The remaining half of the top 16 was reduced to just 10 last week after Remy, Michelle and Sarah were eliminated. I was a little bit disappointed to see the latter two leaving, feeling like Paddy Molloy who received the viewers' lifeline was very lucky to do so. As our top 10 perform, who will make it into the Top 6?

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Team Bressie

Jamie Stanton

  photo JamieStanton.png 

'Place Your Hands' by Reef - 7/10 - I'm beginning to get a little bored of Jamie, he gives competent performances but it feels like we're hearing the same from him every week, there's not really any variety to him, I was hoping we might see him singing something more stripped back and emotive but no, it's the similar sort of rock song we have seen every week. I don't necessarily blame him, Bressie is most likely responsible for the song choices and we know what Bressie is like when it comes to song choices but at the same time, there's no real growth from Jamie in the competition. I'm a little bit tired of him performing the same style of song every week.

Brendan McCahey

 photo BrendanMcCahey.png

'For Once In My Life' by Stevie Wonder - 8/10 - Brendan I'm afraid is beginning to become a bit like Jamie too, he's a great singer and although he's finally not singing a ballad, I still find this performance a bit safe and pedestrian. Brendan has a really strong voice, we established that in Week 1 so I'm not sure why Bressie insists on giving him songs that just don't stand out, it was sang brilliantly but it had no star quality nor didn't really allow him to command the stage. Brendan was better than the song in my opinion.

Team Jamelia

Gavin Murray

  photo GavinMurray.png 

'Let Me Love You' by Mario - 7.5/10 - On the plus side, this is the best that I think we have heard Gavin sing in the entire live shows. For once, I don't think the performance side of things overtook him and he gave a solid vocal. The downside is that, it was just that, a solid vocal. I like that song but I don't know, it's not particularly memorable, it doesn't really go anywhere unfortunately. I like him as a guy and he is a decent performer but ironically by stripping things back and letting the vocals do the talking, Gavin's personality has been hidden meaning the performance is a competent but relatively middle of the road rendition of the song. Props for definitely improving however.

Laura-May Lenehan

  photo LauraMayLenehan.png  
'Addicted To You' by Avicii - 9/10 - Laura May is fantastic, she's vocally one of the strongest singers in the competition and so far, she has proven that she has the potential to be a successful commercial pop artist. All we haven't really seen from her bar the brief clips of her rehearsing her Battle Round song has been an upbeat song. And this week she's finally delivering one, an Avicii track with silky, bluesy vocals. I actually love this for Laura, it's quite sophisticated and pure and she nails it, I was worried that she wouldn't cope with having to give a performance but she really took the bull by the horns and gave it her all and I was really impressed with the result. Great performance by Laura, I stand by what I said, I think she's a very likely winner and I can't see her having any issues getting through tonight.

Aisling Connolly

  photo AislingConnolly.png 

'Time After Time' by Cyndi Lauper - 7.5/10 - Aisling has been fantastic so far, she has been a surprise as I didn't really rate her that much until her first live show performance. However, I was hoping for something more resembling that style this week so the choice of this Cyndi Lauper class although nice isn't exactly what I was expecting. The song is pretty nice, she sings it fairly well, there's a few pitch issues but nothing major, probably just a little case of nerves. I don't think she seems as comfortable on stage this week but it's still a solid performance, probably on par with most of the performances tonight bar Laura May. I'm stunned that the coaches are so harsh, especially Dolores, I thought it was fine?

Team Kian

Paddy Molloy

 photo PaddyMolloy.png

'One Day' by Kodaline - 6/10 - I was a bit shocked that Paddy got the wildcard last week considering how strong Sarah and Michelle both were but then again, the same happened with the oft-criticized Shane last year and Paddy, like Shane is from Donegal, a county famous for getting behind its' own. There's no denying that there is something likeable and charismatic about Paddy but he's vocally the weakest person left in the competition. I love the song he's singing this week but I'm not crazy about his performance of it, I don't think he really captures the emotion of it nor does he do it justice vocally, it's a bit all over the place at times, starts of kind of pitchy, doesn't really hit the high notes and the vocals just aren't great. 

Danica Holland

  photo DanicaHolland.png 

'Lady Marmalade' by Labelle/Christina Aguilera - 9/10 - Well although Danica is singing another Christina Aguilera song, it's good to see her doing an upbeat song that isn't totally wrong for her. I was a little bit sceptical after that Lady Gaga song in the first live show she did but this is way better, it fits her massive range as she's able to belt but it also allows her to show off her soulful tone at the same time. A really impressive performance from Danica, she certainly knows how to give a performance and still wow vocally. Hopefully she gets the votes because she deserves it.

Jay Boland

  photo JayBoland.png 

'All Of You' by John Legend - 8.5/10 - Jay is an odd one, he's a really good singer but this is the first time I think he has been able to capture the potential I saw in his first blind audition. Last week he came close but didn't really connect with the emotion of the song, I love this song and Kian has picked the perfect song for his voice. He has quite a soulful, bluesy feel to his voice and although the song doesn't really have a moment as such, it's still a very good performance, I'm impressed by Jay. I also think Jamelia and Bressie are a bit harsh on him, I liked his performance and didn't think it was too safe or too similar to previous performances.

Team Dolores

Kellie Lewis

  photo KellieLewis.png  

'Do I Wanna Know' by The Arctic Monkeys - 8/10 - I really liked this performance from Kellie, last week felt like a little bit of a step back from the previous performances but she's back to her best with this. I love this song a lot, it's one of my favourite Arctic Monkeys songs and I just love not just her tone but her performance style, she's really unique. Dolores has hit the nail on the head with this performance, it's a fantastic song choice for her and she absolutely nails the vocals, I really like Kellie and hope she makes the semi-finals after that.

Mariah Butler

  photo MariahButler.png 

'Paradise City' by Guns N Roses - 8.5/10 - What I love about Mariah is how fearless she is. Despite being a country act, she really takes everything Dolores gives her and gives it her own country spin, this feels a little bit too rocky for her and isn't as good as last week's performance but I love the country flavour of her voice, Mariah has a lot of potential and I think she could definitely sell records, country music is pretty well liked in Ireland compared to the rest of the UK and Mariah is more original than a lot of the faces of Irish country at the moment, it'll be a shock if she misses out.

  1. Laura May Lenehan
  2. Danica Holland
  3. Jay Boland
  4. Mariah Butler
  5. Kellie Lewis
  6. Brendan McCahey
  7. Gavin Murray
  8. Aisling Connolly
  9. Jamie Stanton
  10. Paddy Molloy

Through To Semi Finals:

Laura May Lenehan
Kellie Lewis
Brendan Mc Cahey
Jamie Stanton
Jay Boland
Paddy Molloy 


Aisling Connolly
Gavin Murray
Mariah Butler
Danica Holland

What? Paddy and Jamie through and Mariah and Danica gone, really? The public never fail to surprise me, for me, both Jamie and Paddy gave weak performances tonight so I'm shocked that they have made it through over two of the strongest performers of the night, Mariah and Danica. Hopefully the final will be Jay, Brendan, Laura May and Kellie.
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