Dannii lost another act last week, with two of her manufactured groups in the B2, Younger Than Yesterday and XOX, with the wannabe boy band sent home unanimously by the judges. This week, the Top 11 will be facing the decades challenge, in which each category is assigned a decade. The Girls have the 70s, the Boys the 80s, the Groups the 90s and the Overs have Now. Which acts will step up to the challenge?

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Brothers 3

"Happy Birthday Helen" - 2,5/10 - This is a classic Aussie pop rock anthem, according to Dannii. She wants the audience up on their feet, singing along. I can tell you that ain't happening. This is worse than usual. I'm not fond of this song, I've never heard it before but this is an experience I recommend no one. Their delivery is painful, it's as if they forgot how to sing, But they get a standing ovation. What a way to lose your credibility judges!

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Is She Really Going Out with Him?" - 5/10 - Since the girls are they youngest in the competition, she believes getting the decade from way back is a challenge. This wasn't a bad song choice but I didn't feel it was memorable enough. It was very laid back and while her vocals were ok, it did nothing for me. I'd be worried if I was in her shoes.

Rochelle Pitt

"Nothing's Real but Love" - 8/10 - I love this song and while nothing can compare to Rebecca's version, Rochelle's was indeed beautiful. To me, it lacked some of the pain Rebecca infuses it with. She delivered though, vocally it was spot on and you could really feel she believed every word she was uttering. 


"I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" - 7/10 - Performing before his mom was the best feeling. He's super excited to be getting an upbeat song and wants to get everyone dancing, though I'm not sure how he means to do that with this song. It's the type of music you put as background noise. His vocals are actually better than in the past, I actually enjoyed it this time. He needs to learn some subtlety though, to me, it's as if he's always trying too hard to impress.

Sydnee Carter

"Video Killed the Radio Star" - 7/10 - This week it's just Sydnee and her voice. Unfortunately, Ronan has no idea what to do with her. This is a nice song but one that goes nowhere, which has been the issue this past few weeks. Her tone sounds lovely here but there's zero momentum, which could put her in danger.

Adrien Nookadu

"I Just Can't Stop Loving You" - 4/10 - Another act that's just gonna be him and his voice. Unfortunately, Adrien isn't doing as well as Sydnee did. His song doesn't have momentum either and on top of that, his vocals are a complete mess. Adrien has really become the most disappointing act this year, hasn't he?


"Groove Is in the Heart" - 8/10 - Being in the B2 was terrifying. They deserved it though, that Katy Perry cover was bad. They are a lot better this time around. It shows the difference a good choice can do. Loved Serenity, as usual, such a magnetic performer! Nada and Chaska were also great but I think they'll be better off without Tahnie, she just isn't jelling with the other girls, plus isn't as strong vocally. Guess it's too late for that though.

Dean Ray

"Reckless"- 9/10 - This is the perfect song for Dean. It's got that mysterious, captivating vibe he exudes and the vocals were just priceless. His tone was so sublime, definitely my favourite performance of his, even with the tiny flaws Dannii pointed out. I really hope he at least makes the final, if he keeps this up, he surely will.

Reigan Derry

"Chandelier" - 8,5/10 - The song is so huge, she's genuinely scared. Sabrina Batshon, also a former Idol contestant, recently slayed this song on The Voice Au, which is one of the few things we can salvage from that season. There's a very elaborate human chandelier behind her. I've to say, Reigan always gets the best sets, props to whoever is doing them. Her performance isn't as explosive as Sabrina's but her take on the song is impressive either way. She hit every single note masterfully. We're looking at a true pro guys.

Marlisa Punzalan

"Hopelessly Devoted to You" - 7/10 - Marlisa doesn't know much about the 70s. She thinks they didn't have electricity back then. Oh dear. I'm not crazy about this performance, it all feels very dated. I know the girls are doing the oldest songs but none seemed able to make it sound current. Ronan's fault, obviously. Marlisa is a skilled singer but there's no depth to her performances. That's what she needs.

Jason Heerah

"Runaway Baby" - 6/10 - This is his son's favourite Bruno Mars' track. I'm ready to declare Jason is just another great karaoke singer. His performances aren't distinct and he basically sounds the same every week. I'm entertained while I'm seeing him perform but as soon as he's done, I forget about him. He will be leaving us in the next weeks unless he does something drastic.


  1. Dean Ray
  2. Reigan Derry
  3. Rochelle Pitt
  4. XOX
  5.  Sydnee Carter
  6. Tee
  7.  Marlisa Punzalan
  8. Jason Heerah
  9.  Caitlyn Shadbolt
  10.  Adrien Nookadu
  11. Brothers3

Top 11
"Boom Clap"


Sydnee Carter
Adrien Nookadu

Sydnee Carter - "Hey Ya" - This is the type of performances she should be giving us. Ronan has no idea what to do with her so maybe Sydnee should get to pick her own songs. This is her best since her audition. Wonderful vocals, actually one of my favourite performances of this series.

Adrien Nookadu - "I Can't Make You Love Me" - Adrien sounds better than he's done for weeks. This is a lovely cover, the guy that gave us such a wonderful audition weeks ago. Had he done more of this, he wouldn't be in this position. Unfortunately, it wasn't as perfect as Sydnee's. His voice cracked a few times and he hit some bum notes here and there.

Ronan sends Adrien home.
Nat sends Sydnee home.
Redfoo sends Adrien home.
Dannii sends Sydnee home.

Eliminated (via deadlock):

Adrien Nookadu

I've mixed feelings about this. Adrien has been an absolute mess during the liveshows and he did deserve to leave but his tone was so sweet and with more work he could've improved. There are acts I'd send home before him, Jason and Brothers 3, for example. I'm glad Sydnee stayed though, she was amazing tonight, and hopefully, she can do that again next week.
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