The X Factor Denmark is back to where it started! Thomas Blachman is joined by former judges, Remee and Lina Rafn with Eva Harlou as the new host. This year the auditions are now longer in front of a live audience, instead, the contestants will perform only for the judges, with an instrument or acapella. Who will be Chresten's successor?... It's time to face the music!

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Week 1

Martin - Under 25s - The guy has an unusually high pitched voice. It's borderline annoying. This is obviously a joke audition. Until it's not anymore. I'm not exactly sure what he's meant to be, a rapper or a singer. Whatever it is, it's awful. But since he is the first auditionee, the judges put him through anyway. Even Blachman says yes. You disappoint me. - Video

Henriette - Under 25s - She's part of a montage made exclusively of Herning girls. From the looks of it, a quite boring place. She's rather nervous but her voice shows some promise. Not sure how far she can get though. - Video

Lupites - Groups - Two rappers. I guess it's good. The smaller guy has a terrifically fast flow. The other guy looks weird when he raps, he moves too much I guess. The problem is they are no group at the moment but two solo acts. Lina gives them a no, while the men say yes. - Video

Lucy Mardou - Under 25s - The clip focuses on her clothes a bit too much. I don't get why since she looks totally acceptable. She lives in a super humble house with her partner and child. The place doesn't seem to have electricity, nor a toilet. Her singing is a lot like Ida's, very pure and quirky. Lovely original song as well. She's one to watch. - Video

Week 2

Jasmin - Under 25s - Nice voice though nothing that special. It seems she's doesn't know the lyrics entirely. One notes goes terribly wrong and the poor girl completely freezes. She's obviously super nervous. Despite that, the judges put her through anyway. Bootcamp fodder? Or our next star? - Video

First montage. Up first, a brunette girl with guitar (may be named Sofie). Gorgeous voice, lovely tone. Unfortunately, she's relegated to a short montage. She reminded me to Amanda. Next is a young guy, also with guitar, with a cool arrangement of "Not Over You".

Novopleco - Groups - They've got a YouTube channel and for the looks of it, they seem to be completely annoying. They name check Justin Bieber, I guess they want to be like him. The singing is atrocious, their voices don't blend and they've zero rhythm. Lina can't stop laughing at them. They still make it through. What's wrong with the judges this year? - Video

Marina - Under 25s - Her dad was in a car accident which left him walking in crutches. On top of that, he also had cancer. She sings the saddest version of "Dance With My Father" ever. Her tone is really pretty and the emotion on her voice is palpable. Lina cries uncontrollably. It's all yeses for her.

Man Band - Groups - Sandwiched between some awful auditions, the trio seemed destined to fail but shockingly, their voices were surprisingly strong. They don't seem marketable to be honest but with some mentoring, they could end up succeeding. - Video

Second montage of the night. Up first, Kristina, whose singing voice sounds nothing like her speaking voice. Amazing tone, similar to Trayc Chapman's. Next is a blonde girl wowing the judges with Lianne La Havas "Age". Two more acts get montaged, Fie who sings Adele and Peter, both too short to have an opinion. - Video

Chaimae - Under 25s - She's a construction worker. Chaimae sings "Diamonds" and it only takes her a few notes to captivate the judges. Her tone is wonderful, so amazing. Why did Remee have to stop her? It'll be interesting to see what she does next. - Video

Susanne Birgitte - Over 25s - Sweet lady. She sings in French and that doesn't seem to impress the judges. She then gets on her knees and sings once more to no effect. She's rejected but at the last moment, when she's leaving, Remee and Blachman come fetch her and inform her that she'll be going through.

Week 3

Malou - Under 25s - Her dad plays the bass for King Diamond. He looks a lot like Gene Simmons. I didn't recognize the song she was singing at first, "Benny and The Jets", probably because her performance was overly theatrical. She moved too much and the way she altered the melody made it sound unrecognizable. She's got potential though and the judges see it as well, putting her through.

Caroline - Under 25s - While I see her potential, her voice isn't quite ready yet. She needs some serious work if she's to make it to the liveshows. That said, she's got a pretty tone and she sounded much better on the second song, though she was kinda pitchy on both songs. Despite that, the judges give her yeses.

Sara - Over 25s (I think) - Poor girl fainted just moments prior to her audition in a toilet and had to be carried away by an ambulance. Fortunately for her, she still managed to audition in front of the judges. She's also a lot better than I expected, sporting a distinctive sultry tone. Song choice may not have been great but there's always time to improve that.

Pernille - Over 25s - She's homeless. She sings a very sweet Danish song while playing guitar. She's got such a beautiful tone, you can tell the judges are really digging her. To me, that was one of the best auditions so far, mainly because it was super simple.

Dannie - Under 25s - He seems to be the first male Under 25 featured. Unfortunately, his "Toxic" rendition wasn't the runaway success he wanted it to be. He made several mistakes and forgot the lyrics a few times yet his tone was kinda nice. The judges reject him but Dannie had other plans. He auditions once more and this time he has won them. His second audition is much better yet the guitar still is problematic, he needs to ditch it.

Montage. Two blonde girls show some massive potential, probably being the one interesting group we've seen. An Over 25 guy also wins the judges with his distinctive tone, very Chresten sounding.

Bensu - Under 25s - Not the greatest voice yet for some reason, the judges still put her through. I guess it was because of her personality since they couldn't stop laughing with her prior to her singing. She won't survive bootcamp though. - Video

Pedram - Under 25s - Final audition of the series. Could Pedram be Denmark's answer to Justin Bieber? Hopefully not. The guy isn't a bad singer but his voice doesn't seem to be ready, he sounds very amateurish. His Bieber song didn't help him either and he didn't really sound any better on his second choice. He's put through, yet I don't think he's liveshows material. - Video

Based on this three episodes, I'm not overly impressed by the talent. If I had to pick some of the acts right now, it'd be Lucy Mardou, Marina and Pernille with Chaimae and Dannie getting honorable mentions.

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