So who would have thought it, it's now the final of The Voice Of Ireland, a few months later and we now have just four acts remaining and pretty soon, Universal Ireland will have one extra artist on their label. Will it be country singer Jim Devine from Team Kian, rocker Pat Byrne from Bressie's team, opera singer Vanessa from Sharon's team or Brian's resident crooner Richie Hayes? We don't have long to wait until one of the four is crowned the winner. Let the night begin!

Recap after the JUMP ...


Pat Byrne

'The River' (Bruce Springsteen) - 8.5/10 - I wasn't always Pat's biggest fan, I've felt like he has been playing catch-up with Conor throughout the competition and if you ask me, I felt like Conor was the worthy winner overall so was disappointed that he didn't get through. However, Pat has definitely been a good performer and has always given solid performances, if not showstopping. This was probably my favourite of his so far, it was a lovely performance, definitely an improvement on his audition performance of the song, not the best act the competition has had but he definitely showed me tonight why he's in the final.

Jim Devine

I'm Already There (Garth Brooks) - 6.5/10 - I'm not a big fan of Jim, he has an alright voice but for me, he lacks something exciting or different, he is just a nice singer that you might take your granny to see in concert, I honestly don't see him selling out arenas or selling CD's by the bucket load. This vocal is nice but I don't feel like he has really progressed at all from the start, he's good but his vocals aren't any different to how they were on the song when he first sung it so it feels like he hasn't really progressed much in the competition. Nice enough vocals, just not sure if he has the potential to win.

Vanessa Whelan

'Rule The World' (Take That) - 10/10 - Vanessa is singing her Blind Audition song, a real twist on a classic pop song with her absolutely divine opera vocals. Like all other acts, she is joined onstage by her coach Sharon but it's all about Vanessa herself, she has an amazing voice and an amazing talent and it's no wonder that she is standing on the stage as she probably has the best voice left in the competition. This is my favourite performance so far, such an amazing vocal and such a great take on a song that isn't opera.

Richie Hayes

'What About Me' (Shannon Noll) - 7.5/10 - Richie has a nice voice, it's all a bit cabaret for my liking but he does have a good connection with the songs he sings on an emotional level to be fair. With that said, whilst I do enjoy this, I feel like Vanessa and Pat are on a much higher level than the other two who have good voices but aren't as good as some of the acts who they beat to get to this stage in my humble opinion. I like this performance but I feel like Pat and Vanessa have beat Richie.


4th - Jim Devine
3rd - Vanessa Whelan
2nd - Richie Hayes
1st - Pat Byrne

So it's Pat who is the winner, I can't say I'm surprised although I expected it to be him and Vanessa not him and Richie in the last two, in my opinion, this has been an okay series, it started off well but a combination of poor public voting which was heavily against regions and genders has lead to maybe not the greatest of finishes. There is no denying that Pat is talented but for me, some of the best in the competition including Sinead, Conor and Nollaig had a raw deal. If the show returns next year, I'd like to see maybe at least one change in coaches but let's see.

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