Her long awaited album, All I Want is Everything, which was intended for an early 2009 release, has been put aside for months by her record label. Near the end of 2008, it was rumored that JoJo left her record label and signed to Interscope Records to have her album released . Then, in early 2009, JoJo denied this rumor, and said she is still on Blackground Records. She said while on 'music limbo' : 'I don't know what my other options are, I don't wanna keep my fans waiting, I don't wanna keep my family, my friends and myself waiting.' She has waited almost 2 years to get her record released and now she has decided to sue her label. She is asking to be released from Da Family Records and to receive $500,000 for her troubles. A deal was reached in late September 2009. In the last days, it was reached that Blackground Records will be partnering with Interscope to distribute JoJo's new album. So it should be on stores in the next weeks.
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