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We've seen the Top 20 leave their hearts on stage and now, 8! of them will be heading home. Who will make it to the Top 12? Whose dreams will shatter? ... This is The Voice!

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The two acts from each team with the most amount of votes will automatically advance to the Top 12. The judges will then pick one of the remaining three contestants.

Carson informs us that every single act managed to chart on iTunes. Of course, he doesn't mention the fact that some of them were as low as it gets. He also tells us that all iTunes downloads will count for the acts final total number of votes, just like when Cassadee Pope won.

Team Blake

Going through:

Austin Jenckes (public vote)
Cole Vosbury (public vote)
Ray Boudreaux  (Blake's choice)


Nic Hawk
Shelbie Z 

The biggest surprise here is Ray not getting enough votes to make it through. His performance wasn't stellar but his style is intriguing. Nic deserved to leave after the disaster his performance was. Poor Shelbie may have been saved have Ray advanced on public's vote but she was had no chance once Cole and Austin were announced safe. It's a shame cause she was rather fun to watch.

Team Cee Lo

Going through:

Caroline Pennell (public vote)
Jonny Gray (public vote)
Kat Robichaud (Cee Lo's choice)


Tamara Chauniece
Amber Nicole 

The results were obvious. Amber and Tamara were given awful songs that did nothing to showcase their talents. Had Tamara not been given the fodder edit she could've gone further cause her Knockout performance was truly spectacular but the old fashioned "I Will Survive" was certain to kill her chances.

Team Christina

Going through:

Jacquie Lee (public vote)
Matthew Schuler (public vote)
Josh Logan (Christina's choice)


Stephanie Anne Johnson
Olivia Henken

 Josh was good last night but I would've kept Stephanie, whose tone was to die for. She had massive potential so I'm sad to see her gone. Olivia wasn't great but the song choice didn't help her, she could have become a viable country artist and I was intrigued to see what Christina could do with her. Guess we'll never know now.

Team Adam

Going through:

James Wolpert (public vote)
Tessanne Chin (public vote)
Will Champlin (Adam's choice)


Preston Pohl

To me, Adam had the hardest decision. Any three of his acts could've made it and I would've been ok with it. All his acts had strong performances and even the one who didn't, Grey, had been great up to that point. That said, he picked exactly the three acts I would've. I may have wanted to keep Grey but the other three just were better than her.

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