Nat lost her first act when Adrien Nookadu got the boot after facing Sydnee last week. 10 remain now and as usual, they'll be taking on Top 10 Hits! Who'll fail to deliver?

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"Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)" - 5,5/10 - His stupid dance is apparently taking over the country. Tee's a good singer but this is rather forgettable. I really can't say more about the performance, the dancers around him were far more captivating than he was.

Rochelle Pitt

"Proud Mary" - 8/10 - She's a nurse. I didn't know that, or did I? I can't fault Rochelle and Foo for going the obvious route. It was gonna happen and I'm not mad it did. She can definitely pull off such an energetic diva number, her vocals were insane and while I found the hair distracting, you can't deny that that was outstanding.

Marlisa Punzalan

"It's Oh So Quiet" - 8/10 - Ronan wants us to believe Marlisa has a massive personality. Oh, Ronan, you make me laugh. Well, this is her best, for sure, but that's mostly because her previous songs have sucked so much. Marlisa does sell this quirky performance better than I thought she would and her vocals are impeccable. Props to her.

Reigan Derry

"Stay with Me" - 10/10 - Such a perfectly selected song for Reigan, I can already tell this will be a moment. Plus she's finally toning it down. It's just her beautiful voice and her piano, and it's absolutely gorgeous. This is seriously one of my favourite performances ever, I can't fault a thing. From the lighting, the staging, the vocals, everything was as it should.

Brothers 3

"Hey Brother" - 4/10 - They answer some online questions and look completely idiotic while doing so. One of them is playing the trumpet. This isn't as bad as what they've done before, vocally at least. The brown haired brother is so over the top. It annoying how cheesy that guy is. Can he please stop moving?

Dean Ray

"Mr. Brightside" - 8,5/10 - The beginning was fantastic, I kinda wish the whole thing would've sounded like that. My one issue is that every time he sings with a band on stage, his voice gets a bit lost. Either way, this was another awesome performance from Dean.

Sydnee Carter

"Say Something" - 8/10 - She got to meet her biggest inspiration this week, Gabrielle Aplin. She's gonna put what happened last week, being in the B2, behind her. Ronan finally gave her a good song. Sydnee's voice sounds lovely here, really heartfelt and passionate. This is her best to date.

Jason Heerah

"Higher Ground" - 6/10 - He's back on his drums this week. Foo is trying to make things exciting by making him fly. It's not working, maybe if the box had moved. Jason's vocals are ok but again, I'm  not impressed. Yeah, I get how hard it is to play drums and sing at the same time but it's just not doing it for me.


"Problem" - 6,5/10 - Great choice on paper but unfortunately, the girls couldn't deliver as I know they can. It was flat a few times, especially Nada and Tahnie, and while it massively improved towards the end, something wasn't working here for me. Props to Nada for hitting that massive note though.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Shake It Off" - 7/10 - Ok, for some reason, I expected this to be better. To be fair, Caitlyn did a respectable job with it, the performance was enjoyable and while her vocals left a lot to be desired, at least it didn't bore me like Jason did. I hate to admit it but she's got something special.


  1. Reigan Derry
  2. Dean Ray
  3. Sydnee Carter
  4.  Rochelle Pitt
  5. Marlisa Punzalan
  6. XOX
  7. Caitlyn Shadbolt
  8. Jason Heerah
  9. Tee
  10. Brothers3

Top 10
"Army Of Two"



XOX - "Suit & Tie" - I'm glad they are using Chaska. I never understood why Dannii seems to never use her. She's my favourite with that gorgeous sultry voice of hers. This is a great performance, much better than what they did last night without a doubt.

Tee - "When a Man Loves a Woman" - He certainly made an effort to deliver a passionate performance but the result was a shouty, over the top cover. Tee cannot tone it down apparently.

Ronan sends XOX home.
Redfoo sends XOX home.
Dannii sends Tee home.
Nat sends XOX home.



I'm so pissed they decided to keep Tee over XOX. Yeah, "Problem" wasn't great but that sing-off was so phenomenal. I don't get why people like Tee, he's a good singer but nothing more. The girls were interesting and brought something different to the competition. What is Tee bringing? His stupid dance?

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