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We went from 20 to 12 in the past two weeks as the judges selected their three acts to move on to the live finals. This week, Twitter's instant save returns as one of the B3 vote-getters will get the chance to avoid the axe by delivering one final performance. Who'll be leaving us this week?  ... This is The Voice!

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Bria Kelly

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Team Usher - "Rolling in the Deep" - 5/10 - She wanted a song that showcased the soulful edge of her voice, so she thinks this is the perfect song for her since it has a gritty edge to it while having a modern beat to it. That's what she wants to have as a performer. Do we really need to listen to this song again? I'm so done with it. Bria's version is nothing new, I like her voice but wasn't really crazy about this, it was kinda breathy and super wobbly. I also didn't like the fact he was basically wearing that guitar as an accessory, if you're going to come out with an instrument, make sure you play it. Shakira believes taking on an Adele song is a challenge but if anyone could do it, it's her. 

Delvin Choice

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Team Adam - "Unchained Melody" - 5,5/10 -Adam calls this a really ambitious song, since it's a delicate classic. He sees Delvin as a chameleon. "You've got to sing this like you're dying" he advises him. Yet another uninspiring song choice. Super cheesy and old fashioned. What Delvin needs to be doing is proving he can be current, something I don't believe is possible. Vocally, it's only ok, nothing special, I didn't feel he was actually dying, maybe faking a heart attack, but having one? Not really. Blake felt he did a great job, he thinks he sang the crap out of that song.

Dani Moz

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Team Shakira - "Just Give Me a Reason" - 7/10 - Shakira gave her this song because she believes it will propel her to the next level. She has a musical theater background but relates to pop music and wants to have a career in that genre. A much stronger performance compared to the two that preceded it. Nice dynamics, great vocals and a perfect money note. However, it didn't have the same emotional heft her playoffs performance had and because of that, I wasn't fully invested on it. Props to her amazing voice though. Adam thought it was great because there's no breath on that song and she did amazing. He wanted it to be more dynamic though.

Audra McLaughlin

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Team Blake - "Angel of the Morning" - 6,5/10 - Martina McBride tweeted her back the other day! She said she was gonna check out her performance. Blake gave her a classic never before performed on The Voice and after listening to it, I can totally see why. The song is rather dull, it has no momentum and is super old fashioned. Audra has a lovely voice but if he doesn't try something original, she'll be out soon. A country artist has already won this show, do we want another one this soon? Usher thinks she's got an incredibly powerful yet very personal voice.

T.J. Wilkins

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Team Usher - "Waiting on the World to Change" - 7/10 - This song has a special meaning to him. He has friends that know people that have been killed in the streets. That's a stretch, isn't it? He wants to be an RnB artist with a splash of jazz and soul. I still don't get Usher's fixation with this guy, he's good, better than Delvin actually, but kinda bland in the end. That said, I liked the way this song was arranged, totally like a Marvin Gaye song as promised, which is sort of a weird move, since he was going for a contemporary number, so why arrange it like a retro song? TJ was pretty solid on it though, very effortless delivery. It's hard for Blake not to fall for him. He's got something that's kind of infectious, not in the bad way, of course.

Christina Grimmie

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Team Adam - "Dark Horse" - 8/10 - This song paints the picture that she wants to paint as an artist in the real life. Adam believes she's got the potential to become a major pop star. And he may be right. Christina is a compelling singer, she commands the stage while also nailing those super high notes effortlessly. Could she be the show's first commercial success? I believe so.  Shakira was so impressed with her range. She thinks she nailed it.

Sisaundra Lewis

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Team Blake - "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" - 7/10 - She wants to do pop soul music. So obviously, Blake gave her this song because it allows her to lay back a little and show a little finesse. Not exactly the time to do that. I wonder how Blake has managed to win so many times considering his dreadful song choices. Poor Sisaundra can do nothing to make this performance even remotely interesting, what Blake has done here is make sure we don't care for her performance. Adam thought that was great. The restraint that she showed was the most beautiful part of that performance.

Kristen Merlin

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Team Shakira - "Stay" - 7/10 - Shakira picked this song to show Kristen's vulnerable side. She thinks America's gonna love Kristen once they discover the many subtleties her voice has. She's a little shaky but she does sound really pretty. Unfortunately, we only get to hear part of her performance, since her mic cuts out halfway through it. She keeps singing and I applaud her for that. That's gotta suck though, it was kinda sad to watch as well. Guess what we heard was nice, right? Blake felt it was great. He believes she keeps getting better and better.

Kat Perkins

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Team Adam - "Magic Man" - 7,5/10 - This is her favourite band of all time. To Adam, her voice is special because it can rise above and cut through any big arrangement musically. So not the most original performance, almost verging on karaoke, but Kat's got such a terrific voice she manages to sell it convincingly. She  just needs to do something unexpected, as does Sisaundra. Usher calls her voice dope. She knows what she's doing and why she's here.

Jake Worthington

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Team Blake - "Anymore" - 6/10 -His passion is to keep country music alive. There's a generation of country fans that may have never heard this song before, Blake says, Jake is gonna bring it back. Third dud Blake has chosen. Jake's voice is nice though and he emotes pretty well with this song, which is a smart since people are gonna be voting for this, no matter how incredibly boring it was. Shakira calls him the most endearing contestant on this show. She thinks he's showing everyone that honesty goes a long way.

Tess Boyer

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Team Shakira - "I'll Be There for You" - 7/10 - Tess loves this song because it's a power rock ballad. Shakira picked it because she wants to bring out the tough girl who is putting herself through college. Not really crazy about this and I'm a big fan of Tess. It was a bit boring to be honest and while her voice was great as usual, the song didn't do anything for me. Blake believes she's the one to beat on Shakira's team.

Josh Kaufman

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Team Usher - "Stay with Me" - 9,5/10 - Usher picked this song because it feels retro but yet it's really current. Josh is slowly becoming the one to beat. This was by far the performance of the night, emotional, flawless, effortless. It ticked all the right boxes and will surely get Josh a Top 10 charting. Is there anything left to say? Shakira feels it's unbelievable the notes he can hit. She thinks he's extraordinary.


  1. Josh Kaufman
  2. Christina Grimmie
  3. Kat Perkins
  4. Dani Moz
  5. Tess Boyer
  6. T.J. Wilkins
  7. Sisaundra Lewis
  8. Kristen Merlin
  9. Audra McLaughlin
  10. Jake Worthington
  11. Delvin Choice
  12. Bria Kelly

    Bottom 3:

    T.J. Wilkins
     Dani Moz 
    Tess Boyer

    T.J. Wilkins - Team Usher - "I'll Be" - Bland performance, why did he think this will get people to save him? News break, it's not.

    Dani Moz - Team Shakira - "Turning Tables" - Poor Dani didn't deserve to be here but as I said before, I wasn't invested in her performance and probably not many people were either. She delivers some nice vocals here but if I'd to pick one of Dani and Tess, I'll go for Tess.

    Tess Boyer - Team Shakira - "Dark Side" - Had she done something like this last night, I doubt she would've been here. This was a strong performance, way more interesting than the other two.


    Tess Boyer


    T.J. Wilkins
     Dani Moz

    Right choice. I would've cut either Jake, Delvin or Bria but based on this B3, I'm glad Tess stayed. She'll probably be gone next week but at least we get one more great performance from her.

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