It was Malaya Watson facing the axe last week after a shaky Chaka Khan rendition. Now, only 7 remain and they'll perform songs picked by their competitors. Will there be any sabotage? .... This ... is American Idol!

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Caleb Johnson

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"Family Tree" - 7,5/10 -  5 things we don't know about him: he's a huge tennis fanatic, snores incredibly loud (obviously), extremely terrified of the dark and spiders and a huge fan of horror movies (he wanted to be a director!). He picked this song because it has an amazing groove in the chorus. And he's right. Kings of Leon is a great fit for Caleb but at this point, I'm starting to feel he's stalling. It's pretty much the same thing every single week. JLo thinks he did it again. That was pretty amazing.

Jessica Meuse

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"Gunpowder & Lead" - 8/10 - She has 8 tattoos, 7 of which she designed. Her favourite animal is the wolf, she got rejected from a school of music, was chased by a very scary pony and believes in aliens because there's no way we are alone. She also believes she was abducted, but can't really remember, so that leads her to assume it actually happened. Jess went with this song because Miranda really speaks to her, since she's a bad ass and she also tries to be one. This has to be one of my faves from her. The song is rearranged with a darker edge, which totally suits Jessica's intense style and she was totally commanding the stage, at least by her standards. She may not have been entirely comfortable up there but I totally believed her. The wind machine, a bit much don't you think? Harry has noticed there's a lack of rhythm delivery when she performs. He suggest she puts some hip hop/funk and just dances in front of the mirror.

Alex Preston & Sam Woolf
"Let Her Go"

C.J. Harris

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"Gravity" - 7/10 - He loves watching SpongeBob, to grill, taking pictures, if he wasn't a musician he'd do a stand up show and is a neat freak. If he wins this he'll gonna hire Dexter (his roommate) a maid. Such a predictable song choice. I guess it's not exactly CJ's fault but he did have the chance to pick 5 other different songs. Still, this was a lovely take on it, a very bluesy and heartfelt delivery. Possibly his best in weeks. JLo tells him he has to start looking for the moments that are gonna lift the crowd.

Dexter Roberts

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"Muckalee Creek Water" - 5/10 - He's an adrenaline junkie, really wants to skydive, loves strawberries, crickets and his first plane ride sucked, so he's been scared of flying ever since and has competed in rodeos. Dexter loves this song because it reminds him of home. Another generic country performance, nothing new to it. It's lazy at this point. I'd be scared if I was him. Harry believes he didn't really do anything differently from the original vocal.

Jena Irene & Caleb Johnson
"Gimme Shelter"

Alex Preston

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"The A Team" - 8,5/10 - He likes to garden, took classes for cooking, really enjoys free style skiing, if he wasn't a singer he would've been a dermatologist and used to be a linebacker before high school. This is an obvious pick for Alex but his delivery was so beautiful that I don't even care. He fully made the song his own keeping the integrity of the melody. That phrasing was just gorgeous. Harry felt it was a perfect song for him.

Sam Woolf

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"Sail Away" - 7,5/10 - He likes to climb things, sucks at sports, the first song he wrote was called "Thinking of You" and he wrote it at the piano (which he doesn't know how to play), he pulls pranks on his grandparents and used to skateboard. His vocals are simply phenomenal here, everything was flawless. Still not believing him when he sings but when what's coming out of his mouth is this amazing, I completely forget about his lack of connection. Keith likes the way he's starting to get comfortable with singing. He believes trying to get life experience from him in a few weeks isn't gonna happen.

C.J. Harris, Jessica Meuse & Dexter Roberts

Jena Irene

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"Creep" - 9/10 -  She wrote her first song when her sixth grade boyfriend broke up with her after 24 hours, she peed her pants the very first show she played with her band (she was 12), she'd like to be a make up artist if she wasn't a singer, she took up ballet when she was 6 and when she's 18 she wants to get a tattoo of a skull that says 'underneath we're all the same'. I was always a fan of Jena but this performance made me want to see her taking home the crown. She's such a fantastic performer, passionate, unique and more importantly, an amazing singer. I can't wait to see how her debut sounds like. Keith loves her fearlessness and her boldness. He loved how she owned the song.

  1. Jena Irene
  2. Alex Preston
  3. Jessica Meuse
  4. Sam Woolf
  5. Caleb Johnson
  6. C.J. Harris
  7. Dexter Roberts

Bottom 2:

Jessica Meuse
Dexter Roberts


Dexter Roberts

Finally, Dexter is heading back to Alabama. The guy had some nice performances, when he sang ballads, but for the rest of his run, he was simply a competent karaoke singer. Not gonna miss him at all.

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