Rochelle Pitt was sent home last week, after the judges failed to reach a decision and we went to deadlock. Tonight, the judges have chosen song for each other’s contestants. Will they play it strategically? Or will they pick the best possible song?

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Brothers 3

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" - 1/10 - “You either love it or hate it” Dannii says of the song. Of course, the boys love it. Most of this performance is happening backstage, which is sorta weird. I think Ronan actually tried to sabotage them, considering they topped the vote a few weeks ago. This performance is hilariously disastrous. They certainly had their fun but what a mess. “Am I the only one that goes, ‘really?’” Nat says “We are looking for people who can record albums, it was too jokey”. Preach!

Marlisa Punzalan

"Try" - 7/10 - Foo got to choose for Marlisa so naturally, he gave her the most generic tune available. I mean, this song is ok when Pink sings it, but I’ve never heard a version that didn’t sound like the original. Marlisa’s is no exception. It did look like she was into the performance, very fierce, dead eyes gone and all, but it felt like a carbon copy to me.

Reigan Derry

"Dog Days Are Over" - 8/10 - Foo never heard this song before. Why am I not surprised? Nat gave her the perfect, and probably hardest, Florence tune. It took her a few notes to really get into the performance but once she did, it was pure magic. It’s quite obvious Reigan can do no wrong and that she can truly sing everything she’s  given. Can we crown her the winner already?


"When Doves Cry" - 5,5/10 – Damn, Ronan is the worst. Not only does he suck at picking songs for his own acts, he also has the ability to do so when picking for the other contestants. Either he’s trying to get them cut or he actually thinks he chose the right songs. I feel like it’s the latter. I honestly didn’t like it, despite he sang it really well, mainly because I didn’t feel the song worked for him. It’s pretty obvious Tee is going home this week and after what he just did, nothing can stop that from happening.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"Still Into You" - 6/10 – She miraculously survived last week’s B2. Ronan would never pick a song like this for Caitlyn, probably because he has no imagination. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the vocals here, something sounded weird with her enunciation but this worked better for her than I was expecting, mainly because Caitlyn is so damn charming. She reminds me a lot to Taylor Swift and I actually believe she could have the same kind of career with the right material.

Dean Ray

"Stolen Dance" - 7,5/10 - Nat wouldn’t have chosen this song for Dean but the more she listens to it, the more she thinks it’s perfect.  She’s right, it works so well with Dean’s tone! I’m not the biggest fan of his falsetto, it’s not that I think he did it wrong but I didn’t like how it sounded. Either way, the performance was really strong, definitely one of the best of the night.

Jason Heerah

"Latch" - 9,5/10 – Dannii made her one song choice count. This beautiful song is exactly what Jason needed to finally impress. The vocals were flawless and so was his emotional connection with it. It was incredibly passionate and believable and while I still don’t think he’s a viable winner, this was certainly one of the moments of this season.


  1.  Jason Heerah 
  2. Reigan Derry
  3. Dean Ray
  4. Marlisa Punzalan
  5. Caitlyn Shadbolt
  6. Tee
  7. Brothers3


Top 7
"Best Day of My Life"


Jason Heerah
Caitlyn Shadbolt

Caitlyn Shadbolt - "Temporary Home" - This was the one song she wanted to do on the stage. It's actually a beautiful cover. Caitlyn ain't Carrie but this has to be one of her best performances to date.

Jason Heerah - "We Can Work It Out" - He's unfortunately back to his karaoke ways. He sounded terrific here though, a very enjoyable performance. He just needs to find a way to infuse it with more personality.

Tee - "You Are So Beautiful" - Gorgeous vocals, one of his best actually. As it happens with Jason, I just don't see Tee as a successful recording artist. He's very dated and I doubt his ability to sell.

Only one is leaving, so the B3 is pointless. The act with the most votes will be sent home. If there's a tie, we go to deadlock.

Ronan sends Tee home.
Nat sends Caitlyn home.
Dannii sends Caitlyn home.
Redfoo sends Tee home.

Eliminated (via deadlock):


He's finally gone! I've no idea why Dannii decided to vote Caitlyn out, cause Tee definitely deserved to get the boot. He's a good singer but as the judges noted, he doesn't really know who he is as an artist.

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