Eurovision is back for another year, this time live from Copenhagen after Denmark took home the prize thanks to Emmelie de Forest's "Only Teardrops". 36 countries are competing and tonight, the first 16 entries will present their songs. Who'll be succeeding Denmark?

Highlights after the jump ....

 Overall, I felt like this was a very weak semi. Out of the 6 songs I think stood out, only 4 of them really did. The other two are simply average. For my selection, I watched all the live performances and then I watched the music videos for the songs that didn't fully convince me, if available.

You can find all the performances HERE

Estonia - Tanja - "Amazing" - This is probably one of said cases. When Tanja performed her very energetic number, I was not impressed by her efforts, mostly because her lyp syncing didn't really help. But seeing the music video changed my mind on the song. It's still a generic tune and I don't really see myself listening to it ever again but it's a super appropriate dance number, isn't it? People like that, don't they?

Ukraine - Mariya Yaremchuk - "Tick-Tock" - Despite not being the best song in the bunch, Ukraine's representative is a competent, albeit generic, pop track, and even with the many issues Mariya may have had while performing it, I can still see some potential in it. On record, it sounds way, way better, auto tune being the obvious solution but who cares about that? 

Hungary - András Kállay-Saunders - "Running" - Hungary went for a soulful voice delivering a powerful message. Unfortunately, said voice doesn't have the talent to sing this song as he should. Not only was he gasping for air but his voice kept breaking. If you don't have the breath support to run around the stage while singing, just don't do it. Despite it, the song is strong and I believe it has a shot at the title, or at least the Top 5.

Netherlands - The Common Linnets (Ilse DeLange and Waylon) - "Calm After the Storm" - This made me think of The Civil Wars singing a Carrie Underwood song. And that's not a bad thing, on the contrary, it's a big compliment. The song is lovely and perfectly delivered. The fact I love Ilse so much isn't hurting them.

Sweden - Sanna Nielsen - "Undo" - This is arguably one of the best songs in this semi. And that's not entirely because I'm grading on a curve since most of this songs were unimpressive. Sanna's is actually pretty great, both vocally and lyrically, that being one of the reasons it's a bookies favourite. Could we be looking at the next winner?

Armenia - Aram MP3 - "Not Alone" - This is an interesting one. It wasn't the biggest success with me when I first heard it but on a second listen, I could see why some people like it. In fact, I'm kinda loving it myself. There's such an intriguing quality to this guy's voice, very John Newman sounding, especially the latter quarter of the song.

Through to the final:

Armenia - Aram MP3 - "Not Alone"
Sweden - Sanna Nielsen - "Undo"
Iceland - Pollapönk - "No Prejudice"
Russia - Tolmachevy Sisters - "Shine"
Azerbaijan - Dilara Kazimova - "Start a Fire"
Ukraine - Mariya Yaremchuk - "Tick-Tock"
San Marino - Valentina Monetta - "Maybe (Forse)"
Netherlands - The Common Linnets - "Calm After the Storm"
Montenegro - Sergej Ćetković - "Moj svijet" (Мој свијет)
Hungary - András Kállay-Saunders - "Running"


Latvia - Aarzemnieki - "Cake to Bake"
Estonia - Tanja - "Amazing"
Albania - Hersi - "One Night's Anger"
Belgium - Axel Hirsoux - "Mother"
Moldova - Cristina Scarlat - "Wild Soul"
Portugal - Suzy - "Quero ser tua"

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