After sixteen weeks of singing, button pressing and sixes, we're down to the final four contestants. Kian lost both of his acts in the semi-final after a tough night meaning that Bressie has two acts in the final to Jamelia and Dolores' one a piece. So who is walking away with the crown tonight, my early backing Laura May Lenehan for Team Jamelia? Quirky Kellie Lewis for Team Dolores? Rocker Jamie Stanton? Or bookies' favourite Brendan McCahey for Team Bressie? We'll soon find out.

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Team Bressie

Jamie Stanton

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'I Don't Want To Be' by Gavin DeGraw - 8/10 - Jamie's choice for his favourite performance is definitely the right decision, it was my favourite Jamie performance and the first where I actually thought he could go somewhere in the competition. To b perfectly honest, I'm a little disappointed at his performance tonight, it's not as sharp as the first time he sung this track. I actually feel like his vocals sound forced this time, he doesn't really sound as strong on the song as he has in the past. The performance itself is good, he has a good connection with the audience and does a decent job, I'm not sure the vocals are final standard however.

'July' by Mundy with Mundy - 7/10 - The guest singers tonight are a bit strange, aren't they? Mundy isn't that well known and seems like such a random choice to sing with Jamie. They sound alright together, but I'm not a massive fan of this song and I don't think that it does any favours for Jamie really, vocally, it's a good performance but I'm not overly impressed by the performance. I think Jamie has had better performances, this song didn't really showcase his voice sadly.

Brendan McCahey

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'You Can't Judge A Book By Its' Cover' by The Strypes - 9/10 - This song isn't my favourite, it has quite a dated feel however there's no denying that Brendan is a good vocalist although I do feel like he lacks a little bit of individuality. Anyway, it's good that he's doing a lively song as he has a good personality and is able to interact with the audience. Vocally, this is better than the first time he performed the song and I'm impressed with how he has developed as a performer. He's the bookies favourite and I reckon he's likely to win it because this was a very good performance.

'Celebrate' by An Emotional Fish with Jerry Fish - 8/10 - I think the guest performances are all going to end up getting low scores, not necessarily on the part of the contestants but moreso on behalf of the fact that the songs are quite weak. This is vocally fine but the song is a little dull, yes Brendan manages to perform the song well with Jerry and they do a decent job of interacting with the audience but the performance was lacking something. I was hoping for a song that showed off his strong vocals and I don't think that this song was the best one to showcase his vocals.

Team Dolores

Kellie Lewis

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'Running Up That Hill' by Kate Bush - 9.5/10 - I loved this performance in Kellie's blind audition, she has such a fantastic tone to her voice, I know some people think she copies Dolores but I think that she has something different to Dolores although they both definitely have something of a Celtic twang to their voices. I like Kellie's performance style, she is such a unique and individual performer and really loses herself in the meaning of the song. I really want Kellie to win, I think she's such a great vocalist and considering that the last two winners have performed poorly, I think they need someone who is really unique and has something different about them.

'Saints and Sinners' by Paddy Casey with Paddy Casey - 6.5/10 - I'm not sure why she's singing a ten year old song with Paddy Casey, surely one of his more recent songs would have been better? I love her voice on the song in fairness, her tone injects something different into it and it's refreshing to hear the song sung by someone different but their voices don't really gel together, there's very little chemistry between them and there's actually a few obvious bum notes when they sing together, I'm definitely not as impressed by this as I was with her first performance but it's not her fault, I think the guest performances have let everyone down.

Team Jamelia

Laura-May Lenehan

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'Little Things' by One Direction - 9/10 - Laura May is definitely the best vocalist the show had this year, she has an amazing range and brilliant control of her voice. I didn't love this performance as much as her Avicii and Paloma Faith performances but what perhaps prompted her to choose this is that it showed a different side to Laura May. There was an almost celtic quality to her voice the first time she sang this and this week is no different, she sounds great taking this track on, I'm not a particularly big fan of the song itself but she nails it and captures the heart of the song with ease. Laura May has so much potential and I can see her going on to great things.

'Sunburst' by Picturehouse with Dave Browne - 7.5/10 - What the hell were the coaches thinking with these guest performers? This song was totally wrong for Laura-May, they gave her a song then basically made her sing backing vocals, the majority of the performance seemed to be sung by Dave Browne rather than her and the song was really cheesy and dull to be perfectly honest. To be honest, despite being given a song that didn't suit her at all, Laura May nailed the vocals she was given and delivered some pretty impressive notes in the song. I'm disappointed that she was given a duff song choice as she could have rivalled Brendan for the crown if it hadn't been for this poor song choice. I think Brendan will win but she did her best with the song.


  1. Brendan McCahey
  2. Laura May Lenehan
  3. Kellie Lewis
  4. Jamie Stanton
Based on who I have preferred overall in the competition, I would rather Laura May won but sadly she was let down badly by the guest performance song choice. Really, we could have done without those guest performances, they were all quite underwhelming but what can you do? Brendan will win.


4th Place - Jamie Stanton
3rd Place - Laura May Lenehan
2nd Place - Kellie Lewis
1st Place - Brendan McCahey

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