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"I remember standing there waiting for the announcement, it was like the whole world had stopped. And then, I just went on the world" she says. Her debut album which mostly featured covers from the show went double platinum. It's kinda like a fire, you can't just throw a whole bunch of bushy, leafy  twigs on the fire, it's just gonna 'puff' and burn out really quickly, we've put a lot of wood on that and that's gonna keep it burning. And that's what I'm doing now, just that slow burning process of creating your own music". She's been co writing her album in London and Australia. Every song reflect her childhood memories, "like a journal, a musical journal". "I'm at a point in my life were I'm sailing my own ship and it's just such a peaceful place to be in your life" Karise adds. She co wrote "Threads of Silence" in London.The single, which is out today, June 4, features her characteristically mellow style, with her soulful beast of a voice delivering one of the best performances we've seen on The Voice stage. Already charting at #3, Karise's the staying power of becoming one of Australia's biggest stars and with time, I'm confident she will.

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