The Voice Au may have started with 16 promising finalists but in the end, it all crashed and burnt, with Anja Nissen crowned the winner, certainly the lesser evil out of the Top 4. So let's hope the 6th season of the XF doesn't face the same fate. Same judging panel, same host, 13 new faces. Who'll be Dami Im's successor?

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So Nat has the Boys, Ronan has the Girls, Foo the Overs and Dannii is mentoring the Groups. This year a wildcard is joining the Top 12, leaving us with a Top 13. And if you hadn't already guessed it, yes, the most unexciting act was chosen!

Jason Heerah

"Sing" - 5/10 - Jason's a soulful guy with a strong set of pipes but with a surprisingly weak falsetto, so I'm scratching my head at this song choice. The "rapping" didn't seem to be working either, it wasn't believable, which is also my basic issue with Jason, I don't believe him when he performs.


"Love Me Again" - 5,5/10 - He's returned for a second go at fame. He's promised no more tears, let's see how much that lasts, I give him a week. His voice isn't that different from Jason's, though Tee's is more suited for this type of big songs. Despite how fitting this was, he sounded very forced which he really didn't need. Had he been more natural, the performance would have been way more enjoyable.

Sydnee Carter

"Don't Panic" - 6,5/10 - Thankfully, Ronan didn't gave her the obvious "Fix You". I really love Sydnee's tone, it's right up my alley and it does wonders with this song. Unfortunately, she didn't leave a big enough mark this week. It didn't really go anywhere, it was so soothing that it almost became forgettable.

Younger Than Yesterday

"Somebody to You" - 3/10 - This is one of the year's manufactured groups. They are basically, Australia's answer to 1D, like their third one if I'm not wrong, The Collective and What About Tonight failed attempts at that. This trio isn't particularly good either. They've got a stupid name, cute faces and decent voices, so I guess they can succeed. Hated the song choice and hated the singing, not a single redeeming aspect about this performance.

Rochelle Pitt

"History Repeating" - 6/10 - She likes the name "miva". It's part mom, part diva. Well, this was an odd performance. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. Something was certainly off and I can't point what. I noticed several issues vocally, which felt as if she had ran out of breath. I still like Rochelle and I'm glad she's not singing Whitney Houston at least.


"I Will Never Let You Down" - 5/10 - This song should've worked but unfortunately, it didn't. I was loving what they were giving us with the verses but then the chorus kicked in and it all started to go downhill. That has to be the weakest sounding chorus ever. It didn't belong with the song and just derailed the girl's every effort to put the performance back on track. And what the hell was that staging?!

Adrien Nookadu

"Stupid Love" - 6/10 - He's singing while dancing which is understandably messing up with his vocals. The falsetto was awful and ending on it was a huge mistake. I like Adrien's tone though and his performance was pretty entertaining so he gets a pass.

Marlisa Punzalan

"All By Myself" - 6,5/10 - According to Ronan, she's one of the greatest singers in this competition, if not ever. First hyperbole of the season! What a gross song choice. I might hate Ronan but I admit he's not the worst mentor. But then he goes and does this. This is not right for a 14 y/o, at least not for a girl like Marlisa, who clearly lacks personality. Vocally it was strong but karaoke strong. She needs to bring some life to her eyes if she wants me to believe her. Her best was the Jessica Mauboy tune, can she please go back to that?

Brothers 3

"Just the Way You Are" - 3,5/10 - One of them wants to give Australia a massive hug but his arms aren't long enough! (insert sad face here). They are called Shardyn, Tayzin and Makirum, which have to be the worst names ever. I really can't stand them, way too cheesy for my taste. They aren't what you'd call awful but their every performance sounds the same.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Days Go By" - 6,5/10 - Where did she come from? I've no recollections of her before JH in which she ruined "Skycraper". She's the typical country gal, which is indeed quite rare in Australian singing competitions. This is actually not bad at all, maybe a tad forgettable, but she certainly has a charming stage presence, one that will certainly get her votes.


"Braveheart" - 7,5/10 - The girls are the other manufactured group. Not a fan of the name but certainly their fan. To me, their JH performance was one of the best, second to Reigan's. My worry is that one of them will leave the group shortly after the season ends, like it happened with Kelebek and Third Degree. Hopefully they'll stick together cause they definitely work as a group. This was the first performance of the night that got me excited. They are certainly miles ahead of their competition. It was explosive, fierce and perfectly executed.

Dean Ray

"Sympathy for the Devil" - 7/10 - He's just trying to be weird, right? In spite of his act, I've liked Dean since his awesome first audition with "Bette Davis Eyes". This is an equally captivating performance. There's this magnetic presence when he's on stage and he's got a rock solid voice. Dean's the potential to go far if he doesn't alienate the audience with his personality, which I believe he won't.

Reigan Derry

"Unconditionally" - 8/10 - She was a finalist on Australian Idol S4, same season Jessica Mauboy was in, and finished in 11th place. Hard to understand, right? Reigan is an awesome musician, constantly delivering the best performances of the night. Today is no exception. The fact Foo is her mentor has me worried since he was responsible for ruining Joelle and Jiordan last season. Him giving Reigan this song didn't help either but she certainly delivered, sounding and looking every bit the star she's meant to be.


  1. Reigan Derry
  2. XOX
  3. Dean Ray
  4.  Sydnee Carter
  5.  Marlisa Punzalan
  6.  Caitlyn Shadbolt
  7.  Adrien Nookadu
  8. Rochelle Pitt
  9. Tee
  10. Trill
  11. Jason Heerah
  12. Brothers3
  13.  Younger Than Yesterday

Jason Herrah/Rochelle Pitt/Trill


Top 13

Dami Im's awesome "Gladiator"


Adrien Nookadu

Guy Sebastian
"Come Home With Me"

Trill - "Leave (Get Out)" - This is a stronger showing of what the girls can actually do. They've got so much swag and their previous performance just wasn't showing it. This isn't them at 100% though, I guess we can blame nerves for that.

Adrien Nookadu - "When I Was Your Man" - He's got such a gorgeous tone. His problem is his inability to deliver consecutive strong performances. JH was already pretty awful and last night wasn't any better. This was ok but maybe it wasn't the right song.

I think I'd prefer the public deciding tonight. I like the girls but I also love Adrien's tone. But letting the public decide probably means the girls will be sent packing.

Redfoo sends Trill home.
Dannii sends Adrien home.
Nat sends Trill home.
Ronan sends Trill home.



And we're off to an awful start. When Ronan said he wasn't voting strategically, it became obvious he was gonna vote strategically. It's such a shame. Girl groups always struggle, especially when they've got as much swag as this girls. Remember Adira-Belle?  First out last year. A better song choice could have made the difference, I'll miss them actually.

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