing but it was more than enough to grant her a place on next week's liveshow. This song doesn't exactly do wonders with her voice and while she certainly didn't sing as good as Cat did, I see a lot more potential in Joelle. Maybe this wasn't exactly the best song for her voice but I do love her tone and I really wish she continues in the show, it'd be a shame to lose her so soon.

"I wasn't really expecting you to to be in the B2. Both of your song choices were quite interesting. Joelle, I was surprised you picked an Ed Sheeran song. I'm not sure if we're seeing the real Joelle in these performances. Cat, I thought you were amazing yesterday on the show. To lose either of you is so difficult. I gotta stay true to what I believe in, I'm definitely going on this performances right now. The act that I'm sending home is Cat"  (Ronan)
"Really? Wow. Girls, crazy to see you two here. I wrote down to words relative to both of you, powerful and sensitive. Cat, I know you were struggling with not having a voice yesterday, nobody knew that. We've gotta see more of you so the person I'm sending home tonight is Joelle" (Dannii)
"It's interesting, when I first saw Cat, I didn't really notice her until Super Bootcamp. I think you are a great singer and performer. Joelle, her passion for this is so great. It's all about her performances and what she's gonna do. She really put a lot of passion into this last performance because she wants it so bad. Obviously she's my girls, the act that I'm sending home is Cat" (Redfoo)
"Cat, when I saw your first audition, I loved it, it was so pure and I don't know if I've seen that side again until probably just then. I really loved that song choice, it really showed you. Joelle, I said last night that I think you are a superstar but I felt it was a little bit under. It surprised me because I think you had that in you. The performance then had that, you had the fighting then but you didn't yesterday. You both have so many amazing qualities. The act that I'm sending home tonight is Cat" (Nat)


Cat Vas

This is sad. I'm glad Joelle gets to sing again but I'm bummed for Cat's exit, specially after such a magic performance. How come this beautiful talented artist has to leave the show and the likes of Barry, JTR and Ellie get to stay? Cat hasn't been the most consistent act on the show but most of her performances were beautiful. Oh well, injustices like this happen every year and they'll keep happening.
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