Twenty four contestants remain in the competition after the battle rounds with each coach having their five remaining acts plus their one steal. Tonight, half of the top twenty four will perform, three from each team. The public will vote for the first time and their votes will be added to the coaches' votes with the top act from each team proceeding through automatically. From the remaining two on each team, one act will be eliminated by their coach. Who will be sent packing?

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Team Kian

Jay Boland

  photo JayBoland.png

'Happy' by Pharrell Williams - 7/10 - Jay has been given a pretty strange song choice to be honest, he has a good voice but I would have preferred something with a little bit more of a range than this track. He performs it pretty well, it does feel a little bit cheesy at times and I'm not sure that his vocals are perfect but he does the best he can with the song. Kian's song choices are pretty hit and miss at times. Jamelia says that the stakes are high and isn't quite as convinced by the performance as some of his previous performances.  Bressie says he doesn't think the song fitted his style particularly well but thought his vocals were good. Dolores says the dancers carried him a little.

Jay gets 20 out of 30 (6,7,7)

Pauric McLoughlin

  photo PauricMcLaughlin.png

'Revelate' by The Frames - 6/10 - Pauric sings well but the song choice is a little bit underwhelming, I love The Frames a lot but it was a very strange song to try and show off Pauric's vocals. He can sing so why he picked a song that doesn't go anywhere and pretty much stays at the same level for the duration of the performance I don't know. I agree with Jamelia and Bressie, it wasn't a great song choice for him, he really needed something with a little bit more oomph. Dolores thinks Pauric is great but just wasn't convinced by the song choice either.

Pauric gets 19 out of 30 (6,6,7)

Laura O'Connor

  photo LauraOConnor.png

'Move' by Little Mix - 6/10 - Again with the song choices, Kian seems to pick songs by the right artist but picks completely the wrong song by said artist. I like this song but I don't think it's the est song choice for a singing competition, it's sung by a group originally so giving a soloist the song makes it very hard for her. The backing singers are...not great, in fact they kind of ruin the song for me. There's also something about the band's take on the song that doesn't really wash with me. She missed the key in the first half of the song but when she got into the performance, it was pretty good.

Laura gets 19 out of 30 (7,6,6)

Team Dolores

Michelle Revins

  photo MichelleRevins.png

'Come As You Are' by Nirvana - 8/10 - Michelle has an absolutely brilliant tone to her voice, she's one of the darkest singers in the competition. She has a very unique voice and a very strong performance style, she's an intense performer who loses herself in the song so I'm really looking forward to seeing how she takes this song on. She absolutely nails it, she has the audience captivated and has a great way of connecting through the camera to the viewers at home. I love this song, she sings it brilliantly, the arrangement is really strong. Kian says some rubbish about her being too dark, she's an intense performer, of course it will be dark. She's not going to be up there belting out The Spice Girls and dancing around the stage. Jamelia and Bressie are very impressed.

Michelle gets 23 out of 30 (7,8,8)

John Hogan Jr.

  photo JohnHogan.png

'Freaky Wild' (Original Song) - 6/10 - I was a little bit disappointed that Dolores picked John over Nella Dwyer in the battle rounds, purely because I felt that his opponent had amore unique tone. That said, John is very good and creative. He's singing his own song, it's very unique, his rap style is definitely not the most conventional style of singing we've seen on the show. I quite like the song but at the same time, I feel like singing your own song is a risk because people aren't familiar with the song and to be honest,I feel like the song wasn't as good as his blind audition. Kian gets why he wants to sing his own song but feels like he's running a risk singing his own material on 'The Voice'. Jamelia says that vocally, she felt he wasn't great and Bressie agrees. Dolores reckons he was possibly intimidated by the live audience.

John gets 18 out of 30 (6,6,6)

Kellie Lewis

  photo KellieLewis.png

'Wings' by Birdy - 9/10 - Kellie has a beautiful celtic tone, it's so pure but at the same time it has its' own character and really tells a story. I love her ability to sing and tell a story with the lyrics of the song she's singing. This is a perfect song choice for her, it's very quirky and suits her vocals perfectly, what really impresses me is how much she loses herself in the song, she absolutely nailed every note in the song and she felt comfortable on stage. Kian says it's the best performance of the night, Jamelia says that she looked comfortable on stage but didn't love her vocals. It was a pretty divisive performance really as she gave the song her own spin and didn't sing the falsetto part of the song.

Kellie gets 22 out of 30 (9,6,7)

Team Jamelia

Gavin Murray

  photo GavinMurray.png

'Of The Night' by Bastille - 6.5/10 - Gavin has a decent voice, he's a little bit too similar to Keith Hanley who won last year for my liking but there's definitely something different and unique about him. He's singing a song that I love but I'm not crazy about the style he sings it in. For me, Bastille songs require someone with a voice that little bit quirkier and left-field and whilst he sings it perfectly in tune, it's a bit safe and generic for my liking. It's okay, don't get me wrong but it's hardly stand-out.

Gavin gets 20 out of 30 (8,6,6)

Laura-May Lenehan

  photo LauraMayLenehan.png

'Picking Up The Pieces' by Paloma Faith - 9/10 - Jamelia says that Laura-May has the most to prove after she didn't have to sing her battle when Catherine, her battle round opponent went into labour and had to forfeit her place in the competition. Well she has certainly proved herself brilliantly, she sang the song perfectly and really connected with the emotion of the song. Kian says that she nailed it and Bressie also thought that it was brilliant, Dolores gave her a 6 but didn't actually explain why, what a strange score, I thought she was brilliant personally.

Laura-May gets 22 out of 30 (8,6,8)

Daisy Valenzuela

  photo DaisyValenzula.png

'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga - 6/10 - Daisy has a fantastic voice and is also a good performer, I'm not sure that I love the song choice but she actually manages to pull it off, it's easy for that sort of song to just end up a total car-crash because it doesn't really do much for the act vocally but she is able to give a good performance whilst still maintaining a high standard vocally. I get where Bressie is going with his comment, saying that Lady Gaga's vocals are so manufactured so it was difficult for her to actually sing the song. She sort of gets mauled by the judges, I can get why as the song was pretty poor but it wasn't the worst performance of the night, there have been weaker performances.

Daisy gets 18 out of 30 (6,6,6)

Team Bressie

Sarah Sylvia

  photo SarahSylvia.png

'Clarity' by Zedd feat. Foxes - 8/10 - This is a nice song choice for Sarah, I was expecting Bressie to give her some song that Sinead O'Connor sang in 1993 so it's nice to give her something fresh and current that she is also able to put her own spin on. She definitely gives it a bit of her own fresh spin, she's a very dramatic and theatrical singer and brings that to the performance but her very strong, yet quirky vocals are pretty much perfect for the song. I'm actually impressed with a Bressie song choice for once. Bressie is raging that two of the coaches didn't give her more than 7 but I do agree with Jamelia, her mic control could do with work. That said, Kelly Mongan had a similar issue in the first show last year and went on to come 2nd so it's definitely not a big problem to fix.

Sarah gets 22 out of 30 (8,7,7)

Kedar Friis-Lawrence

  photo KedarFriis-Lawrence.png

'Another Love' by Tom Odell - 6.5/10 - Kedar has such a quirky voice, it's a pretty smart song choice for Kedar, he sings with a pretty similar style to Tom Odell albeit his voice is higher than Tom's. I think that the performance was alright but he perhaps went a little overboard on the emotion to the point that it felt a little bit musical theatre, as Jamelia points out. He was also a little shouty at times, I like Kedar but he didn't give the best performance tonight although it was still above average and I thought that the coaches were quite harsh on him.

Kedar gets 17 out of 30 (5,6,6)

Brendan McCahey

  photo BrendanMcCahey.png

'Don't Judge A Book By Its' Cover' by The Strypes - 8/10 - Brendan's style isn't totally my cup of tea but I must admit that he has a good voice and he definitely does a good job with the song, he sings it perfectly and what's more, manages to nail the performance itself. He can really work a crowd, perhaps due to his experience of gigging. The coaches all rave about him and it's 8's all round from the coaches. Bressie thinks that he's going to have no problem getting gigs. I wasn't expecting Brendan to be a competitor but he could actually be a threat to the other competitors in Team Bressie now.

Brendan gets 24 out of 30 (8,8,8)


Team Kian: The contestant with the most votes from the public and judges combined is Jay Boland. Kian has to choose between his steal Pauric and Laura O'Connor. He says he's basing it on potential and Pauric McLaughlin is eliminated.

Team Dolores: Topping the votes for Dolores is unsurprisingly Kellie Lewis. She has to choose between John and Michelle and says that based on who gave the better performance on the night, she's sending John Hogan Jr. home.

Team Jamelia: Laura-May Lenehan gets the most votes so it's down to Gavin and Daisy who remains and who is eliminated. Jamelia says that she can't send Gavin home, it's curtains for Daisy Valenzuela unfortunately.

Team Bressie: Brendan McCahey is the act with the most votes from Bressie's team. This seems like a fairly obvious decision, he sends Kedar Friis-Lawrence home.
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