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After a somewhat weaker second audition show last week, we're onto the third week of blind auditions. So far Anna McLuckie and Sophie-May Williams on Team Will are looking like strong contenders, will some of the other coaches be able to scoop up talent to rival the Black Eyed Peas member's team?

Recap and videos after the JUMP...

Andy Otley - 'Dance With Me Tonight' by Olly Murs - No Turn 
Andy is an estate agent from Wales, he's 20 years old and works as the only male in his office, he says that he doesn't mind working with women too much. His song choice is a bit of a strange one, this isn't really a song that shows off your vocals, it's more of a song to show off performance skills which are irrelevant really in a blind audition because the coaches can't see the act. His vocals are alright, they're not bad, not spectacular, the song itself is a very poor choice and really doesn't lend itself well to showing off his vocals. Unfortunately, I think he chose quite a safe choice of song and I'm not surprised when nobody turns. However, he does have a lot of fun with Will and Tom trying to sell Tom Jones a house.

Iesher Haughton - 'Who's Loving You' by The Jackson Five' - 4/4 - Joins Team Will
Iesher is a cinema usher, she says that it's not particularly glamorous but she doesn't mind it. Her parents reveal that they encouraged her to audition because they felt that she wasn't confident enough herself to apply and told her that if she didn't they would submit the application for her. She certainly has an impressive range as demonstrated by the opening note which encourages Will to turn straight away but I'm not sure that the song works for her given her very high pitched tone. It sounds a little shrill perhaps and I'm not fully convinced that it's the best song choice for her. She gets better as it goes on and the other three coaches all turn in their seats and are full of praise for Iesher. There's no denying that she has lots of potential but Iesher needs to overcome her nerves if she is to improve.

Paul Black - 'Jump' by Van Halen - No Turn
Tattoo artist Paul Black appears to be your typical rocker when he is introduced but he surprises the audience when he launches into a swing version of the Van Halen classic 'Jump'. You can tell that he has experience of performing as he has a good way with the audience and I love the creativity of the song choice but I'm not sure how well it actually works with a swing arrangement, it sort of falls flat in the chorus a bit, he certainly has talent but I can sort of see why the judges didn't turn, it was good but perhaps not 'wow'. I did think he deserved a chance though.

Vicky Jones - 'Bed Of Roses' by Bon Jovi - 2/4 - Joins Team Tom
Vicky has an interesting claim to fame, her brother Danny is from the popular boyband 'Mc Fly'. She says that the two of them used to sing together before he joined the boyband and his success took off. She hasn't invited him along to her audition today but says that she'll phone him to let him know if she gets through. Another not perhaps amazing song choice but I like her tone, she has a bit of an edge to her and we don't really have many rocky female singers in the competition yet. She gets over the high notes with ease, it's looking like nobody is going to turn until eventually Tom and Kylie both press their buttons. She joins Tom's team, I have a feeling she might be paired with Mairead in the battles.

Georgia Harrup - 'Hallelujah I Love Him So' by Ray Charles/Brenda Lee - 1/4 - Joins Team Tom
On the topic of claims to fame, Georgia's connection is a little bit more tenuous shall we say? Her cousin is Adele, by cousin I mean distant cousin. She says that she has been inspired by her famous relative's success and wants to be able to do the same. Well talent must run in the bloodline, she has a very good jazz tone and I love this song choice, it's very old time and retro but really allows her to insert her personality into the performance. I think as long as her mentor tries to give her modern songs to show off her bluesy tone she can do really well. Tom does a last minute turn for Georgia, she's a really superb singer.

Celestine - 'All This Love That I'm Giving' by Gwen McCrae - 1/4 - Joins Team Tom
I know absolutely nothing about Celestine other than the fact that she's 30, the lack of build-up to her audition worries me slightly as it doesn't look well for future rounds but she actually impresses me an awful lot. She has a very strong voice, she reminds me a little bit of Chaka Khan vocally, she has a fantastic range and the runs she does are executed perfectly, she is the strongest singer of the entire audition, perhaps not the most interesting song choice but she most definitely deserves to go through so I'm glad Tom chooses her for his team.

Si Genaro - 'Down Under' by Men At Work - No Turn
Si lives in Newforest, he is a self-confessed 'acoustic beat-boxing folk punk reggae artist', in other words he doesn't have a clue what he's doing haha. Si is probably the closest thing the show could have to a novelty act, his vocals aren't particularly great, well let's be honest, they're rather poor. He throws everything into the performance and then some and does an unusual beatbox in the middle of the song. The judges seem a little bit bemused and for good reason. Si has a great personality and has a lot of fun with the judges after none of them have turned around, showing off his original song 'Chicken Train' which is essentially him playing a harmonica sounding like a chicken. Bizarre.

A montage of rejected rock artists follows, Nathan Kobierowski gives a pretty lacklustre cover of James Morrisson's 'You Give Me Something'.

John Rush does a decent job of covering 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga but doesn't convince the coaches with Will half expecting Ricky to turn.

The final rejected artist is Jeff Anderson who auditioned for Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Superstar programme and did pretty well. His performance of 'Uprising' by Muse is good but quite soundalike if I'm being honest.

Myles Evans - 'High Hopes' by Kodaline - 2/4 - Joins Team Ricky
With Ricky rejecting so many rock artists, it doesn't look good for Myles Evans who describes himself as quite a rock influenced artist. His sister encouraged him to audition and he felt like he had to as he reveals that his sister is currently battling cancer. His take on the Irish indie-rock band's song is good, I don't like his voice as much as the lead singer of Kodaline's voice but he really connects with the emotion of the song, it's a really strong performance which delivers a powerful emotional punch. I'm pretty darn impressed by Myles, he's a great singer, Tom and Ricky both turn around for him but it's the Kaiser Chiefs' frontman who manages to recruit him for his team.

Leverne Scott-Roberts - 'Explosions' by Ellie Goulding - 4/4 - Joins Team Tom
Leverne is a single mother to four boys, she had been part of a girlband originally but when she fell pregnant with her eldest son, she was forced to put her pop dreams on the backburner. She's hoping that she'll be able to create a career for herself even though she's in her 30's now. She does a strong cover of Ellie Goulding's 'Explosions', there's no denying her talent and it's an emotionally charged cover of the song but to be honest, I feel like this song requires the vulnerability that Ellie does so well with her quirky tone. That said, it's still pretty good and she makes the Battle Rounds with ease as all four coaches turn around. She picks Tom as her coach.

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