Sober - P!nk

The second single taken from her fifth studio album, Funhouse. It was written by Nate "Danja" Hills, Kara DioGuardi, 333 Productions, Marcella Araica and Pink herself. Pink wrote this song at a party hosted at her home, where everyone was drunk or drinking except for her, and she wanted them all to leave. She went to the beach and had a line in her head saying 'How do I feel so good sober?'. Eventually it had nothing to do with alcohol but with identities. 'How do I feel so good with just me, without anyone to lean on?', Pink says in an interview. She also stated that the song was one of the darkest she wrote for the album. 'Sober is a dark, kind of sad song. And it's about the vices that we choose and I had this idea in my head, 'Like how do I feel this good sober?...I don't know it's just a really, really personal beautiful song, one of my favorites…'. The song is a massive rock song, I would say one of Pink's best songs. The lyrics are so meaningful and her voice is better than we are accustomed to.

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