Can't wait till Friday? This is your lucky day since we now have song spoilers for our 9 finalists! You can already start picturing them on stage ...

Spoilers after the jump ...

ManBand: Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize"

Anthony Jasmin: Oscar Brown Jr - "Brother, where are you"

Lickety-Split: Naughty Boy - "La la la"

Under 23s

Mathias: De dødelige - "Sig det"

Fie: London Grammar - "Nightcall"

Henriette: Röyksopp - "Running to the Sea"

Over 23s

Pernille: Lana Del Rey - "Blue Jeans"

Lucy: Laleh - "Colors"

Steffen: Bo Evers - "Fred"


What do you think?

I see some great song choices here. I must say that Lina impressed me, of course, all can go wrong on Friday, but right now, her picks are perfect for her acts. Blachman's are a little out of left field but that's how he works. I bet the Groups will be great. Remee's are predictable, but really suitable for his acts. Wanna predict who'll be out first now? I'm still sticking with ManBand.
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