After a dissapointing Slutauditions final challenge, the judges narrowed the remaining contestants down to 20, leaving us with a mostly good bunch of semi-finalists. During the week, they'll perform live for the first time in order to win the public's vote and impress the judges enough to earn a wildcard spot in case they don't make the cut. Who'll be the shining star of the week?

Recap after the JUMP ...

Sanne Karlsson

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"Broken wings" - 6/10 - She was the one contestant I was rooting for in this semi-final but after this performance, I'm not sure I can anymore. It wasn't a disaster but the song wasn't a good fit either. Her unique tone sounded really annoying on it. When she hit the bigger notes, then her voice shone but her lower register was pretty goaty. A good effort nonetheless, hopefully the judges will give her a wildcard, them being so high on her, I think they just might.

Arantxa Alvarez 

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"Weak as I am" - 6,5/10 - Arantxa gets a 10 for effort. She certainly poured her heart and soul into that performance. It may have not been perfect but her commitment to it was enough for it to stand out. She's not picked the best songs in the past but this one has to be the worst. Her voice was all over the place, constantly cracking and simply not strong enough to pull this off. The dramatism of the cover was quite interesting to watch though, I wonder how she'll fare with an appropriate song.

Juliette Holmqvist

 photo JulietteHolmqvist.png

"Uncover" - 9/10 - Being cut from the X Factor may be one of the best things that has happened to Juliette. I bet she's glad she didn't have to compete on that flop of a show. Instead, she gets to shine on the Idol stage. Not only did she choose a perfect song but she also delivered it to perfection. This is the first time that she's truly captivated me, from the gorgeous tone to the beautiful arrangement, everything fell in place effortlessly. My fave so far.

Elin Bergman

 photo ElinBergman.png

"No diggity" - 9/10 - The girls keep getting better! I've been a fan of Elin from the start but I wasn't really sure of what she could do. Now I know, and it's something awesome. She's got Cher Llyod's swag and Amanda Persson's vocals, which make her a real threat to the other contestants. She knows what her style is and she knows what to do to showcase it. I could've done without the silly hat but besides that, she gave us a performance to remember.

Yosefin Buohler

 photo YosefinBuohler.png

"One and only" - 7/10 - She's got a lot to prove after barely making it to this stage. Her whole Slutauditions run was a mess, so this needs to be an spectacular performance in order to impress me. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Despite it being rather pretty, her cover was more on the meh side of things. Her voice is nice and so is her tone but she didn't fully use them here, she just kinda coasted through it. Don't think this will be enough.


Going through:

Elin Bergman
Juliette Holmqvist

Perfect results. The two most deserving girls got the two spots in the finals. Out of the other three, I'd like to see a wildcard for either Sanne or Arantxa. They've unique styles and quirky voices but their performances failed to impress. They deserve another chance. However, considering the other 5 female contestants are really strong, I wouldn't be shocked if none of them got one.

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