While the auditions were slightly disappointing, we still got to see some potential stars, such as Lucy, Dannie, Pernille and Chaimae. But not all of them may survive Bootcamp since the judges will be whittling down their categories to only 8 acts. Will your fave make it? ... It's time to face the music!

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The acts will not only perform in front of the judges but also in front of the audience.

Jasmin - The girl is clearly underbaked. She may be super charming but her voice lacks power. Her "Rolling in the Deep" cover was as flat as it gets. I really don't see her advancing. Her audition had already made it obvious she wasn't ready.  - Video

Susanne Birgitte - She's so sweet but unfortunately, her singing isn't nearly as nice. At least she's having fun, cause there's no way the judges are advancing her.  - Video

Henriette - She was a bunch of nerves during her audition. She seems a bit more confident tonight. Her tone has some potential, her vibrato is specially interesting, I guess she could work as a country singer. Her pronunciation was a bit iffy though. That needs to improve.  - Video

Novopleco - The annoying duo. It's pretty clear they can't sing. Points for their song choice, "Kangaroo Court", but that's about the one interesting thing about the performance, if you can even call it that. Just atrocious.  - Video

Fie - She was part of a montage, not exactly sure why, since her tone is absolutely gorgeous. She seems like your average shy teenager. She could really use Blachman as her mentor, he could break that shell. Oh look, she gets a standing ovation. Very pretty indeed.  - Video

Montage full of familiar faces. Dannie, Pedram, Pernille, Marina, Man Band, all get props from the judges. - Video

Martin - Oh boy. This is a train wreck in the making. He's "singing" "Super Bass" and it's even more awful than it sounds. The guy can't sing, he better start realizing that.  - Video

Super charismatic Bensu wasn't ready when she auditioned and she ain't ready now either. We see more and more acts messing up. It's catastrophic. Lupites continues with the bad streak, still not being able to blend as a group. 

Hadiel - Technical problems. They don't know which song to play for her. They try and try. Haha. She finally begins performing "Grenade", which isn't as explosive as it should've been. She's having some issues with the tempo and while she's not the worst singer, I've seen better.   - Video

Malou - Lina is wowed by her song choice, Cher's "Believe". Nice pick indeed but I'm not sure about her interpretation. She seemed to be a much stronger vocalist. Her voice lacked power, grit, it was too soft and I don't get why, since her audition was much more impressive.  - Video

Lucy - She was clearly the stand out during the auditions and she's clearly the star tonight as well. Beautiful acapella performance, lovely tone, very interesting. She sounds a lot like Ida. Are we sure she's not Ida aged up? The judges give her a much deserved standing ovation.  - Video

Mathias - Another new face. He picks "Who You Are" and while his interpretation starts promising, it soon starts falling apart. He forgets the lyrics mid performance but is urged by the judges to keep going. What follows ain't bad but he's not remembering those lyrics. Decent at best, he's probably spared because he kept smiling.  - Video

Chaimae - Last performance of the day. Not sold on her song choice but there's no denying her talent. That beautiful tone of hers will get her far in this competition, specially if she picks the right songs to showcase it. Not a bad performance but I know she can do better. - Video


Apparently the category wasn't an Over 25 this year but an Over 23.

Groups (Blachman): 

ManBand, Novopleco,  Anne Sophie og Ida,  Ása og Carsten, Sascha, Ida og Catrine and Lea og Liv

Over 23s (Remee): 

Pernille, Steffen, Jamile, Tommy, Chaimae, Peter, Emil and Lucy

Under 23s (Lina):  

Fie, Henriette, Mathias, Pedram, Dannie, Hadiel, Nicolai and David

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