Last week saw a trio of girls leave as Laura, Ciara and Emma left with Gavin getting the lifeline. This week, the other half of the Top 16 performs and another three acts will be shown the door leading the way to our Top 10 for the quarter finals next week.

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Team Jamelia

Remy Naidoo

  photo RemyNaidoo.png 

'Rather Be' by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne - 6/10 - What is it with the song choices for some of the stronger female singers this year? Danica was given a terrible song a few weeks ago, Daisy was given Lady Gaga and now Remy is doing a song that is way below her. She's a really good singer in fairness, and this song just isn't doing her justice. The band's arrangement of the song is very lackluster and it does nothing to help her stand out. Vocally, it's a let down, she's quite pitchy, mainly because it's all too much dance and not enough vocals and the dancers don't really blend with the rest of the performance, she looks a bit overwhelmed by everything. I'm disappointed, Remy has so much potential but she needs stronger song choices.
Remy gets 20 out of 30 (7,6,7)

Laura-May Lenehan

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'Little Things' by One Direction - 8.5/10 - Another slightly disappointing song choice if I'm being honest, I love Laura's voice but this song choice just makes me cringe. She actually does a really good job with the track, her voice adds a bit of a celtic element to the song which is quite refreshing and although the track has literally no moments, it actually shows just how strong a vocalist she is. She's able to stand out even though the track isn't full of massive notes, her control is extremely smooth and professional. I would like to see her singing something upbeat next week just to show that she's versatile but there's no way she'll go home tonight, I still reckon she has a good chance of winning the entire competition right now.
Laura-May gets 25 out of 30 (8,8,9)

Team Dolores

Kellie Lewis

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'Edge Of Seventeen' by Stevie Nicks - 7.5/10 - Love this song, would not have immediately linked it to Kellie if I'm being totally truthful. I see her as having quite a sweet, melodic quirky voice so a more rocky song doesn't necessarily feel like totally Kellie for me. That said, she's a captivating performer, I love show she just loses herself in the song and almost floats around the stage. She's a really good vocalist, the vocals aren't spot on but they're not bad, a few notes aren't quite perfect but she does a good job. I'd love to see her singing something really quirky like 'Almost Lover' by A Fine Frenzy or even a Regina Spektor song next week if she gets through. She's probably my favourite act on Team Dolores so she deserves great song choices in order to get her as far as possible.
Kellie gets 21 out of 30 (7,7,7)

Michelle Revins

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'Mad World' by Tears For Fears - 9/10 - Michelle is an unbelievably talented singer, she has such a unique tone, I love her phrasing, her ability to connect with the song and her ability to lose herself in performances that she gives. Her dark performances are definitely very marmite but I'm very much in the 'love' camp, she's a great singer, a really great singer in fact. I don't think that the coaches are fair, 7 isn't a bad score at all but this performance was exceptional, I loved it so much. It reminded me of Aiden Grimshaw's performance of the song on X Factor UK. Although I preferred Michelle this time around, it's literally so close between her and Kellie and I think both of them deserve to go, fingers crossed the lifeline saves them both.
Michelle gets 21 out of 30 (7,7,7)

Team Kian

Paddy Molloy

  photo PaddyMolloy.png

'Wild Heart' by The Vamps - 6.5/10 - Paddy is a good singer, not a great singer but a good singer all the same. I wasn't a massive fan of his last performance, he sang the song well but the song itself was rather boring. This week's song is a little more lively and I like how he plays the guitar but honestly, his vocals are sounding pretty dire tonight. He's very pitchy on a lot of the performance, only marginally above Remy for me and whereas I think the song screwed her over, I just think his vocals are letting him down badly. He can interact with the audience and get them on side but he sacrifices that for rather inconsistent vocals. It's not a total disaster but it's not great.
Paddy gets 20 out of 30 (7,6,7)

Danica Holland

  photo DanicaHolland.png 

'Hurt' by Christina Aguilera - 9.5/10 - Danica just about narrowly avoided being eliminated two weeks ago after a poor song choice by Kian and some rather erotic dancing from the backing dancers which apparently prompted members of the audience to walk out. Hopefully this week's performance won't be quite as dramatic. Wow, looks like she has pulled a Kelly (meaning Kelly Mongan from last year who gave an amazing comeback performance in her second live show), this is an awesome song choice for Danica and she is nailing it. I have never heard her singing so well, she sounds brilliant on the song and her tone is gorgeous, I particularly love her ability to belt then go straight down to full voice without it sounding strained. A really strong vocal performance from Danica, perhaps one of the performances of the series. 
Danica gets 26 out of 30 (9,8,9)

Team Bressie

Sarah Sylvia

  photo SarahSylvia.png 

'Street Spirit (Fade Out)' by Radiohead - 9/10 - Great performance from Sarah tonight, it's a slightly strange song choice, definitely not one that I would have automatically thought of but she does a great job with it and really makes the song her own. Radiohead are a great band with some great songs, I would have liked to have seen her singing some of their other tracks, perhaps Fake Plastic Trees moreso than this but she still does a fantastic job. I'll be gutted if Sarah loses out, she's such a unique singe and she would fit into the quarter-finals really well.
Sarah gets 24 out of 30 (8,8,8)

Jamie Stanton

  photo JamieStanton.png

'What Makes A Good Man' by The Heavy - 7.5/10 - After a fantastic performance two weeks ago, this seems like a step back from Jamie, it's not that it isn't good, it's a good performance but I feel like he came across as more than just a generic rock singer when he tore 'Don't Wanna Be' to shreds but this, although good feels somewhat predictable and generic. It's just a bit of a standard rock song and his vocals are no better or worse than any other rocker is likely to be on this song. I think the song itself doesn't really have a stand out moment which is the issue, there's nothing about the song that really blows me away. It's just a bit middle of the road.
Jamie gets 24 out of 30 (8,8,8)


Through To Quarter Finals:

Laura May Lenehan
Kellie Lewis
Danica Holland
Jamie Stanton
Paddy Molloy (Lifeline)


Remy Naidoo
Michelle Revins
Sarah Sylvia
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