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The series got off to a strong start last week with plenty of strong talent from harp-playing Scottish teenagers to quirky renditions of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'. This week, the four coaches, Tom, Will and new coaches Kylie and Ricky will be aiming to add even more top talent to their teams, will this week see the eventual winner auditioning?

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Jamie Johnson - 'So Sick' by Ne-Yo - 3/4 - Joins Team Kylie
19-year-old is a self-confessed Mummy's Boy and a family man, he says that he uses his sister as his roadie when he's playing gigs. He's nervous about his audition but says that it's because it's 'so surreal'. He can definitely sing, this song is a great R & B track and he has a very bluesy tone, he sings the song really well, I wouldn't turn myself because there's nothing really different about his voice but he has a great tone to his voice. Kylie and Ricky both turn around for Jamie, followed by Tom at the end. The coaches all think he was really good, but it seems that he only has eyes for one coach, turning down Ricky's offer of days out and matching t-shirts in favour of opting for Australian pop princess Kylie. I wonder why he didn't pick Tom, perhaps because he thought he was a girl?

Mairead Conlon - 'Purple Rain' by Prince - 3/4 - Joins Team Tom
You might recognize Mairead if you followed The Voice of Ireland last year, she made Battle Rounds on Team Bressie before being eliminated in favour of Terri O'Reilly. Her blind audition, an acoustic cover of Elvis' 'In The Ghetto' was great. I hope we see more of the same from her tonight. She lives with her husband and her three dogs who she regards as her babies. She has promised her parents that she'll go back to college if it doesn't work out for her this time. I love the song she picks, as oversung as it is on talent shows it's the ultimate song to show off someone's emotional ability on a song. She really connects to the feel of the song and delivers a touching performance of it, she has a really good upper range, she goes slightly over the melody towards the end but she gives a great performance overall. Tom, Ricky and Kylie are the three coaches vying to get her on side. Mairead is hilarious, her personality is really great and she comes across so well. Mairead chooses Tom.

Lewis Clay - 'Cryin' by Aerosmith - No Turn
Lewis ended up returning home when he wasn't able to afford to live away from home and try to crack the music at the same time. He has turned the front room into a studio. He tries to flirt with Emma, before she has to inform him that she's married. He serenades Emma with a song he pens for her in the space of five minutes but will it be an effective warm up for the real audition? He has a decent rock tone, there's definitely something very edgy and gritty about his vocals, that said, he does go out of tune at a few points in the song. It was a pretty poor song choice to be honest, he didn't really pull off the huge note at the end, perhaps it was nerves that didn't help him but he didn't really connect with the audience.

Jimmy Weston - 'Desperado' by The Eagles - 3/4 - Joins Team Kylie
Jimmy is a painter/decorator by trade but he is only working at the job in order to help him pay the bills, his real dream is to become a full time musician. He feels like this is the moment he has been waiting for, to be able to hit the big time by letting his voice do the talking, or rather, singing. The 39-year-old was offered a few record deals 15 years ago but turned them down because he was in a band and wasn't ready to go solo. He has a much stronger rock voice than Lewis, it's not as full on as the former but I love the rasp in his voice and he really connects with the emotion of the song. It's a very emotional track and he conveys that perfectly, it's not sung perfectly but it doesn't matter when he lets the audience in. Ricky turns first, with Kylie and Tom pulling off last second chair turns. The logical choice for Jimmy appears to be in joining Team Ricky but to the surprise of quite a few people actually he chooses Kylie. Even Kylie is shocked.

Kelsey-Beth Crossley - 'Fell In Love With A Boy' by The White Stripes/Joss Stone - 2/4 - Joins Team Ricky
Kelsey-Beth is probably familiar to a lot of viewers having appeared on Emmerdale as Scarlett for five years. She put music on the sidelines in favour of furthering her acting career so now that she has left the soap a few years, it's time for her acting to take a back seat and allow music to take over. She's taking on the Joss Stone cover of The White Stripes' song, I like her tone, she has a pretty nice bluesy voice. The vocals aren't perfect, she goes out of tune at times but she has a lot of potential and it's definitely a pretty strong start for her in the competition. Ricky and Kylie both turn around for her, she gets very excited before the coaches deliver their pitches, Kylie says that she can relate to her as she was in a soap before her music career kickstarted whilst Ricky relates the fact that they're from the same area as the reason she should pick him.

Bob Blakeley - 'Cry Me A River' by Julie London - No Turn
Bob is hoping that his age won't count against him if the coaches don't see him, his family are here to support him including his wife who has every faith that he deserves to go through to the next round. He has a good jazz/swing voice, he's certainly stronger than some of the similar acts we've had in previous series (Aleks in Series 1), unsurprisingly however none of the coaches turn. He can sing brilliantly, he smashes the song but I don't know, he didn't really have anything special about him. The coaches all encourage Bob, telling him that he was a really great singer and should be proud of himself.

Miles Anthony - 'I (Who Have Nothing)' by Tom Jones - No Turn
Miles is the only boy in the household and with a niece who suffers from a severe disability, it's his responsibility to stay strong for the rest of his family. He wants to do his family proud by auditioning today and is taking a risk as he has arranged the song himself. I love his production on the Tom Jones track, it brings it bang up to date and makes it sound like a fresh urban/ track. Unfortunately, he is good but he has a few pitch problems going into the middle of the song and misses a drop which was placed in the song before what was supposed to be a falsetto part of the song. Miles is really upset and annoyed at himself for missing the drop, Kylie takes him to the side of the stage and says that they have all messed up at some point, with Will adding that he should be proud for having produced that arrangement of the song. Miles had a lot of potential but his nerves took over.

Sophie-May Williams - 'Time After Time' by Cyndi Lauper - 1/4 - Joins Team Will
Sophie doesn't have the same interests as your typical 17-year-old right down to her fashion tastes and favourite music, she loves everything vintage, due to her close relationship with her grandfather who has an interest in jazz music and used to play it to Sophie. She does busking gigs regularly and is performing a song that she often sings at her gigs. I love this song and I love Sophie's rendition of it, she has a really beautiful voice, she allows the blues influence to come through gently, her voice isn't forced at all. She has natural stage presence, she's an amazing vocalist with a great ability to connect with the songs she sings, I'm very surprised that nobody turns around until the last minute when Will puses his button but perhaps Will was always planning to turn for her but didn't want to press early in case his rivals also pressed their buttons. Sophie is on Team Will.

Jermain Jackman - 'And I Am Telling You' by Jennifer Holliday - 1/4 - Joins Team Will
Jermain comes from Hackney, East London, he's very interested in politics every bit as much as he's interested in music. He is a youth representative for the Labour party and reveals that he has been described by someone as being likely to become the first black, singing prime minister. I'm not sure about that but as he steps up to sing, I'm very surprised to see him singing such a big song which is usually associated with female diva acts. He has a good voice, a nice tone too but I don't like his voice on the verses, his voice is too low for the song, it picks up when he does the big notes of the song which he does really well but I've heard this song so many times that I'm not sure it's stand out enough. All the same, he does a decent job and makes it through to the next round. Will once again pulls off a last second chair turn bagging his second act of the night in this manner.

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