Detroit gave us 40 Golden Tickets yesterday. Today we're visiting Ryan Seacrest's hometown, Atlanta. One hour episode this time, will less time mean less talent? Or will we be blown away? ... This ... is American Idol!

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Majesty Rose - 21 -Harry thinks her headband says "I'm cute". She goes by the name Majesty Rose. This is unexpected and so much better than similar sounding Marrialle Sellars. Her voice is very subtle and original, revealing a powerful sound once she hits the chorus. One of my faves so far. Such an interesting sound. JLo loved how effortless it was. 3 yeses.

Jesse Cline - 19 - He's a gas station attendant during the midnight hours. He just cleans and stocks everything and attends the few people that come in. He had a shift last night and is super sleepy. The guy's got a surprisingly gorgeous sound. Really, really nice. "The ultimate Cinderella" Harry says to his fellow judges. 3 yeses.

Chris Medina - 23 - He auditions with his dog, "Bubby". Not because his blind but because he can't go anywhere without it. Harry picks the dog up and puts it on his lap. Chris is ok I guess, not overly impressed by it but it's very soothing. 3 yeses.  Harry jokes he held the dog just for the cameras, to get rid of the harsh Harry image.

Kristen O’Connor (24) and Emily Piriz (17) - She's a nurse tech. When she goes to the hospital she feels like she's doing something important. The girl has some impressive big pipes. She wants to make it in the music industry so bad. Emily's been watching Idol since S1. She's got an equally big voice and a sassy attitude while performing. 3 yeses to both of them.

Ben Briley - 24 - He lives close to Nashville. Not sure how to feel about his nasal sound, maybe it's not so noticeable while he plays guitar. His wife changed his life. Idol is the best opportunity he's ever had, ever. The word "Gumbo" came to Harry while he was listening because of the different influences he noticed in Ben's voice. 3 yeses.

Nica Nishae - 24 - She's a full time student. She is going to do the best she can so they'll remember her. She's quite good but a bit shouty when hitting the bigger notes. All yeses for her. Maybe they saw the potential in her.

Jordan Brisbane - 15 - He's a cook. "When you are carrying all this weight, you must support yourself" he says. He believes he's got what it takes to shut Idol down. Soulful big voiced adorable kid. Harry tells him to be careful when he sings runs because there are people that do that better than him. He feels he'll be a lot better in 10 years. Despite that, Jordan gets 3 yeses.

Sam Burchfield - 22 - It seems he's trying to replicate Phillip Phillips audition, same look, same sound. We even see him at one of Phillip's concerts. He's about to graduate college. Cool song choice, "I Wanna Be Like You". His tone is rather nice, he even does a trumpet-like sound with his mouth. I liked that. JLo liked what she heard, she thought it was original and impressive. Harry didn't buy it since he felt Sam was doing a weird accent while singing. He's got a point. 2 yeses, Harry say no.

Jessica Meuse - 22 - She's from Slapout. Apparently there was a man who used to own the store, now a gas station, and when he ran out of stuff at the store he said he was "slapped out" of it. She's a one woman show, she writes her own songs, plays by herself. "I'm either gonna be a successful musician or a broke one" she says.  Her original "Blue Eyed Lie" is instantly captivating, her gravelly tone shining through. Admittedly, she's the reason I'm covering this season. My favourite so far, I doubt anyone will replace her. Harry thought she sounded like Stevie Nicks, he believes she's a low maintenance gal. 3 yeses.

Lauren Ogburn - 19 - She's wearing an American flag headband. She thinks is gonna portray a different image, being a little bit rough around the edges. While the headband makes her look like a joke contestant, her take on "Fancy" was actually a lot more impressive than I originally thought it'll be. Her sound was gritty and raw and her pitch was perfect. The judges are clearly impressed. She wants to know what Harry thought. He thinks she's overaccesorized to the point of ridicule but he really enjoyed it. 3 yeses.

Neco Starr (22) and Caleb Johnson (22) - Two returnees. Caleb was a Top 42 contestant in S11 but didn't make it to the liveshows because he messed up, real bad. "Can I get some water?" he asked. "You are surrounded by it" Steven said. Neco was also part of S11's Top 42 but was eliminated because he wasn't ready yet. Soulful guy, his audition is pretty but pretty enough? Caleb's voice is way stronger, a really solid vocalist. Caleb gets 3 yeses, Neco gets 2, Keith saying no.

Bria Anai - 15 - Her mom is her "momager". She's ready to go ahead, wow the judges and have fun with it. Impressive singing, not really expecting such a powerful sound coming out of her. She's kinda stiff, a bit pageantry but if she's able to get lose in the music, she'll be one to watch. JLo thought it was amazing, she loved it. 3 yeses.

44 Golden Tickets are awarded from Atlanta. 163 so far!

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