Idol rises from the ashes. After being replaced by The X Factor Sweden last year, which was not only a ratings flop but an overall disappointment, the show that brought us Loreen, Darin, Danny Saucedo, Agnes, Linnea Henriksson, Amanda Fondell, Robin Stjernberg and multiple others is back for another round. Will we find a new star this time?

Recap after the JUMP ...

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You can watch the full episode HERE

Göteborg auditions continue. Will our new Idol be here?

Casper Påhlsson (17) - "Too Close" - There's nothing remotely interesting about his audition. This would be ok for a karaoke bar but not for a singing competition. He's way too smiley on top of that. The judges like it apparently.  - Video

Shauni Strand (18) - Bagge On Tour - "Not even the king" - Anders is auditioning a line of people at the beach. They are all pretty bad though I assume it's all fake. The girl's got a lovely voice, a beautiful tone. I think Bagge is onto something great here.

Julius Kool (16) - "Be Alright/Halo" - Decent audition. The judges weren't overly impressed with his Justin Bieber cover so the guy sang Beyoncé. I don't really see the logic there. Regardless the awful song choices, the "Halo" cover is better. He's not the greatest singer though, he needs a lot of work. Bagges say yes, Alexander says no, as usual.  - Video

Felix Magamba - "Där Palmerna Bor"/"Vår Betong" - He reminds me a lot to André Zuniga for some reason. Definitely one of the best auditions I've seen this year. He's not the strongest singer but his cover was cool, fresh and original. The judges make him sing a different song, which is rather disappointing, yet they put him through. Why did they do that? I hope we see him again though, he could bring something new if he's able to recreate his initial audition. - Video

Johan Norström (16) - "Kyss mig" - He parkours, skates, beatboxes. A cool audition, I don't really know how he'll fare with some bigger songs but if he sticks to this acoustic driven songs, he'll be fine. Not the best audition of the season but a pretty good one. Alexander gives him a kiss, why? Who knows.

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