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It all comes down to this. The 4 remaining acts will perform once more with their coaches and then, Karise Eden's successor will be announced. Will it be classical singer Harrison Craig? Folk darling Celia Pavey? Indie artist Danny Ross? Or ex-opera star Luke Kennedy? ... This is The Voice!

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The final 4 kick off the night with a cover. Predictably, "The Voice". Harrison sounds surprisingly good on this one. So does Celia with that gorgeous folky tone of hers. Luke sounds even better than the two of them since the song is made for him. Danny sounds ok, though I'm not sure this song fits his style. Celia did some impressive high pitched notes there. Nice performance to star the show.

 Danny Ross

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"Pompeii" (Bastille) with Joel Madden - 1/10 - "It's like our first collaboration together. Now we are just boys, now we are just friends. Just two cool guys walking down the road of life" Joel says. Joel loves this song, he says it's a combination of the journey that they've had together, "we are in Pompeii, we are singing in the ashes" he adds. Danny gifts Joel a dream catcher. Danny's first note hurt my ears, actually, his whole performance did. Joel was even more disappointing. He FORGOT his lyrics and sang as if he was drunk, with zero enthusiasm. Basically, the worst duet I've seen, EVER. It's hard to believe Danny made it to the final judging by this performance. Thanks for ruining a song I love! Joel is a terrific judge but this performance was just embarrassing. It was fun seeing such a train wreck though.

Luke Kennedy

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"Roxanne" (The Police) with Ricky Martin - 8/10 - Ricky asks Luke if he was gonna chose him before he auditioned cause Luke obviously know someone was gonna turn. "Yeah I was" Luke answers "Coming in, if I had to pick somebody, it was gonna be you". Luke loves that they are doing this song together. "It has your name written all over it" Ricky tells him. They've made this song sound like a tango, which surprisingly works very well. Ricky is imitating Luke's opera style, which looks incredibly forced but it works somehow cause he's got such a  huge stage presence. This is miles better than the previous duet, it's in a completely different league. I'm not a fan of the arrangement but at least is different. A great job, congratulations to both.

 Celia Pavey

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"Go Your Own Way" (Fleetwood Mac) with Delta Goodrem - 9,5/10 - Delta's been waiting to sing with Celia. Celia feels she's come so far since her audition. They've formed a great bond with Celia seeing Delta as a sister. It's super sweet. Delta is playing the piano while Celia has a guitar. This is a great duet. Delta is obviously a very talented lady and her voice blends perfectly with Celia's. I love the set as well, everything looks gorgeous. The ending were they busted into some spontaneous ad libs was incredible, even if it sounded a bit messy. Darren said it all, what a heavenly combination!

Harrison Craig

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"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (The Hollies) with Seal - 7/10 - Seal says he'll never forget when they all turned around for Harrison. Seal seems Harrison as a younger brother in many ways. He'll never forget performing with Seal. He gets a gift for him, a pic of the two of them which also reads "If I was any better, I would be Seal". A nice performance, both of them sound really good and Harrison manages to stand his own besides the amazing singer Seal is. I still can't believe how shitty Joel and Danny were compared to all the other three duets. Seal almost left Darren hanging, "that would've been embarrassing" Darren says. Haha.

Darren announces that auditions are already open for the next season. So prepare yourself cause Season 3 of The Voice Australia is coming! I couldn't be more excited cause I genuinely enjoyed watching and recapping this show, which I never expected to so much.

We're finally getting the first results of the night! Each runner up apparently will receive 20 thousand Australian dollars to kick start their careers, which is a great consolation prize if you ask me.

4th Place: 

Danny Ross 

 We all knew this was happening. He should be more than happy with this result given that Kiyomi Vella should have taken his place in the finale. Now he gets 20 thousand to start his career, one he'll surely have. If Joel was serious this season, he could definitely be marketed to American markets. "Being a part of The Voice has shown me who I am, not just as a musician but as a man. That for me will be my last team victory" Danny says. "I'm with you until the wheels fall of, as long as you are making music, I'm behind you" his coach tells him. "Thank you Joel for all that you are, all that you've done and all that you'll always be" Danny adds.

3rd Place:

Celia Pavey

Damn, this sucks. Things are going really predictably so far and I really don't see Luke winning over Harrison now. Celia has one of the most amazing voices I've heard in a while and it's obvious she'll have a big career in Australia, hopefully worldwide. "I've definitely come a long way, Delta's help put me on my path and I'm forever gonna be grateful for that. I can't believe I've come this far. It made me realize that you go out there and do whatever you want if you just believe" she says. "You've really blossomed in front of all our eyes and I've really loved sharing this with you and I know that you are gonna be making albums for years and years to come. I'm really honored to work with you and congratulations on a stellar season" Delta tells her.

It all comes down to a classical and an opera singer. Based on the season long work, Luke should take the crown, but that's really unlikely. Before the winner is announced, we get videos of both their journeys. "Australia knows the struggles I've had with my own voice and the responses has been quite overwhelming. Seal has been such a beacon of strength and he really cares about you and I'm really blessed of having him in my life" Harrison says. "As one road ends, a new one begins" Seal tells his act "You are incredible, I've said it before from the moment you walked on the stage, I think you made us all fight harder collectively, I think you sang for a lot of people without voices. I think you are a credit to this show and what it represents. I couldn't ask for more. I will look back at this moment and go 'I was there at the beginning when everything started' so thank you for the ride man".

"Coming to The Voice was a big step out of a particularly dark period in my life" Luke says "I wasn't coming on to the show to try and heal my life, I was coming on the show to turn over a new leaf. I've trusted Ricky the whole way, he's pushed me, he's helped me to showcase a versatility that a lot of people didn't know I had. Depression is something that I'm always gonna have in my life and is always gonna be something that is in the back of my mind but ever since I've been on the show it feels like I've been in an upward trajectory and that momentum is not gonna stop". "Nothing but love and light. You represent this country beautifully. You are just ready for whatever you want. Thank you so much for allowing me to coach you. I've been doing this for many years but you brought some light even to my life and I thank you for that" Ricky tells Luke.

2nd Place: 

Luke Kennedy

1st Place:

Harrison Craig

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The announcement was so anti-climatic. We all knew Harrison was winning the second Celia was eliminated. We also know that last Monday, when basically all his performances charted among the Top 100. He wasn't the best singer nor the most unique nor the most interesting but the audience connected with him from the very beginning and that connection only got bigger as the week's went by. Now Seal has won two times, so congrats to him.

Harrison gets to perform a brand new single, "Unconditional", which is now available for download. His performance isn't very flattering, which is expected. The guy just won the show, he obviously won't be able to sing the song perfectly. You can listen to a studio version right HERE. Harrison's little bro is crying, everyone goes to hug him and that's it for the season! See you next time!
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