Unlike the previous year, in which I wrote about every entry, this year I'll just focus on my faves and list them on this top 15. And just for the lulz, I also ranked the 10 worst songs. Honestly, I was quite surprised with this year bunch of new songs cause I've liked a lot of them. After Eldar & Nigar were declared the winners with "Running Scared", the 42 entries will now travel to Baku in Azerbaijan in the hopes of taking home the title. The novelties this year: Montenegro is returning to the contest, while Armenia and Poland are withdrawing. Plus Jónsi (Iceland),  Jedward (Ireland),  Kaliopi (Macedonia) and Željko Joksimović (Serbia), who was the runner up in 2004, are all returning for a second shot at the title.

Top 10 after the JUMP ...

Top 15

Italy: Nina Zilli - "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)"  -  Italy did it again. For a second year in a row they've selected a beautiful song to represent them. Nina was one of the stand-outs of San Remo with her entry "Per Sempre" placing 7th. The song is both in English and Italian such as Raphael Gualazzi's "Follia d'amore", a combination that has worked so well for them in the previous year. (They placed #2) "L'amore è femmina (Out of Love)" is a jazzy tune, picture a female version of "Follia d'amore". This is a must for the Top 10.

Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva - "When the Music Dies" - The host really delivered this year. I honestly didn't like their winning entry much but I'm totally in love with Sabina's "When the Music Dies". It's hard for a country to win twice in a row so Sabina will definitely not win but she will fall trying. She reminds me greatly to Christina Aguilera and I belive Sabina will become as big as the latter did.

Hungary: Compact Disco - "Sound of Our Hearts" - Kati Wolf wowed everyone last year, making Hungary a serious competitor. This year their entry is Compact Disco, an electronic rock quartet. I didn't think they could top themselves after last year but honestly, this song is as good as "What About My Dreams". It's quite catchy plus it's great lyrics but most importantly, it's a very enjoyable song.

Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi -"Never Forget" - Iceland has never been able to win, being their best the 2nd position in 2009 and in 1999. If they are ever going to win, this is their year. "Never Forget" is without a doubt, one of the best songs I've heard among the 42. Based on an Icelandic folk story, the song is well written, with a coherent structure and a soaring melody. But what I really like about it is it's epicness, it's mysterious tone, it's got it written all over it, from start to finish. Love the violin solo too.

Spain: Pastora Soler - "Quédate conmigo" - I speak Spanish but I usually hate songs in Spanish. I really don't know why but it always seems to be the case. Spain has never  really wowed me in Eurovision either so I was more than surprised to see I loved their entry. Pastora Soler's got such a passionate voice that she doesn't need the usual distractions mediocre singers use. If she's half as good as in the music video when performing live, Pastora will make it far. Will this finally be the year Spain wins again? (Being the last time 1969)

Albania: Rona Nishliu -"Suus" - Albania is all about taking risks and Rona Nishliu's "Suus" surely is one. To me, it totally paid off. Rona's at her best and every note she sings gets deep into my skin. She displays a lot of emotion and even if the song is a little shouty overall, it creates an etheral moment that will captivate the viewers or that's what I  hope, cause this song is amazing.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: MayaSar -"Korake ti znam" - Bosnia & Herzegovina is going for a ballad this year after Dino Merlin's "Love in Rewind" gave them the 6th place in last year contest. MayaSar does a fabulous job in it and it's got a great instrumentation. The song isn't the most exciting I've heard but it's got a beautiful melody and that's enough for me.

Netherlands: Joan Franka -"You and Me" - The Netherlands hasn't made it to the final since 2004, always placing in the last few positions of their semi final. This year, The Voice creator John De Mol is hoping to change that with Joan Franka, TVOH Top 16 finalist. I'm thinking this will be the year the Netherlands finally makes it to the final again. Joan's got the most unique voice and her song is outstanding. Another plus is her gorgeous outfit, that alone would get my vote. Haha.

Sweden: Loreen -"Euphoria" - Loreen is the current frontrunner and there's no doubt why. Her previous entry was deserving of winning Melodifestivalen, unfortunately it didn't. Loreen's delivery is pretty epic and there's no doubt that she'll go deep in the competition with this entry. I'd be really shocked if someone is even able to top this ... (Yes, I reused my previous comments)

Finalnd: Pernilla Karlsson -"När jag blundar" -  Pernilla is incredibly cute and her song is as sweet as honey. I'm not sure how that will translate to voters but to me, the song is good enough to pick up my phone. She's also singing in her native language, which is always a good thing considering most of the countries go for English songs. I can't see people not liking it, but those who don't, just don't get it's beauty.

Germany: Roman Lob - "Standing Still"  -  Roman was a contestant on Deutschland sucht den Superstar back in 2006 but had to quit due to a vocal cord infection. Early in February, he took part in Unser Star für Baku, the same format that brought Lena to us, finally winning the show with his song "Standing Still". Great song but not as good as Lena, with that, I'm not sure Roman can win this but still, the song deserves a shot.

Denmark: Soluna Samay -"Should've Known Better" -  I love Soluna Samay. I admit I was a little pissed when she triumphed over my fave Jesper Nohrstedt, XF Denmark S3 3rd placer. She's got a beautiful voice and a very addictive sound, plus a cute personality. What's not to love about her?

Serbia: Željko Joksimović -"Nije ljubav stvar" -  I'd normally hate this entry but this song has something quite captivating. I don't know what it is but I found Željko's entry actually interesting. I was expecting another cheesy ballad so I was surprised to actually like this. I don't want it to win but a place in the final would be nice.

Slovenia: Eva Boto -"Verjamem" - Last year it was the incredible Maja Keuc with "No One". This year it's 16 y/o Eva Boto with the Slovene song  "Verjamem", which translates to "I Believe". She's got a powerful set of pipes and despite not having the best song, I give her some extra points for singing in her own language. The backing singers were the stand-out though.

Estonia: Ott Lepland -"Kuula" - Estonian Idol S3 winner is stepping into the Eurovision stage for the first time. Fellow EI contestant, Getter Jaani represented the country last year, making it to the final but only placing 24th. The song is a bit sleepy but Ott's crysral clear vocals are center stage which gives him an edge over other contestants.

Worst 10 Songs

Moldova: Pasha Parfeny - "Lăutar" - Don't really know how to comment on this one. Moldova isn't known for it's good material. Last year they brought the lulzy Zdob şi Zdub with "So Lucky", which included some fairy like costumes. That was interesting to say the least, but I can't see how they will make Pasha Parfeny anything near the decent. He's just the typical cruise singer and one of the bad ones.

Georgia: Anri Jokhadze  - "I'm a Joker" - Eldrine was a pleasant surprise last year but unfortunately, Georgia's done a terrible mistake by picking Anri. As the song says, he is a joker and that's all proved by his song, which is a joke.

Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus - "Euro Neuro" -  Montenegro is finally coming back after three failed attemps in 2007, 2008 and 2009. You'd think they try to make a big comeback like Italy did last year but that's not the case. Their song is the disgusting "Euro Neuro" which has no melody and it's performer is more mediocre than Jedward. It's not even funny, are you telling me they have no better artists?

Malta: Kurt Calleja - "This Is the Night" -  Ok, this isn't as awful as other songs here but it's super cheesy. I don't think I can get through this song. Kurt's got a decent voice and he's cute, which will probably get him some votes. But if we are voting solely on the music, this shouldn't be anywhere near the final.

Lithuania: Donny Montell - "Love Is Blind" - This is such a boring song. It should be titled "Love is Deaf", at least I wouldn't have to listen this awful song. I also think they guy has stage fright, that's the only reason someoone would cover his eyes while performing.

Ireland: Jedward - "Waterline" - Jedward is back and once again, they bring with them the worst song of the year. Why does Ireland keep picking them to represent them? Don't they realize they suck?

Austria: Trackshittaz - "Woki mit deim Popo" -  Ugh, my ears. That was actually painful. I'm not sure I'm even able to keep writing after this.

Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki - "Party for Everybody" -  I really didn't want to put them here, cause come on, they are one of the most adorable things I've seen. They are like a tiny cute puppy. Despite that, they can't sing and it's a bit unfair to vote for them just cause they are adorable.

Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou - "Aphrodisiac" -  Again, this isn't as horrible as other songs in this Bottom 10 but Greece never does it right for me. They always go for generic pop songs trying so hard to be commercial and never succeeding. They deserve not to win.

San Marino: Valentina Monetta - "The Social Network Song" - After the splendid Senit last year, I must say I'm extremely dissapointed with San Marino. I'm not sure how the casting for Valentina worked cause honestly, she's just plain awful. From the cheesy video to the 5 y/o written lyrics, there's nothing remarkable about this song. Well, it's catchy, but that doesn't mean it's good, cause here, it's in a really creepy way. I bet she's a stalker. Also, Valentina is 35! Wow!

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