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Last week, the Top 12 delivered some stunning performances and tonight, we will find out which of them has made it to the Top 8 as each team of 3 will again face the audience vote to determine who makes it through. Later, the remaining 8 will take the stage one more in order to make it through to next week grand final. If that wasn't enough, Karise Eden, S1 winner, will return to The Voice to perform her brand new single "Threads of Silence". ... This is The Voice!

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Top 12 Results

The audience will save one act. Then the coaches will be able to save one of the remaining acts. Knowing that:

My predictions:
Team Seal: Harrison Craig (public) and Alex Gibson
Team Ricky: Luke Kennedy (public) and Miss Murphy
Team Delta: Celia Pavey (public) and Jackie Sannia
Team Joel: Danny Ross (public) and Kiyomi Vella

Team Seal is up first. Saved by the audience: Harrison Craig, in the most predictable result of the night. "It's always difficult but I think I base my decision on whether or not I still feel I can do something for the artist going forward, if my work with them or our work together is finished, and I have to say based on the performances so far, based on what the two of you have showed me, I still feel that I have to work with Mitchell" Seal says. Mitchell Anderson is safe. Alex Gibson is eliminated. First shocker of the night? Alex was never winning the show but given how much Seal had supported him, I was expecting him to be saved. Oh well, we'll always remember that gorgeous tone. 

Next, Team Joel. The audience has saved: Danny Ross. "Two artists I'm very proud of and we've gotten very close. I'm just gonna come right out at it. I love you both, it's so hard but tonight, Kiyomi, you have been so phenomenal on this show and with every song I've ever given you, you just showed up fully prepared and ready to work and I've gone and saved people and I've done all that and you just quietly kept working the whole time and I have to take you through because of the job you've done" (Joel) Kiyomi Vella is safe. Michael Stangel is eliminated. I'm just glad Kiyomi is safe. Someone had to go and Michael was the right choice. I'm not sad for him.

We move on to Team Delta. The audience has saved: Celia Pavey. "I would say that, this is definitely, by far, the hardest decision. I've been very torn up about it all day and that's because we've  obviously become so close. I'm so connected to both of you. I'm gonna keep it really short, I feel like there's so much ahead of you Jackie, I think I'll always be in your life and be able to guide you but right now Steve has unfinished business on stage and I need to go with Steve" (Delta) Steve Clisby is safe. Jackie Sannia is eliminated. Wow, bullshit! Steve is a great performer but he's very overrated. Jackie has a lot more potential and her performance last week was the stand out. It's sad to see her go, hopefully we'll see her again.

Lastly, it's Team Ricky. Saved by the public: Luke Kennedy. "This is very difficult. Simon, you walk on stage every week and  you put your heart out there. You are like a sponge, every time you work, you just absorb so beautifully everything I give you and you need that as an artist. Miss Murphy, you are so consistent, you are so powerful, week after week you just wrap my heart and you squeeze it and because of that I'm gonna go with you" (Ricky) Miss Murphy is safe. Simon Meli is eliminated. Everyone saw this one coming, so no surprises here. I'll miss the white dude dancing though.

Harrison Craig

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"If" (Bread) - 6,5/10 - Seal thinks this is one of the most beautiful songs, "it's really delicate". "Seal really goes the extra mile for you and it's just so nice to have him really care about everything that you do" Harrison says. Seal wants Harrison's voice to be the pinpoint of focus. This may be a delicate song but everything about it was so subtle that it turned the performance into something incredibly boring. I liked the way his voice sounded much more than I did last week but he was trying to be so soft that he was barely audible and it made it sound like a lullaby. Actually, this is the perfect song for a lullaby. "You are great. I think it's no secret that everyone here loves you. I love that song, I don't think it was your best on this season but I think that you've got a lot of miles ahead of you, you are gonna go a long way for a long time because your voice is so special. Tonight you rose to the occasion, wasn't my favourite song, but you rose to the occasion, that's all that matters" (Joel) Seal calls his performance his most dynamic yet. Seriously? That performance had zero dynamics, what was Seal listening?

Miss Murphy

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"You've Really Got a Hold on Me" (The Miracles) - 9/10 -  "This song is one of the sadder songs ever written, it's about a victim. The thing about Miss Murphy is that it doesn't matter what song she sings, you believe every word she says" Ricky says. "With this kind of songs, you really have to heart, like this is breaking me and you are breaking me but I can't help to still be in love with you" she says.This has to be her best performance to date. Ricky picked a fantastic song for her tone. Her delivery was so simple and effortlessly believable. There was minimal movement yet she never stopped being the focus of the performance. She's got such an unbelievable soulful voice, it'd be a crime if she's not Ricky's last act standing. "You always deliver, you are this amazing, it's funny because you have such a shy quality in moments and then utter confidence in your vocal ability which really shines through and you have such an unique tone. I'm a big believer, keep believing in yourself and find that confidence to bring your whole body into it even more because you're such a powerhouse" (Delta)

Danny Ross

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"It's Time" (Imagine Dragons) - 5/10 - Danny is really stocked that he came through during "Old Man". "I wanted people to see Danny's true colors" Joel says. He never thought it'd be possible for him to have a Top 10. Joel thinks he needs to connect with people in his own way. His rehearsal sounded awesome but now I'm starting to think this wasn't the right song for him. He sounded awful on that, as if he had given up. He lacked energy, his voice sounded powerless and the performance was incredibly pitchy. I normally don't care if his pitch is off cause his performance are really engaging but not this one. Danny is an incredibly unique artist, unfortunately, this was a disaster, not even his amazing tone could save this. I seriously doubt he can survive this. "I understand you bro. Don't worry, you've something so special. I'm gonna share with you, I became a better person and a happier person the day I stopped obsessing what people thought of me and I wish that you get that man" (Ricky) Zero comments about the actual performance ...

Steve Clisby

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"Sunday In Savannah" (Nina Simone) - 10/10 -  Before rehearsal, Delta met Steve's mom. The song he's singing is the song his mom loves the most, he dedicates it to her every time he sings it. He says to her it's an early birthday present for her, 102!!. "I can't believe it either" his mom says. "The song takes me back to when I was 18, both my parents were there, a more innocent time". Delta began crying, Steve as well, Scotty the musical director, his mom, everyone was in tears. "This song is the song I've been waiting to sing" Steve says. This is very powerful. After last week's fumble, I'm glad he was able to deliver such an emotionally intense performance. His best to date, his voice sounded so wonderful on this song, it's definitely one of the moments of the season. I totally get why Delta had to save Steve, everyone needed to see this. He left his soul out there, just gorgeous. "I'm a huge fan. You know what, every time you sing it takes me somewhere in my childhood and believe it or not, I grew up in church and man, it took me right to Sunday night service, sitting in the back in a hot church listening to someone sing, it's just a piece of Americana, what you just did was so real to me, every time you sing it does that to me" (Joel)

Kiyomi Vella

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"Pack Up" (Eliza Doolittle) - 8,5/10 -  "Kiyomi is this completely quite enigma that no one knows anything about" Joel says "I tried today to kinda get in to her". She says she finds it hard to say thing, since she overanalyzes everything. Joel sees her as Clark Kent. Haha. He sees her as an action figure when she gets on stage.  There's a huge production going on at the stage and she totally owns it. Joel got the Clark Kent comparison right, she turns into Superwoman when she steps on that stage and the shy girl we see in the clips becomes this powerful, captivating performer. I'm not fully convinced about this song for her, "Young Blood" was so phenomenal that this fells short in comparison, but she delivered nonetheless. She's such a great performer, she's on the brink of stardom, she just needs to survive one more week. "You are one of a kind, you are a superhero because there's nobody else like you doing this that's so interesting and looks so global and looks so incredible. The set was amazing, everything that was going on was so perfect and in the line of what you do, that's because people naturally get you" (Delta)

Mitchell Anderson

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"Take Me to the River" (Al Green)   - 8/10 - He calls The Voice the greatest musical experience of his life. This song is about getting a second chance, "I can't remember what my first one was but I'm gonna take this" Mitchell says. This is definitely Mitchell's last performance, there's no way he'll get a place in the final over Harrison. With that in mind, this was a terrific send off performance. He just loves to perform and he gives it his all when he's on the stage. He may not be the most current performer but he's got such a massive range and such killer performing skills that that is no issue. He's possibly the best performer left. "You are a showstopper. You are talking about chances and every time you walk on stage you take that chance to really let the world know what you are made of and you do it in such a beautiful and honest way, it's beautiful bro" (Ricky)

Luke Kennedy

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"Overjoyed" (Stevie Wonder) - 7/10 - "Ricky is constantly challenging me and he expects excellence" Luke says. Ricky felt no emotion in Luke's performance during the rehearsals. Luke thinks it's because it's such a hard song vocally that he's not delivering emotionally. Not a fan of this choice, I don't believe it fits Luke's style at all, even the style they are trying to turn him into. This looks a lot like "Freedom" but without the dynamics that performance had. I don't think this lack an emotional connection but what it's missing is more powerful vocals. Just like Harrison's and Danny's performances before, it lacks power and while it showed a beat towards the end, it never gave us that killer voice we know Luke has. Not his best but not bad either, just a decent cover. "Luke, you are, I mean, you do pop, you do opera, you do glorious big moments in song that make me feel that I'm standing in a mountain with a sword, I think that you have all the weapons it takes to have a great career and we've got to see them all throughout the course of the season" (Joel)

Celia Pavey

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"Will You Love Me Tomorrow"  (Carole King) - 9/10 -  Delta feels that the fact that Celia is the only artist doing guitar vocals sets her apart from everybody. This song is very close to Celia's heart cause she's in love. "Hugo is gorgeous, he's a musician as well, he plays drums, he's a bit of a poet, he's there every week cheering me on" Celia says. Delta wants to check him out to see if he's good for her girl. Gorgeous vocals, I love the fact that it's just Celia and her guitar. She sound otherworldly on this, incredibly ethereal. Out of all the contestants left, she's got one of the most unique and distinctive voices and that's why she deserves the title. Right now, she's my pick to win. Hopefully, she'll be able to snag the crown from Harrison. "I'm a fan. I think you sang that song extremely beautifully, I do however feel that in order for you to win and more importantly to win in your career, I think it's important to have diversity, I'd like to hear you sing a song more diverse or more challenging. Having said that, I'm a fan" (Seal)


Since the iTunes voting will be open until 12:00 (AEST), June 3, I'll update once more next Monday. Currently (June 4, 8:40 AM Canberra time), Celia Pavey takes the lead for the first time at #5. Harrison Craig follows at #6 and  Miss Murphy finds herself at #8. Right below is Luke Kennedy's "Overjoyed" at #9. Steve Clisby is at #16 and Kiyomi Vella is at #21. Danny Ross' disappointing "It's Time" is at #25. Finally, we have Mitchell Anderson at #33.

(will be announced June 10)
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