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The Voice is back with a third series at an earlier time of the year in the hope that it might fare better in the ratings. The reality talent series saw Andrea Begley emerge as the winner last year but with Jessie and Danny quitting and being replaced by pop princess Kylie Minogue and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson, will the fresh panel lead to fresh talent?

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Lee Glasson - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie Minogue - 4/4 - Joins Team Kylie
Lee is taking a big risk by choosing a Kylie song considering that the petite popstar is one of the coaches who will be judging him. However, he has a really good voice, it's very dark and mature, there's a sort of 'Hurts' feel to his vocals, I love the arrangement of the song and his falsetto is superb. Lee gets all four coaches to turn around, no mean feat for the first audition of the series. To the surprise of no-one, he goes for the artist whose song he covered, Kylie is his coach.

Christina Marie - 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston - 3/4 - Joins Team Ricky
Christina has a great voice, she's taking on a massive song in Whitney's 'I Have Nothing' but she has the lungs for it. However, I have heard the song being sung so many times that it sounds the same to me by now. Thankfully, the coaches are less picky as three of them (Kylie, Tom and Ricky) all turn at the last second of the song. Ricky gets a bit emotional after he delivers his pitch and perhaps the tears swing it because he manages to convince Christina to choose him.

Danielle Chevannes - 'L-O-V-E' by Nat King Cole - No Turn
Danielle is a single mum to a six-year-old girl. She wants to be able to provide for her daughter by doing what she loves, singing and she hopes that the show will help her to achieve this. I don't really like the song she has taken on, it doesn't have enough of an impact and true enough, she falters slightly vocally. It's not bad but it's not amazing to be honest. None of the judges turn but they all seem to indicate that a lot of it was nerves and song choice. She brings her little girl out on stage to meet the coaches, she announces that she doesn't want to be a singer, she just wants to draw and gets to have a turn at pressing the button in's chair.

Anna McLuckie - 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams - 2/4 - Joins Team
Scottish teenager Anna has a passion for music but she says that she wants to impress the judges with her creativity as she takes on a summer chart topper but with a twist, she's playing the harp. It's such a fresh take on an overplayed song that really changes the feel of the track completely. I love Anna's breathy vocals, she sounds really quirky, kinda like Emiliana Torrinni or what Abi Alton should have been like on The X Factor. Great performance, both Ricky and Will turn but she seems to feel like Will can guide her better and chooses him. Well he did a good job with Leah so you never know.

Tara Lewis - 'You Make My Dreams Come True' by Hall & Oates - No Turn
Welsh girl Tara is a 'Nessa' impersonator by day, she dresses up and impersonates Ruth Jones' character from the sitcom Gavin & Stacey but she wants to step out of Nessa's clothes and into her own image by trying for 'The Voice'. I don't like the song choice, it's kinda dated and unfortunately her vocals feel a bit cabaret, her control is inconsistent and although there are some nice parts in the song, it's not enough. The coaches decide not to turn either but she has them in stitches when she starts talking like Nessa, great personality but her voice didn't live up to expectations.

Ryan Green - 'Don't Go' by Josh Kumra - No Turn
Ryan is part of a family of music enthusiasts,  he's very close to his sister and his parents and he shares a passion for music with them. He is also a big sports enthusiast but he chose to sacrifice football professionally in favour of pursuing a career in music. I love the song choice he made but his tone is pretty generic, he can definitely sing and the fact that he's playing keyboard in addition to singing shows that he's talented but there's nothing stand out about his rendition of the song. It's a solid performance but it's not amazing. Ryan doesn't manage to turn any chairs but the coaches all seem gutted when they turn around and say they've made a mistake. Personally I think he could do with a few more years before he's ready.

Beth McCarthy - 'Sexy And I Know It' by LMFAO - 2/4 - Joins Team Ricky
Beth is a 16-year-old hopeful singer, she has been gigging around the pubs and clubs in her town for the past few years and describes her father as her roadie and biggest fan. He carries her guitar everywhere for her and he believes that she'll be able to impress with her blind audition tonight. She's singing the Noah cover of this LMFAO track, James Arthur sang the same arrangement on The X Factor last year. She has a really nice tone, it's quite sultry but I also love how she has a bit of a rasp which she displays at certain points in the song. Her star quality is evident from the start, she has the audience eating out of her hand and Ricky and Kylie are both impressed as they turn. Beth is also very funny, suggesting that Tom Jones could be the voice of God, she picks Ricky as her coach.

Sally Barker - 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by The Animals - 1/4 - Joins Team Tom
Sally has had a career in music previously having supported artists like Bob Dylan in the past. However, she gave it up when she got married and had children. Sadly, her husband passed away when her children were still young so she brought her sons up herself. Now that they're grown up, she's hoping to be able to give The Voice a try. I love her voice, it's refreshing that an over 30's female isn't coming on to belt out a Whitney Houston track, she has a really interesting voice and her rendition of the song is flawless, you can feel the emotion pouring out of her voice. She appears to be the perfect act for Tom's team and unsurprisingly, Tom indeed turns with the other coaches praising Sally but saying they felt that Tom was the only coach for her.

Leo Ihenacho - 'Holding Back The Years' by Simply Red - 2/4 - Joins Team Kylie
Leo was one half of 'The Streets', the successful Mike Skinner fronted band from the mid noughties. He wants to be recognized as a soloist with his audition for 'The Voice'. He has a nice voice, very soulful and he has a strong falsetto also. He does a really great job on this track, Kylie in particular loves it, dancing along in her chair before finally deciding to press her button but Tom isn't long in joining her meaning Leo has a choice to make now. Kylie gets embarrassed, confessing that she is smitten with the singer whilst Leo reveals that he used to fancy 'Charlene', Kylie's character on Neighbours. Unsurprisingly, he opts to pick the Australian popstar as his coach making him the second act to join Team Kylie.

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