It took quite a while but almost two months after it aired, I finally wrote the final recap of the season! Four contestants, Mary N'diaye, Elie Bauduin, Nicole Sabouné and Clara Sagström, three of them great ones, left the show last week, leaving Ulf, Dennis, Mojo and Ninni to battle for the crow. Who'll be The Voice Sverige winner?! ... This is The Voice!

Recap after the JUMP ...


Duet with Petter - Gör min dag - 8/10 - Rocker/rapper duet. That's gotta work I guess, that's if the rocker doesn't try to be a rapper. And that's exactly what happened. Ulf tried to emulate Petter's singing style and it really didn't work. He looked weird while doing it but surprisingly, the duo made up a really entertaining performance. - VIDEO

I let the angels see me home (Ulf Nilsson) - 8/10 -
Thank god! Ulf isn't going for the rocker, instead, his debut single is a heartfelt acoustic track with a very country feel, much in the vibe of "My my, hey hey" a performance that made me consider him as a real contender. The start was a bit lackluster but it heated up towards the middle. The harmonica was a beautiful touch also. - VIDEO


Duet with Ola - Rock and roll all nite - 3/10 -  This was quite awful if I'm being honest. I really didn't want to see Ola half naked, still, I'm glad it wasn't Mojo the half naked one. I never thought Ola was such a bad singer, guess he's the perfect match for Mojo. Both are incredibly awful. - VIDEO

I just can't get enough (Mojo Nilsson) - 6/10 -
Not such a bad song as I was expecting it to be. It definitely has the rock vibe he's been pursing the whole season. I still don't like the guy, there's something about his voice and look that just don't scream popstar to me. He's a very average singer overall. - VIDEO


Duet with Carola - Hallelujah - 9/10 - Definitely the best duet I've seen tonight. Dennis's quirky tone adds a nice touch to this song, which has been overdone in this shows and Carola ain't half bad. Honestly, I was expecting her to be worse but I was impressed by her.  - VIDEO

Charm the angels (Dennis Camitz) - 10/10 - Just amazing! This is exactly what I was expecting to hear from Dennis, if not better. There was an emotional connection with it and the lyrics were quite great, I wonder if he wrote it, it seems so. The guitar added a nice touch also and the staging really made the song look better. I'm looking forward to his album. He needs to release one.  - VIDEO


Duet with Uggla - Du och jag mot hela världen  - 7/10 - I really didn't know that Magnus was a singer, he's definitely interesting but a bit old fashioned. It pisses me how far Ninni has got in this competition, she's a decent singer but there's no doubt she only got here cause she's pregnant. This was nice, nothing really special. - VIDEO

Living in the house of love (Ninni Bautista) - 6/10 - This is very disco driven. It felt like something from the 80s and if this is the road Ninni is planning to take when this is over, I don't really see such a bright future ahead of her. - VIDEO



Ulf Nilsson

 I'm not entirely surprised by this results, I'm just upset Dennis didn't win. Glad it wasn't Mojo or Ninni though, who definitely didn't deserve it, but Ulf strikes me as a boring winner. His debut single is good but not as great as Dennis's. However, considering how bad was this top 4, with the exception of Dennis, The Voice Sverige got itself an average winner who will at least sell some records.
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