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New year, new talent, new rules, same coaches. The Voice returns for it's sixth season (at least to the blog) and with it, 20 new faces for us to get familiar with. Of course, not all of them will last much as the judges will be making one final cut before things go live, whittling down their teams from 5 to 3. Who will be making the Top 12?  ... This is The Voice!

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Delvin Choice

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"Let's Stay Together" - 7,5/10 - He's the Starbucks barista who auditioned for S5! He came back and turned 4 chairs this season, then beat a frontrunner during the battles. He sees himself as an RnB soul singer so he believes this song is the perfect example of who he wants to be. Lovely rendition of an oldie, very smooth and sweet tone. I liked the fact that he didn't overwhelm us with big notes but instead opted for a jazzy, laid back take on it. As Shakira put it, delicious. He's one of her favourites.

Jake Barker

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"She Will Be Loved" - 6,5/10 - He used to work at a bar before the show and had never performed in front of an audience before. When he lost his battle, all three coaches tried to stole him. This is a song that Adam holds very close to his heart. For an amateur singer, Jake sounds surprisingly great. He's tone is very similar to Adam's (I'm kinda addicted to Adam's voice), his falsetto was solid and he seems to have good instincts, giving the song some pretty embellishments. He needs work but the potential is undeniable. Blake believes his falsetto is really strong. He feels for Adam, since he'll have to make some tough decisions.

Kat Perkins

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"Open Arms" - 8/10 - Before the blinds she was taking a break from singing, nannying for five children. She really connects to the meaning of this song in so many ways. Not a fan of this song but a massive fan of Kat since the first time I heard her. There's just something about her voice I can't get enough of. The dynamics here were perfect and every note was spot on. If only she had picked a better song. Usher tells her she should be really proud of herself. He thought the performance was flawless.

Morgan Wallen

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"Stay" - 6,5/10 - He was a landscaper before his audition. He doesn't think people expected him to like country. But he does, and now he's doing a country song. He's excited to be on Team Adam because if he used his only steal on him, it must mean he sees something in him. I'm not terribly excited about his performance, it didn't stand out enough for me, at least on this team. His tone is interesting though, I bet that rasp records so well. Blake thinks it's cool he's able to blend country and rock music. He wishes he had been able to pick up on it before.

Christina Grimmie

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"I Won't Give Up" - 6,5/10 - Before the auditions, she was a YouTube sensation, well, still is. This song means a lot to her. She's singing it for her mom, who has fought breast cancer three times. The first few verses were lovely and I've got to wonder what went wrong after it. Her upper register is pretty but she sounded strident one too many times. Maybe it was the emotion of the first show or maybe she just wanted to show what she could do, either way, Adam needs to teach her how to rein it in. To Usher, she's a baby Céline Dion.


  1. Kat Perkins
  2. Delvin Choice
  3. Christina Grimmie
  4. Jake Barker
  5. Morgan Wallen


Through to the Top 12:

Kat Perkins
Delvin Choice
Christina Grimmie


Jake Barker
Morgan Wallen

Morgan and Jake did have the worst performances but they weren't bad at all. They are both talented and have lots of potential and could've made it on another team. Unfortunately, they were against Christina, Delvin and Kat, all favourites.

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