Another week and more strong talent made it through to the Battles last week, particular highlights were John Hogan Jr's original song and Michelle Revins' quirky, unique tone. Even more talent will line up tonight hoping to convince the coaches to press their buttons, who will make it through to the Battle Rounds?

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Remy Naidoo - 1/4 - 'Feel So Close' by Calvin Harris - Joins Team Jamelia
Remy is singing a song that has already been performed in previous weeks but she is taking a very different route with the song, she performs a very stripped back arrangement of the song with a very bluesy tone. She has a lovely unique tone which I'm impressed with, she begins to oversing towards the end but I'm glad Jamelia turned around for her as I think she is the perfect artist for Jamelia so I can see them working brilliantly together.

Dylan Brickley - No Turn - 'You Need Me I Don't Need You' by Ed Sheeran
Dylan gets off to a bad start on the song going out of time almost from the beginning, I think this song needs someone who almost has a rapper's ability to deliver a verse quickly and Dylan doesn't have that ability. He has an average voice and I don't feel like he's strong enough for the competition as it stands. True enough, nobody turns around for him and Dylan is sent home. Kian criticizes his diction but Jamelia says that he was way out of time and out of tune in the first half.

Martin McInerney - 3/4 - 'Mercy' by Duffy - Joins Team Jamelia
Martin comes from Liverpool originally, he does an acoustic cover of 'Mercy' by Duffy, it's a pretty soulful song but I must say that I love his interpretation of the track, he has a bluesy tone which is hidden behind his fairly husky voice, he sounds a little bit like Paolo Nutini. His control of his voice is a bit patchy at times but he does a good job all the same. Jamelia is the first coach to turn for him followed by Kian and Dolores who make last minute turns. Jamelia says that she was scared when she heard the guitar as she didn't think someone with a guitar would pick her but it seems like her fears are premature as Martin picks her over Dolores and Kian.

Aoife Byrne - No Turn - 'It's Time' by Imagine Dragons 
Aoife has a nice voice, she sings a song by one of my favourite bands, unfortunately whether it's nerves or just a poor song choice, she doesn't sing in tune, I love the rock edge to her voice but she doesn't sound quite right on the song. I was really hoping that she would absolutely nail the track but it's missing that killer conviction and she actually goes out of time towards the end of the song which means that she doesn't manage to turn any chairs. 

Christopher Stoodley - 1/4 'Home And Away' - Joins Team Kian    
One of the most surprising song choices possibly ever from Christopher now, he makes the 'Home And Away' theme tune almost unrecognisable but in a good way. He has an amazing tone, it's soulful and bluesy but also really catchy, he shows off his voice perfectly, the only reason I believe that he didn't get more coaches turning is that I think the song itself may not have registered with the coaches. Bressie says that he might regret not turning for Christopher.

Aoibheann O'Brien - No Turn - 'You Had Me' by Joss Stone
Aoibheann was entered into the competition by a family member, she has a nice voice with some potential but it was a little too rough around the edges for my liking. Jamelia seems like she's thinking about turning her chair but then Aoibheann's nerves kick in and she forgets her words. It's a pity as she would have had some serious potential but the coaches all encourage her and tell her that she did a good job and shouldn't beat herself up about missing the intro to the second verse.

Pádraig Byrne - 3/4 - 'Let's Get It On' by Marvin Gaye - Joins Team Bressie
Padraig is doing an acoustic take on 'Let's Get It On', this song has been covered like this so many times before and whilst I think he has a nice voice, I'm not feeling bowled over by this. He does a good job and has a nice tone but it's pretty middle of the road and I personally wouldn't turn my chair for him, three of the coaches do turn with Bressie going first, followed by Jamelia and Kian. I think three coaches is a bit generous because the performance wasn't wow but it was still good. Kian says there was a great raspiness to his voice, Jamelia loved it especially the signature note of the song but it was Bressie who managed to persuade the artist to pick him.

Alison Rushe - No Turn - 'Backtrack' by Rebecca Ferguson 
The female belters really aren't doing well tonight are they? Alison has a nice tone to her voice, not as strong a blues feel as Rebecca Ferguson's vocals but still impressive. The problem is that it isn't a stand-out vocal, it's just pretty plain and doesn't sound amazing which is what the coaches are clearly holding out on. She sings the song pretty much perfectly until the last chorus which is slightly flat but the coaches don't turn. The ending didn't turn out how Alison hoped it would but overall, the coaches seemed to agree that it was technically fine but lacking something different. Bressie and Kian felt that it needed a bit more of a push vocally at times.

Jamie Stanton - 1/4 - 'Gold On The Ceiling' by The Black Keys - Joins Team Dolores
Jamie is taking on a Black Keys song, it's nothing in comparison to Ciara's amazing cover of 'Lonely Boy' earlier this series but he has a good voice all the same. I like this song, I feel like his voice is a bit low for the song, he could have done with singing the chorus in a slightly higher pitch but I'm not denying that it's a decent performance all the same. I like his husky tone, Dolores does a last minute turn for him. Jamie is good, not a standout just yet but he still did a good job.

Malachy Gaughan - 1/4 - 'No Scrubs' by TLC - Joins Team Jamelia
Malachy is taking on a personal favourite song of mine and he's also doing the 'Angels/NO Scrubs' mash-up Bastille and Ella Eyre performed. No pressure then. Jamelia turns almost instantly. I like this arrangement immensely, I'm not quite sure that Malachy nails it but I like his tone a lot, he's probably one of the best male vocalists tonight, he really gets into the performance as well. Jamelia is a good coach for him, she knows that song inside out I'm sure and she's delighted when nobody else tries to turn for him.

Cynthia Edionseri - No Turn - 'Spotlight' by Jennifer Hudson
Another classic female belter on 'The Voice', none of them have done too well so far tonight, maybe Cynthia can change things? She has a really good soul voice, her control is pretty flawless and she really nails every note in the song, you can tell that she has a strong voice because this isn't an easy song to sing and she does a good job. The high notes are good too but nobody turns for her, maybe they felt it was too similar to the original? I was quite surprised. 

Brendan McCahey - 1/4 - 'Starman' by David Bowie - Joins Team Bressie
Brendan is the fourth of the RTE 2FM wildcards to go for it, he sound quite good, I like that he doesn't just copy the original song. Bressie turns for him but none of the rest do, he has a good tone to his voice but I do think it was a very good but not superb performance of the song. For some reason a lot of tonight's performances have been missing something and this definitely wasn't as strong as the two previous 2FM wildcards who got through. Bressie is a good match for Brendan. Bressie actually knows Brendan because he buys his guitars from his music shop.

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