A total of 41 acts have flown to Baku, Azerbaijan, joining Sabina Babayeva, the host's entry. 18 acts will battle for Europe's vote tonight and the chance of making it to the grand finale, where 26 acts will compete for the ultimate prize! Only 10 acts will advance, while 8 will be sent packing. Who will make it? Who will be taking a plane back home?

Recap after the JUMP ...

Rambo Amadeus - "Euro Neuro"

I really dislike this song and I honestly hate Rambo, he looks truly drunk during his performance. The beginning was creepy, I'm not sure what he was trying to achieve with it. The song is more speaking than singing, there's no melody nor a catchy sound to it. I'm trying to figure if he's forcing a bad accent or he actually speaks like that, I'm inclined for the former, cause he looks that stupid. I'm glad he performed first, better get rid and done with it soon. 

Gréta Salóme & Jónsi - "Never Forget"

I'm sad to see them perform so early, the are my faves of this semi and this position may hurt their chances. However, "Never Forget" is a fantastic tune, one Eurovision fans certainly love. The song creates a very ethereal vibe on stage and Gréta's violin skills are remarkable, being her violin solo the stand-out of the performance. I wished she had stopped smiling though, it would have created a more mysterious vibe.

Eleftheria Eleftheriou - "Aphrodisiac"

Eleftheria's got a particularly weak voice which makes this performance quite forgettable. I'm confident the public will forget her by the end of the show. "Aphrodisiac" is quite cheesy and generic, it even seems she's an actress trying to make it in the music business. Honestly, she's a better dancer than singer, that's why I'll give her some extra points.

Anmary - "Beautiful Song"

Anmary is another singer with a weak voice but unlike Eleftheria, her song is actually quite nice. Yes, it is generic but it's got an addictive quality to it. Not a winner so there's no way she'll make it to the final but it's charming enough. She really shone during the final verses, not enough though. Maybe it'll make a good perfume ad?

Rona Nishliu - "Suus"

Wow! This is gorgeous. Finally an actual singer with a beautiful song. Rona's voice fills the stage, there's no need for dancers or special effects with her, her voice is more than enough. Her dress is a bit weird but I'm sure the audience won't mind that. While the high notes may have been a little too much for some people, I really felt every word she was singing. That was magical, wasn't it?

Mandinga - "Zaleilah"

I don't know how to feel about this song. It's catchy and she took a chance by singing in Spanish. To me, it sounds like the World Cup theme, maybe they can use it if it ever comes to Romania! The song isn't awful, it's actually quite good. I'll give her a chance, cause the chorus is way to addictive not to listen to this again.

Sinplus - "Unbreakable"

Sinplus isn't my type of muisc but I consider they are quite good on what they do. They may be a little too much for me but they gave an entertaining performance and despite the many vocal issues, the song worked. I still prefer their previous entry, Anna Rossinelli. Their hairs are cool though, they should become hairdressers.

Iris - "Would You?"

Iris looks like a terrified Disney princess, someone go give her a hug. Her tone is cute but it's really not strong enough, it also sounds nasally at parts. Sweet yet boring. It's definitely something Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift would sing and that would become a hit. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Iris's will.

Pernilla Karlsson - "När jag blundar"

Is there anything more perfect than this song? Pernilla does a wonderful job with this emotional lullaby like performance captivating the audience. Most of the people won't understand a single word she's singing, like myself, but that's the beauty of it. I'm obviously going to find the lyrics for it afterwards cause Pernilla sounded so sincere while singing it, I belived every single word she said.

Izabo - "Time"

"Time" looks like something straight from the 70s and that's definitely not a good thing. "Caroban" did an splendid job with their retro song last year but this one is just old fashioned, I don't see how people could vote for it. It wasn't completely awful but I can't see them in the final, not now, nor ever. They better get booking their tickets back home.

San Marino
Valentina Monetta - "The Social Network Song"

This song will be getting loads of hate! Haha. And it's justified, cause the song is horrific. Valentina does a creepy job with it, especially considering she's 37, while trying to look like a 16 y/o singing about Facebook. In fairness, like someone said, that's the entire population of San Marino, so you can't really expect better.

Ivi Adamou - "La La Love"

See Greece? This is how you put a contemporary song together. Ivi is a decent singer but she really did a great job with the song she was given, I even considered it for inclusion in my top 15. She looks sexy and most importantly, sounds sexy too. The song is catchy and has a good hook, really more than I ever expected from Cyprus.

Soluna Samay - "Should've Known Better"

Soluna is so perfect! "Should've Known Better"'s got such a pure sound it's hard not to love it. Her voice sounds gorgeous and despite I really don't understand her nautical outfit, I couldn't care less. You really can't go wrong with a pretty girl with a guitar, this is shoe-in for the final.

Buranovskiye Babushki - "Party for Everybody"

The grannies are adorable and a total lulz. However, this can't win this show or any singing competition. They are a novelty act and to me are an insult to the rest of the contestants, which actually sent singers to represent them. Yeah, super cute but their 15 minutes of fame better be done.

Compact Disco - "Sound of Our Hearts"

I didn't think they could top themselves after last year but honestly, this song is as good as "What About My Dreams". It's quite catchy plus it's got great lyrics but most importantly, it's a very enjoyable song. The singer's delivery is splendid, he's got a great voice. I can't see them not making it to the final.

Trackshittaz - "Woki mit deim Popo"

Ugh, my ears. That was actually painful. I'm not sure I'm even able to keep writing after this considering the final two performance will be equally awful.  This is even worse than Rambo's song, at least his song wasn't about asses. There go 4 minutes I'll never get back.

Pasha Parfeny - "Lăutar"

Pasha's just the typical cruise singer and one of the bad ones. The way he's dancing isn't even good. I can't rescue a single thing about that performance. It was as atrocious as Austria's, plus what's wrong with his outfit? Someone better teach him how to get dressed.

Jedward - "Waterline"

Jedward is back and once again and they bring with them the worst song of the year, just cause they are the artist. Why does Ireland keep picking them to represent them? Don't they realize they suck and makes them look like shit? Worst part is that they will probably advance.


In no particular order:
  1. Romania
  2. Moldova
  3. Iceland
  4. Hungary
  5. Denmark
  6. Albania
  7. Cyprus
  8. Greece
  9. Russia (Ugh)
  10. Ireland (Ew)
I can't belive Moldova, Russia and Ireland all made it, they were without a doubt among the worst acts of the night. Of course, performing last really helped them in advancing. I can't stand Jedward, and I really don't understand why people vote for them. Oh well, I hope they get the last place in the final. Happy for Iceland, Hungary, Denmark and Albania though! Bummed Finalnd didn't make it, that was one beautiful song.

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