The Puerto Rican singer René Pérez, who calls himself Residente, member of the duo of half brothers Calle 13 has offended various Latin American countries presidents during the Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica, held in Los Angeles. The most offending thing was that Residente wore a t-shirt which said 'Uribe paramilitar' and 'Bases'/Military bases , claiming that Uribe is part of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, commonly refered to as the guerrillas.
The colombian foreign minister said after the show: 'El mensaje presenta un contenido ofensivo y calumnioso en contra del presidente de los colombianos, lo cual constituye un agravio para su buen nombre e investidura y además es un irrespeto a la dignidad de nuestros connacionales'/The message presents an offensive and difamating content against the colombian president, which is an offense to his good name and it is also a disrespect to the dignity of our compatriots.
During the show he also attacked other presidents such as argentinian president Cristina Fernández Kirchner, who was said by Residente to leave botox, and also against venezuelan president Hugo Chavez who was nominated by his t-shirt as 'Chavez nominado a mejor artista Pop'/Chavez Nominated as Best Pop artist.

Trying not to exclude anyone he finally attacked his own president Luis Fortuño, who was that same day fighting against a strike against mass layoffs, saying this: 'Hoy los puertorriqueños marcharon contra el desempleo, porque el Gobernador de Puerto Rico los dejó sin trabajo y el gobernador de Puerto Rico es un hijo de la gran puta'/Today the Puerto Ricans march against unemployment, because the president of Puerto Rico leave them without job and the president of Puerto Rico is a son of a bitch.
Fortuño answered 'Este individuo le faltó el respeto a todas las mujeres puertorriqueñas, a todas las madres puertorriqueñas y al pueblo puertorriqueño en general'/This person disrespected all the Puerto Rican women, all the Puerto Rican mothers and the Puerto Rican people in general. The concert scheduled to be held in that city was canceled by obvious reasons.
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