Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen

The winner's debut and lead single of his upcoming album. It was released on iTunes on September 25 and it will be fisicaly on November 17. So far it has peaked the 89 position on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is a cover from The Script's one but it's better. We all expected a soft ballad from Kris but this potential pop rock hit took us by surprise. Kris album will be definitely great.

Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert

Surprisingly finishing as the runner-up, this is his first release since Idol's 'No Boundries'. It was released on October 16 via Amazon. The song will act as the soundtrack of the upcoming film 2012. Although it is a huge song, Adam confirmed it won't be the lead single of his album. As all apocaliptical soundtracks, this song has very strong vocals and it makes us feel how the people are feeling. The suffering in Adam's voice succeeds in conveying the suffering from the movie. I can't wait to have his album!!

Friday I'll be Over You - Allison Iraheta

It's the first single from her debut album, Just Like You. It was written and produced by Swedish songwriter Max Martin. The single was released to radio stations on Monday, October 5 and will be officially released through digital distribution on November 3. As she make it clear on the show, this song is a pop rock song, it makes us remember Kelly Clarkson but with a much deeper voice. With this song we get to see what the album will be all about.

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