Girl group Trill was, predictably, the first act to be eliminated. Tonight, the contestants will be taking on songs from the biggest stars in the world and when it all ends, only 11 will remain … Who’ll be going home?

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"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" - 5,5/10 - Their take on “Braveheart” was last week’s biggest revelation, so the expectations are higher than ever for them. Unfortunately, they proved to be too high. The song choice didn’t do them any favours and Serenity wasn’t helping either. Her initial rap was phenomenal but when the chorus began, she kept rapping when she should’ve tried to harmonize with the others, which made the performance sound weird, as if something wasn’t jelling. This is exactly the type of performance that sends you to the B2.

Adrien Nookadu

"Like I Love You" - 4,5/10 - Being in the B2 last week was the worst feeling he’s ever had. He’s singing, rapping and dancing this time. Poor Adrien, Nat is making him do too much, more than he can. The performance was messy and I didn’t love the singing nor the rapping. Maybe it’s because the song isn’t particularly great. The dancing was pretty good but this ain’t So You Think You Can Dance.

Sydnee Carter

"Live and Let Die" - 6/10 - Last week’s performance was vocally great but it fell on the boring side. When Ronan asks her if she knows this song, she says of course she does. She doesn’t. Haha. This is a nice change of pace but not one that suits her. The verses were adorable but she looked very lost during the chorus, as if she didn’t know what to do. Nat was so right, it was too rocky for her.

Rochelle Pitt

"Gimme Shelter" - 9/10 - Foo wants to give her some edge, which I guess is something this song could very well do. I’ve to admit, he’s impressing me with his choices, I expected her to be the typical diva but they’ve proven me wrong. This was a phenomenal performance, vocally spotless, she looked every bit the star. It was pretty epic indeed.

Reigan Derry

"Toxic" - 9/10 - She’s still finding sand in random places. Haha.  She’s floating around the stage this week, which creates a wonderfully eerie view. I’m really amazed by what I’m witnessing. Not only it is visually stunning but her vocals were so magnificent. I was completely enchanted by it. Props to Reigan, she definitely topped last week’s sand storm. And props to Foo, his Overs are on fire this week.

Dean Ray

"Janie's Got a Gun" - 7,5/10 - He wasn’t sold on the song initially, which makes little sense since it fits him perfectly. I’m also glad Nat didn’t give him the obvious Aerosmith song, that would’ve been an utter mess. This wasn’t as great as what he did last week, his voice got lost a few times, but other than that, I can’t fault Dean, he’s such a captivating performer.

Younger Than Yesterday

"One Way or Another" - 2/10 - They think this song is absolutely perfect for them. I regret to inform them it’s not. Their singing leaves a lot to be desired, it’s so boy band vanilla. Being cute can only get you so far, is their luck about to run out?

Marlisa Punzalan

"Paparazzi" - 4/10 - She was rather sick this week so she couldn’t rehearse as much as the others. The sickness is rather obvious, she’s lacking energy and her voice is fading. On top of that, she completely botched the big note. I did like the arrangement, if only her voice had done it justice.
Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Blaze of Glory" - 7/10 - Giving her a Bon Jovi song was a clever move. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either. My problem is her voice felt overly country at times. She’s a likeable girl but she’s becoming quite predictable, I just don’t see what she’s bringing to the table.


"Hey Jude" - 6,5/10 - Way more restrained than what he did last week and just like that, he’s already improved on his last performance. The chorus was so unnecessary. Tee tends to get shouty which kinda ruins it for me, he’s a great singer, but sometimes, less is more. That’s a lesson he needs to learn.

Jason Heerah

"Working Day and Night" - 8/10 - I’m still not sold on Jason. He just doesn’t seem someone who could be commercially successful. Despite that major issue, this was actually an awesome performance. It was funky and incredibly entertaining, I’ve no doubt it would’ve gotten a room on their feet, and his vocals were pretty impressing, much better than last week.

Brothers 3

"Always on My Mind" - 2,5/10 - As usual, lovely harmonies, but so damn boring! I really don’t know what else to say about them. The one in the middle is clearly the better singer. They could also tone down the hand movements, they look so cheesy, especially the brown haired guy.


  1. Reigan Derry
  2. Rochelle Pitt
  3. Jason Heerah
  4. Dean Ray
  5.  Caitlyn Shadbolt
  6. Tee
  7.  Sydnee Carter
  8. XOX
  9.  Adrien Nookadu
  10.  Marlisa Punzalan
  11. Brothers3
  12.  Younger Than Yesterday

Ella Henderson 


Younger Than Yesterday

XOX - "Nobody is Perfect" - This wasn't a strong performance. Letting Tahnie have her moment to shine at this particular time was such an awful move. The girl is the weakest of the four and her solo lines were overly flat. Thank god YTY is even worse cause this would've sent them home any other week.

YTY - "On Top of the World" - A good song choice but a disastrous delivery. I don't see why the judges would want to keep them.

Redfoo sends YTY home.
Ronan sends YTY home.
Nat sends YTY home.



Finally! They lasted two weeks longer than they should have. That's what happens when you put through a group only based on looks and to get the teen vote. I expect them to disband and honestly, they'll be making us all a favour.

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