I still can't believe the promising XOX was sent home last week after facing the boring Tee. I guess it was an strategic move, as Foo clearly expressed, the girls were a threat while Tee is merely filler. We've got another current theme this week with the Top 9 taking on the latest hits. Plus an exciting new twist! (Spoiler alert: it's not)

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Marlisa Punzalan

"Let It Go" - 7,5/10 - I'm not sure I'd have chosen this song for Marlisa. I knew she could pull it off vocally but emotionally? I don't think she's got what it takes to make me feel this song. It's not entirely her fault, she's only 15 after all. Dannii preferred Marlisa's version to the original. Come again?!

Brothers 3

"Pompeii" - 4,5/10 - Shardyn, Tayzin and Makirum - I've added the names cause, come on, they are so awful we need to be reminded of them. This is definitely the best they've done. Their annoying cheesiness is toned down plus the good singer got to sing the entire song. Don't get me wrong, it's still bad but grading on a curve, this gets to be on top.


"Hold On, We're Going Home" - 7/10 - He sounds weird, affected, I don't believe he sounded like this before. I enjoyed this performance, mainly because I really like this song. Despite some issues, he did it justice, I liked how soulful it was.

Sydnee Carter

"Strong" - 8,5/10 - She wouldn't pick this song for herself because it's out of her comfort zone. That's ironically, exactly what she should be doing. Ronan has finally understood what to do with her, it's the second week in a row he's made the right choice. Sydnee sounds fantastic here, this is such an awesome match for her tone. My one complaint is that the performance came to a halt too suddenly, I guess she just couldn't keep singing.

Rochelle Pitt

"Rolling in the Deep" - 5/10 - She feels like the mother of the group. Since she can't mother her kids, she mothers everyone else. Oh gosh. I feel so sorry for her. This is such a mess! Poor Rochelle kept forgetting the lyrics. It was so painful to watch her struggle through the first half of her performance. She did recover and it was great but it was too late. She'll make it to next week, obviously.

Jason Heerah

"She Came to Give It to You" - 7/10 - Foo's dad said Jason was great and the old man definitely knows about that! Jason and Foo have developed a 'fromance', which is unsurprising. I didn't expect to like this but I kinda did. Jason still needs to get a little more interesting but his falsetto sounded great here and overall, this wasn't so dull. Good for him.

Dean Ray

"Budapest" - 9/10 - This song makes him happy. It makes everyone happy Dean! I'm not comparing it to the original because they are so different  but I've to give it to him, this cover is gorgeous. The little changes he gave the melody, like the 'all's, were just genius. I simply loved it.

Caitlyn Shadbolt

"You and I" - 8/10 - 'If Ronan thinks this is a country song, I think I should really introduce him to some real country stuff' she says. He's got a point though, there's an actual country feel to it. Caitlyn is sounding a lot better than with the Taylor song last week. It's not the best 'You and I' cover I've heard (Elise Testone's anyone?) but Caitlyn is so charismatic, this performance felt authentic and believable.

Reigan Derry

"Bang Bang" - 9,5/10 - Is there anything this girl cannot do? She's not only taking on this huge song but is also doing the rapping. Perfect vocals, magnetic stage presence. As the show made us wanna tweet, this is truly 'legenderry'! If it wasn't for that stupid headpiece, this would've been a home run for Reigan.


  1. Reigan Derry
  2. Dean Ray
  3.  Sydnee Carter
  4.  Caitlyn Shadbolt
  5.  Marlisa Punzalan
  6. Tee
  7. Jason Heerah
  8. Rochelle Pitt
  9. Brothers3


Top 9
"Jump For My Love"

Result Order:
  1. Brothers3 (-_-)
  2. Dean Ray
  3. Reigan Derry
  4. Rochelle Pitt
  5. Marlisa Punzalan
  6. Caitlyn Shadbolt
  7. Tee
  8. Sydnee Carter / Jason Heerah


Jason Heerah
Sydnee Carter

Sydnee Carter - "Little Talks" - The performance is off to a rough start, I kinda hate what the backing singers are doing with it as well. Sydnee sounds ok here but I'm not sure this will save her, it was actually pretty weak.

Jason Heerah - "Lets Get it On" - A much stronger performance than Sydnee's but as I've said many times, Jason is a karaoke singer at best. I wouldn't buy his record, maybe go to his show if it's cheap, but that's it.

Redfoo sends Sydnee home.
Ronan sends Jason home.
Nat sends Sydnee home.
Dannii sends Sydnee home.


Sydnee Carter

Come on! Ugh. It's as if the judges are trying to keep the dullest acts, Tee last week, Jason tonight, and cutting the interesting ones. Sydnee had her ups and downs, mostly downs, but her voice had something really interesting. Ronan didn't know how to mentor her and while what she did this week, and the last, was amazing, it was too late.

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